Optimizing Moodle

I’ve been playing with an installation of Moodle lately. Moodle is an open-source learning and course management system that is growing by leaps and bounds. But, I’m finding sometimes it can be a bit slow to render pages. I started surfing the Moodle forums and found some tidbits. Here’s the digest:

  1. Remove all non-essential filters (especially if they link to large glossaries).
  2. Increase cache time on filters.
  3. Set langache settings to on.
  4. Turn off messaging.
  5. Experiment with dbsessions on or off.
  6. Try using a PHP accelerator.
  7. Use a PHP cache like PHPA, Lighttpd or Turck. (No clue what this means, yet!)
  8. For massive installations, separate database and web-servers. I’m still not using a dedicated server yet.

Culled from here.






2 responses to “Optimizing Moodle”

  1. Nellie Moore Avatar

    Moodle??? More technology to grow the funnel. Cool!!! Me thinks there’s going to be another class on how toos of Moodle the AW horizon . . .

  2. Maryam Webster Avatar

    Gosh Andy, thanks! More, more, more! We’re using Moodle at The Certified Energy Coach Program (www.certifiedenergycoach.org) and just love it. But there have been certain problems and any help from a back-end twiddler like yourself…er, I mean *techno geek*…is most appreciated!

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