Knowledge Management with Weblogs

Part of my day-job is in designing knowledge management software for large corporations. Currently our approach is a little closer to a wiki since the the online references are not project-based but knowledge based. But, Howard has a great link to a report on Distributed Knowledge Management using weblogs.

Weblogs support knowledge work by providing a space to capture information, annotate it, reflect, get feedback, share, discuss and network with others. Additionally they provide organisational benefits: They improve data on the intranet, capture experience, make it visible and disseminate it through storytelling. They help to provide the grounds for a learning organisation and support the forming of networks and communities of practise.

I’m gonna read it a couple times and let it all sink in. I’m no KM expert, but I definitely see the links and importance of simple software tools for knowledge capture, management, reference and delivery.






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  1. Peter Metcher Avatar

    I can definately see the benefit of using a medium such as a blog to capture the corparate knowledge of workers. I think a blog would be a fantastic tool for the company to use for not only KM. A few ideas of the top of my head;
    * a guage of employee satisfaction
    * a forum for proposing change
    * a forum for dissemenating corporate information.

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