NYTimes: Rhonda Byrne Reneged on 10% Cut for Abraham-Hicks

Rock out:

Ms. Byrne had promised Ms. Hicks 10 percent of DVD revenues to appear in “The Secret,” both parties said. But they had a falling out, and Ms. Hicks could not even bring herself to watch Ms. Byrne this month on “Oprah,” the movement’s moment of triumph. In a backhanded compliment Ms. Hicks said, “I’ve got to give Rhonda credit,” adding that her former collaborator has shown a monomaniacal dedication to the law of attraction. “I’ve never seen anybody do that like she’s doing it,” Ms. Hicks said. “And never mind honesty, and never mind doing what you said you were going to do, and never mind anything. Just stay in alignment.”

Yes, never mind honesty – just stay in alignment.






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  1. carlos Avatar

    ms hicks couldn’t be righter, alignment to your innerself is most important, for it is your innerself or God who says what is and what isn’t,

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