Marlon Sanders, MILCers and the 3-Step Formula

Just listened to a teleconference with Marlon Sanders (led by Mitch Meyerson). If you travel with the internet marketing crew you’ll know Marlon from Push Button Sales Letters, The Amazing Formula, Cash Like Clockware and other super-hyped internet marketing products. He’s detailing Marlon’s Internet Lifestyle Club – a group he calls the MILCers which sounds way too similar to MILFs to me. That or I think of rows and rows of udder-balmed udders.
MILCers formula: Demand + product + autopilot system = income stream.
I always find the internet marketing stuff so repellent because it is so over-hyped and often seems soaked in selling the ‘marketing of marketing’ and not really any actual tangible skills or products. And usually the web design of these sites make my teeth hurt (and they’d counter – but they work!). But I respect Marlon’s obvious experience and background and results. I did learn some using his Marketing Dashboard product but at times it seemed like another harder-sell for his next level of products. His super-secret formula isn’t totally revolutionary if you’ve seen presentations on product development before. But as anyone’ll tell you – if you just do the footwork, you’ll get results.
Good idea for market research: GoogleAdword ads points to Survey to get a free gift.
Marlon desperately needs a telephone headset – we’re on a video conference so I can see he’s on a handset which I think is one reason why it sounds like he’s screaming through the phone. Oh good – he switched to a different phone – he’s less loud, but still screaming. He is an excited guy so I can understand his volume. It is fun to see Mitch laughing on the second cam feed.






2 responses to “Marlon Sanders, MILCers and the 3-Step Formula”

  1. HardTruth Avatar

    Did you closely look at the picture
    (It’s a Marlon Sanders’ web page)?
    Look at the digits that can be partly seen within the red sqare. It’s a fake

  2. Marlon Sanders Avatar

    In response, the image you’re commenting on was a bank statement that we scanned in about 3 or so years ago. The original is on file in my ofice (somewhere) and I assure you – it’s not a fake.
    We scanned in the original, blew up the relevant part and that’s what you’re seeing. (The part that was copied, highlighted in red and blown up.)
    Anyone who’s been around for any length of time knows my reputation and can vouch for this. You can ask Yanik Silver, Jim Edwards, Jonathan Mizel, (Terry Dean if you can find him) or any of a million other marketers.
    Even better, you can ask any of my customers because they’re the ones that really count. Just drop into any online forum and ask around.
    You can also view some more recent stuff here from PayPal.
    Another scan of the document in “question” can be found here:
    As you can see, they’re the same. The first one just happened to be blown up and in doing so, the figure above the highlighting was partially messed up.
    Best Wishes,
    Marlon Sanders

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