Search Engine Optimization: Can You Find Me Now?

SEO is one of my favorite topics. So when Andy Wibbels came across this great post about SEO, I knew I just had to share it with his readers. SEO, aka search engine optimization, is all about findability – well, it’s really more than that. But, ultimately, if no one can find your blog or website, no one is well served – not you and certainly not the reader who needs to read what you have to say.
D. Keith Robinson, associate editor at LifeHacker, one of my favorite blogs offers a short, but important article on the topic. Robinson hosts a column called Getting to Done – anything with that title deserves regular reading.
So go there now and find out how to be more findable.






5 responses to “Search Engine Optimization: Can You Find Me Now?”

  1. Shama Hyder Avatar

    Can we please have a link to the article? Thanks!

  2. Max Jackson Avatar
    Max Jackson

    SEO is so darn difficult! I’m trying to follow some of the tips from James Brausch but it’s not as easy as some people would have you imagine!

  3. web design and seo Avatar

    Yes please post article address. And would welcome to read more about seo on your blog

  4. Raving Rich Avatar

    SEO is not the easy one to learn soon. We want to analyze and study it.Now in Internet marketing SEO is the most important thing. Please discuss if you got the information about this topic..

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