Nielsen Teleconference: Can Marketers Buy Blog Buzz?

Just came thru the inbox. Nielsen is doing a teleconference on strategies for marketers to use blogging:

Did you know that CPG marketers can buy blog buzz? Well, sort of: According to a study by the Nielsen Company, high buzz volume around new product launches is tightly linked to media spend. The collaborative study was led by researchers from two Nielsen services – Nielsen BuzzMetrics, the leader in buzz analytics, and BASES, the leading provider of new product forecasting and consulting. These findings challenge the wisdom of marketer conventions that emphasize trendy, standalone buzz tactics over traditional advertising. It also sheds light into the predictive nature of buzz and sales. Join us for a free Webcast hosted by Kate Niederhoffer of Nielsen BuzzMetrics and Robert Mooth of BASES, as they discuss the origin and impact of CPG new product buzz. Special guest Todd Wasserman, editor of Brandweek, will lead a Q&A session at the end of the presentation. Friday, July 20, 2007 12:00-1:00PM, EDT






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