Insurance Companies Try to Subpoena Anorexic’s Blog

Be careful what you write:

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, have demanded that the parents of minor children who suffer from anorexia turn over their children’s writings on MySpace and Facebook, as well as any emails where they discuss their problems. The insurer says that eating problems are not “biologically based” and are therefore not covered.

The privacy backlash continues to ripen as everybody starts to realize the vulnerability of putting everything online. I can’t wait to start getting denied for genetic tendencies.






2 responses to “Insurance Companies Try to Subpoena Anorexic’s Blog”

  1. Ayn Elise Avatar
    Ayn Elise

    Shazam!! What the …?
    Oh, that we had that little thing called Universal Health Care as well as a far better Psych. system in place. Ah, my Utopian Dreams. I see them burning up with my PRIVACY!!!
    I will refuse to be quiet and move back into the Dark Ages. Especially when it could ever come to my genetic tendencies- I like them just the way they are!!!

  2. AynElise Avatar

    No other response. Hum. Was it lack of interest, fear or apathy? Sorry to see any of the above.

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