Present and Accounted For

The last several weeks have been a whirlwind.
Ever since Blogwild came out, I’ve always kept my antennae out for opportunities that may swing my way due to increased visibility from the book and it’s impact. I fluffed and folded a resume ‘just in case’ (if you need a good resume writer, email me directly) and had it circulating the internet-o-tubes and started mining my contacts on LinkedIn. Then I got a call from a recruiter in Seattle that was representing an e-learning company. For those that don’t know, I have a background in corporate e-learning and training both inside an enterprise as well as a glorious year with a bleeding-edge e-learning software company. I did several phone interviews with recruiters, managers and potential bosses, getting closer each time to an offer. Finally I did an in-person interview and the deal was sealed.
I have begun a full-time job with a Seattle-based e-learning firm, one of the top 20 training providers in the world and part of Inc. magazine’s top 100 privately-owned companies. They provide complete e-learning and training services to several of the largest corporations in the US (Know any instructional designers? Send them my way.). I didn’t have to move to Seattle (though I was there for 2 weeks a bit ago and yes I went to the market where they throw the fish). My position is here in Chicago with one of our city’s biggest companies. I’m being obtuse with details, I know. I’m still waiting to talk to our marketing folks to see if I can blog about industry happenings. I’m working on a massive multi-year project and you know how much my inner megalomaniac loves massive roll-outs. Until then, I’m quite pimped out with dress shirts and pants and haven’t had this many pairs of nice looking shoes in my entire life (Ron’s Imelda-gland has been heavily juiced).
My commute is a bit much (bus-train-bus) but I’m getting my laptop repaired so I can make it much more useful (the hinge on this old Sony Vaio is so loose that if the screen is past 90 degrees open it droops open flaccid). Plus, I’m looking into ways to sync my Tivo to my iPod so I can enjoy Colbert Report on the bus. The company has ordered me a Blackberry as well so I’m going to attempt to use it as an internet connection with the laptop. I hear it can be done. This is going to be a fantastic challenge and probably much more aligned with the experience of my clients and readers: juggling a full-time gig while keeping entrepreneurial irons in the fire and continuing to build a global technology and marketing company.
Pacing in the back of my cortex are several pretty fantastic ideas and things I can’t wait to share with you. Do you ever just want to do everything at one time? That’s how I feel right now. I have tons of ideas and things I want to share with you. I’m going to be road-testing some stuff with you in the next few months.

  • Podcasts: Dave Ramsey’s financial advice, or talks from the TED conference here is one of my favorites, Theo Jansen
  • In theatres: The Brave One – Jodie Foster goes to the edge of sanity as a vigilante on the streets of New York City.
  • On DVD: Freaky Friday – Jodie Foster is 13 in this 1976 Disney comedy where a mother and daughter trade places.
  • On DVD: 28 Weeks Later (trailer) – 7 months after the rage virus epidemic swept the UK, the quarantine is lifted. London’s green zone is re-populated – except there’s a Typhoid Mary in their midst. Pair this with Children of Men for a special apocalyptic pizza party (and maybe a viewing of Land of the Dead to boot).
  • On DVD: Bug – From the director of The Exorcist. A dive-diner waitress befriends a paranoid man who is convinced bugs are infesting his blood. Ashley Judd and friends conjure madness not usually seen on film. Harry Connick, Jr. goes against type as a meathead ex-con thug.
  • On DVD: The Condemned – Awful. Dumb. Rent Series 7: The Contenders (trailer) instead.
  • In print: The End of America – Naomi Wolf details how societies close down and shift into fascism.
  • On the telly: Frontline: Cheney’s Law [watch online free] Startling look at Vice President Cheney’s Nixon-fueled vendetta against the Constitution.
  • In print: Yes You Can! – A journalist slithers through the slime of the motivational speaking and self-help industry.
  • On DVD: Hot Fuzz – The crew from Shaun of the Dead tackle over-blown action movies set in a quiet British hamlet.
  • In print: Macbeth (full text, study guide) As the days turn cold, Shakespeare’s classic revenge tragedy warms the heart with blood-lust and witchcraft. Best with a King Lear chaser.

Wow these are all really dark, aren’t they? Season affective disorder comes early!
Happy Thursday!






2 responses to “Present and Accounted For”

  1. Lyle Lachmuth - The Avatar

    Watch OUT!
    You too could have OFFICE A.D.D.
    It’s a real diagnosis!
    Brought on by certain PDA devices!
    Try meditating on the way home instead of WORKING!
    Or, chat somebody up. OOOPS! Forgot you are an introvert…
    Luv ya, Lyle

  2. Des Walsh Avatar

    Good for you Andy! Looking forward to meeting at last (other than virtually that is) in Las Vegas this coming week.

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