News Roundup

Rupert Murdoch buys My Space for $58 million.

Madge and company (me included) launch QPodder Network.

Sweatshop labor slaves away in virtual worlds to accumlate virtual goods.

Susie’s comparison of various blog tools.

Xanga purported to have 40 million users.

Nobody knows what the heck RSS is. Nobody cares about podcasting.

Jeremy asks when blogging growth will peak.

Intelliseek Launches BlogPulse Profiles beta as a Technorati-killer.

Technorati might be slowly decaying away.

Dvorak trolls on Creative Commons.

Venture investment fund capitalizes on obesity epidemic.

Seth’s 5 points for first time non-fiction authors.

Jason says Weblogs, Inc on the way to $1 million a year in ad revenues.

Marketwatch tells podcasters the party is over – mainstream media won.

Steve asks if faux blogs are dead yet.

White paper on podcasting released.

Mark skeptical of podcasting – further detail.

Why you might not blog that book.

WordPress backup week is next week.






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