Podcasts: The Intellectual Ear – Which Podcasts Engage Your Mind?

A recent metafilter post opened up the discussion for readers to comment about podcasts they find most intellectually engaging. Personally I don’t listen to many podcasts because of time considerations, but when I do, I enjoy listening to those oriented around general business and marketing topics. And, I especially like the ones that are short and to the point. I don’t have a favorite, but maybe you do.
What’s your favorite podcast and why? Does listening in help you with your work, make you a better person, or just make for a better day? Please share your personal favorite.






3 responses to “Podcasts: The Intellectual Ear – Which Podcasts Engage Your Mind?”

  1. Mike Maddaloni Avatar

    My favorites are The Onion Radio News – http://www.theonion.com/content/radionews, The M Show – http://www.themshow.com/, and Marketing over Coffee – http://www.marketingovercoffee.com/

  2. Tony Black Avatar

    I freelance for a podcast production company so I listen (or at lleast subscribe) to a lot of podcasts.
    For business I really like Internet Business Mastery (http://www.internet-based-business-mastery.com/feed) because the presenters are engaging and funny at times.
    My fav video cast has to be XLR8R’s (revision3.com/xlr8rtv/feed/quicktime-small) due to the interviews with high profile artists and DJs.
    For music its gotta be the Fabric podcast (feeds.fabriclondon.com/fabricpodcast). very, very jealous of this one.
    And finally for self promotion it has to be Trocabrahma (feeds.feedburner.com/trocabrahma) This was a massive cross continental project which I feel really showcases the work that I am part of. check out http://www.trocabrahma.net for the full project

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