NY Times Shocker: Women Can Be Materialistic Shallow Assholes, Too

In a critique of the Lilith-sphere:

It’s just odd that while there has been a significant advance in sites by and for women, much of what is being produced replicates, rather than revolutionizes, the template set down by women’s magazines for decades. "The lack of evolution is disappointing to me," said Caterina Fake, one of the founders of Flickr.com. "Back in 1996, it was going to be this brave new world where women were finally going to take control of their stories, and to me, it is often more a crushing sameness."

It is the flip-side of feminist advancement: Women can be just as single-minded, consumerist-maddened and driven by pop culture trash as men.

Advertising is driving content. As long as that is the case blog readers will be partitioned off into lifestyles that can be pitched in aggregate.

Why do people want to insist that women’s media should be different than it already is? Just because it is online? There are thousands of women blogging everyday about diverse topics that have nothing to do with a not-so-fresh feeling. It is you fault if you can’t find them.






3 responses to “NY Times Shocker: Women Can Be Materialistic Shallow Assholes, Too”

  1. Julie Scipioni McKow Avatar

    I have two-and-a-half active blogs going, and have written two powerful blog books, and NONE of it is about how to feel fresh, catch a man, get your fixtures to sparkle, or buy more shoes.
    I write about how to get strong and healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
    I write about how to kick butt, and rethink and reimagine.
    I write about unattractive topics like domestic abuse, weight lifting, and occasionally questioning the existence of a “God the Father.” (Or a “God the Mother, for that matter.)
    If someone is looking for proof that there are real women writing about real topics that advance real women, I just want to say…
    I’m here! I’m here!!!

  2. Denise Avatar

    Its true to some extent. The perspectives are changing fast. Rules don’t have to be different for the women.

  3. Tangjewelry Avatar

    I think women spend most money, they have value to evry thing, maybe women develop economy

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