New Year Themes: Celebrating 2008

It’s that special time that comes only once each year – New Year’s Eve. And, for those of us who like to make New Year resolutions, there are only a few hours left to get them completed. If you can’t get them written tonight, then make a commitment to complete them during the first week of January.
I’ve written resolutions for years. I like making To Do lists and marking things off as “completed,” so writing resolutions naturally fit within that pattern.
Last year, I tried something different. I developed a theme for the year – something to live into as opposed to writing down specific things to accomplish. I found it much more freeing and certainly less daunting than trying to accomplish things, that perhaps, I really didn’t feel like doing.
Right before the start of 2007, I gave a speech for my Toastmaster’s group about creating New Year themes. They were ecstatic. Everyone loved the idea. They felt more energized and excited. Themes gave them a meaningful way to look forward to the year – in stark contrast to writing out a list of things they “should” be doing.
A theme might be something like … Create Meaningful Relationships or Teach Others What I Know or Do One Thing that Challenges My Comfort Zone Each Day or Week. Make it something that is simple, yet which resonates with who you are and what you want to accomplish.
Themes are easy to remember. They can be written on tiny Post-It notes and placed around the house, or on your computer for easy viewing. Best of all, they can help you create a mindset for how you will live going into the New Year.
If writing lists of resolutions aren’t for you, consider selecting a theme. To kick off the New Year, if you would like to share, let us know one or two things you want to accomplish. Or tell us what your theme will be. If you’re an avid blogger, you might want to share one of your blog “resolutions”.
In any case, we wish you health, happiness, peace and prosperity – and, of course, a productive year of blogging.
Have a Spectacular New Year,
Tara Kachaturoff






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