New Curse Word for 2008

Came across a new curse word on a discussion board. It is a portmanteau of two nasty words crammed into one delicious one that isn’t profane to say but gets the meaning of it’s parent words wrapped up in a freshly baked burrito of seething resentment.
The next time you need to rail at someone, call them a






4 responses to “New Curse Word for 2008”

  1. Michael Woo Avatar

    It’s really hard to pronounce 😀 if it can be shorten to one word, i’d use it everyday..

  2. Tara McGillicuddy Avatar

    I have a feeling that one will catch on pretty quicky…lol.

  3. SG Russell Avatar
    SG Russell

    I’m quite open-minded about all matters sexual. Nevertheless, I find both of the aformentioned ‘nasty words’ offensive, and the resulting ‘portmanteau’ doubly offensive. Even more egregious is the fact that any/all of those words that denigrate women are lauded here on what is billed as a blogging resouce site. Men, of course, are free to say whatever they want to in the locker room or even in blogs that are clearly designated as male domains. Publicly glorifying (on this website) three terms that are inherently offensive to women is a sure way to alienate any female subscribers to what is otherwise a very helpful and informative blog. You should advertise the ‘locker room’ culture of when people are offered the option to sign up for a feed. Better yet, provide a sample of your gleeful ‘twunt’ observations to potential subscribers.

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