Podcasting Isn’t an Industry

Leesa pointed me to Jason’s post about Michael’s post, Podcasting – It’s a Community Not an Industry:

Here we are almost 4 years after the birth of podcasting, 3 years after most of the advertising placement companies first launched, and many popular (people we have all heard of) podcasters are still struggling to figure out how to consistently monetize. “Consistently” is the key word there and by monetize I don’t mean a few extra bucks here and there to cover hosting costs etc. I’m talking about knowing that you are getting paid every-time you sit down in-front of the mic/camera.

Industries don’t have to constantly have panels discussing the basic means by which their medium can actually make money. Everyone already knows how – think radio, TV, etc. How many conference panels have you heard where the podcast ad placement companies talk about all that they are doing. Talk is great. How many checks have you cashed? And if you have, amortized across your entire podcasting career what does it work out to per month?






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