Measuring the Actual Blogosphere

Christian Mayaud takes a fine-toothed comb and a deep analysis of Technorati’s data. Gems:

Oddly enough, if you search “Technorati Profileâ€? in Google but restrict it to the Technorati Domain, you get less than 700 and this hasn’t changed much recently. It suggests that less than 1000 bloggers have actually ever bothered to claim their blogs [in their Technorati Profiles].

2 links puts you into the top 500,000 blogs and, somewhere between 500,000 and 1 million, the links go to zero…. In other words, if we use Technorati’s current estimate of over 18 million blogs, 95% of the total number of blogs out there — HAVE NO LINKS LINKING BACK TO THEM.

People often test out the various platforms and generate dozens of “test blogs� before starting their one “real blog� (or, wisely, abandoning blogging as a total waste of their valuable time). The numbers of blogs are artificially inflated vs the rest of the web, partly, because of ease of creation and, partly, because there is no motivation to “clean up.�

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