Movable Type Blog Spam Brings Down Servers

Reid reports from the field that spammers are flooding MT blogs with so much spam that their webhosts are shutting them down:

While I very much hope Six Apart can pull a mean fanged rabbit out of their hat, I wonder if they can do it in time. The problem is rapidly escalating, and users are having their sites shut down. Afterwards, they face the same problem with a choice of MT solutions that is very limited, and overly complex for many users.

Spammers flooded UseNet, they flooded email, they flooded instant messaging, they flooded wikis, they flooded blogs… each new communications technology on the internet is going to have to plan for spamming in order to survive. The trouble is that even when a comment is blocked, it still puts a tax on the server the blog is running on. I can’t imagine the bandwidth being used up by spam comments on TypePad. Since Movable Type uses static HTML – it has to rebuild parts of the blog every time there is a new comment – that taxes the system further with tons of rebuild requests. My personal blog (in WordPress) is getting upwartds of forty spam comments a day – so far Spaminator gets almost all of them – but I might try another spam tool Sam recommended.
Rest assured, Six Apart is on the case.






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