Search Engine Optimization for Beginners

Fantastic primer from Laura: (via Darren)

Do use meta tags, but use them properly! Meta tags consist of the title, description, and keywords, although there are other tags possible. For SEO, the 3 listed are the most important. Keep them simple and brief. The search engines that still use them have character limits, and also have strict spam rules, so don’t use a keyword more than once. Be specific: “insuranceâ€? is unlikely to get you any rankings, but “California life insuranceâ€? might, as it is a less competitive term.






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  1. Phyllis Reid-Moore Avatar

    Hi Andy:
    This is not where this questions belongs but what the hell, I’m a rebel. Anyhoo, I could not see anywhere on your blogsites where I could contact you by email – only by phone (yeah, I know I could be temporarily blind) so here I am and my question is………………..
    I thought I’d signed up as an affiliate for Easybakeweblogs but can’t seem to find any reference to it in my files. Could be please tell me how to go about checking if I’m an affiliate. I could just sign up again (or the first time if I’m not remember correctly) but I don’t wanna mess stuff up. If I haven’t already signed up (if this is the case, I’m gonna get myself checked out…….really!) then I’ll head on over and do so but I’m sur…..hmmm, well sorta sure…….hmmm, well perhaps……
    Ta muchly

  2. Andy Avatar

    It’s the ‘Contact Andy’ link… I emailed ya.

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