JenniCam 2.0 and the Narcissystem

After the onrush of Tweets, some are starting to reconsider:

But, the problem of course, is that these kinds of “real� events that are “important� happen relatively infrequently, which leads some of us to navel gaze and discuss the relative importance of these tools.


Both of these trends make me far less productive than I was before. So, I don’t see a lot of people doing these things long term. But, they are fun to play with. To me it’s just amazing that I can broadcast video to the world. At one point yesterday I was talking with Pat in Ireland. He was watching us driving along a freeway in California. What a weird world.


At one point today, I was watching Chris Pirillo’s webcam, which was broadcasting video of him watching Robert Scoble’s webcam, which was broadcasting video of him driving in the car. Fascinating stuff. About the only interesting part of the whole process was the discovery that a bunch of people seem to think Chris Pirillo’s new wife Latthanapon “Ponziâ€? Indharasophang is hot (and he agrees).

That points to the initial ‘ooooh! shiny!’ reaction people have to many new technologies and then the ‘ohhh, timesuck’ (money-suck, yadda-suck). There’s always that ‘just because we can’ phase of any new (or revitalized) technology.

I just don’t think that having live sex on the internet is a particularly new phenomenon. JenniCam showed the way and today hundreds of video streams of ‘real live’ whatevers doing you-know-what with their what-God-gave-thems is really nothing new. You got laid: this is my surprised face.

I think the most important question facing those that engage in this ‘narcissystem’ is when do we get to pick our noses?

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