Self-Directed Learning is Hogwash

I have the good fortune of working for a cabal of extremely smart people. These folks are brainiacs. I finally got my boss to start a blog as a way for us to reach out and spread the good news of blended learning. He’s posted three articles so far and here’s an excerpt from the most recent:

The term self directed learning is often touted as a principle of adult learning, e.g., “adult learners learn best when that learning is self directed.” That principle is great for encounter groups; not so good for training brain surgeons. Yet “adult learning specialists” believe that a great way to conduct organizational learning is to allow employees to choose what they want to study, what goals they want to achieve, and the metrics for achieving them. That’s hogwash.

What I love about Bill is he’s got this fantastic academic background and at the same time he can make obtuse OD concepts sound entirely palatable. If you are an elearning or instructional design head – add him to your reading list.






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