Multiple Streams of Coaching Income by Andrea J. Lee

I totally forgot to tell you about this in my newsletter yesterday. Next Monday is the last day to get a copy of the 2nd edition of Andrea J. Lee’s fantastic ground-shattering book, Multiple Streams of Coaching Income. If you are a coach or a consultant you must buy this book as soon as you can. I rarely recommend stuff with such zeal… and I’m a zealot because this approach is what has transformed my business (and life) in the past year.
I went ga-ga over the first edition last spring and ended up calling Andrea at all hours as I devoured the book with giddy ‘aha’s and ‘yuh-huh’s.
Andrea’s book takes the coaching industry out of the delusional dot-com 90s and hurls it into the future with an entire business approach that simply, deftly works.
If you want to know why most coaches are broke, why most approaches don’t work and what does… if you are done whining and annoyed by yet another feel-good chakra-stroking seminar then you have to have a copy of this book in your stocking for the holidays.
If you grab the book by Dec 5th, you’ll get an extensive archive of extras to supplement the book.
Again, if you are a coach you have to have this book. No excuses.
Just buy it dammit.
(Yeah, that’s an affiliate link, if that makes you feel skanky then: – which doesn’t include this special VIP deal)






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