Lists: A Blogger’s Best Friend

I don’t know about you, but I love lists — and so do all of my friends. We have lists for everything — from all the details of an upcoming course we’re teaching, to our daily To Do’s.
And what makes list keeping so fun (besides crossing off or deleting all the things we’ve accomplished) is that we use all sorts of tools — sometimes simultaneously — including sheets of paper, online reminder systems, spreadsheets, and other creative listing systems.
And, now, I’ve come across a wonderful post over at Darren’s Written by well-known and highly talented blogger, Skellie, she comments that resource lists are a favorite of social media. She comments that while they take a lot of time to create that they have, “the potential to grow your blog more quickly and powerfully than a dozen of your ordinary blog posts.” You must read her article entitled, “How to Create Social Media’s Favorite Type of Blog Post.” It’s fantastic.
You may want to check out a list she posted earlier entitled “110 Resources for Creative Minds.”
If you were to write a list of resources to include on your blog (and we hope that you’re inspired to do so), what topic would you select? If you’ve already published a fairly extensive list on your blog, what was the topic? Let us know.






4 responses to “Lists: A Blogger’s Best Friend”

  1. Dave Origano Avatar

    Hey Tara,
    thanks for referring me to Skellie’s great ‘tutorial-style’ article on how to make better use of Web 2.0 and social sites.
    For most people the reason behind these sites is still vague – but this post clearly expresses the true meaning and power of social bookmarking and blogging.
    Thanks a lot!

  2. Ron Dean Avatar

    I actually enjoy making lists so much that I created another blog just for that purpose.

  3. Ginger Avatar

    Im just getting into the swing of lists and theyve been quite popular on my blog. I just wonder if they get tired after a while when people can expect to come and read–Top 5…..Best 19… etc etc So I try to switch it up more..

  4. Jamie Riddell Avatar

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