Melinda Doolittle on American Idol

Yes all the white girls are boring as hell – and half of them look like variations on a theme: fried hair, vacant eyes, affected cuteness and faux-quettish.
Lakisha has a powerful voice but lacks charisma.
Stephanie is doing good but I just don’t know why I don’t graft on to her.
And that Antonella skank should have been thrown off last week.
But Melinda Doolittle is the woman to watch. She is FANTASTIC. Technical, performance-wise, staging. She’s great! At least watch the first one.
Melinda sings I’m A Woman
Melinda sings My Funny Valentine
Melinda sings Since You’ve Been Gone
Melinda Sings For Once In My Life (Audition)
I’m not sure if she’ll make it to the final 2 since Americans don’t have taste in musicians. But we’re pulling for her. She’ll have a successful album out by fall anyway.






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  1. Louise7 Avatar

    Melinda was the best singer of the season 6. She will released her First Album in June of 2008. She is involved in Malaria no More. She wonderful Women of God and powerful singer. To support her in her new career new website She also post comment there, Pictures, videos.

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