Leaked AOL Search Data Still Available

Ever want to peek inside what AOL users are searching for? The search queries that got leaked are mirrored elsewhere on the web. Better grab it while you can. I can’t wait to get this sucker in Excel.






5 responses to “Leaked AOL Search Data Still Available”

  1. Thomas Fruetel Avatar

    Do you really want to process this amount of data with Excel? I don’t think this will be possible. MySQL can handle it though.

  2. TourPro Avatar

    This information is pretty interesting and damning for lot’s of users. Just a random perusal of these mammoth files has already confirmed my suspicion that we as humans have some very odd quirks.

  3. Scott Paton Avatar

    If there was ever any doubt that what you do online can (is) be tracked and publicized for the world to see without your permission, this certainly removes it!

  4. Tiziana Avatar

    I bet theres someone (faster than me) who is making money with this information. I just haven’t figuered out what to do …

  5. Shaved Avatar


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