Missouri Newspaper: Blogs Pose Threat to Free Speech

Figure this one out:
How can anytime, anywhere, instant, global self-publishing by anyone be construed as a threat to free speech?
They are probably just trolling for traffic – whenever someone complains about blogging, they get lots of hits.
Reader beware of the truthfulness in blogs.
Not maybe a threat to accuracy – perhaps. But free speech and accuracy are to totally different issues.






2 responses to “Missouri Newspaper: Blogs Pose Threat to Free Speech”

  1. Ken Avatar

    Oh yeah, like I can trust the local and national papers to tell me the truth.
    If anyone is behind the times, it’s newspapers. They need to be more revelant with what’s happening in the world.

  2. Will Parker Avatar

    One correction – if you dig through the newspaper site links, it turns out that the fishwrap comes from a placed called Missouri Valley, Iowa. (Not that Missouri is well known for being clear on the concept of free speech, either.)

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