Instant Video Generator: What They Don’t Tell You

I really really liked Instant Video Generator – I thought it was a great idea and a simple tool. Terribly over-priced though (I think it was $40 a month?) and I really wonder if it is just another internet marketing seduction. Granted, video-to-Flash is an emerging trend, but I think it’ll be like a lot of Flash – poorly used and more for the ooh neat! edification of the business owner than the customer.
But what really irks me about Instant Video Generator is that you can’t export you videos out of it. So if I use the tool for a year and then decided that I want to discontinue service but would like to move the videos off their system… I can’t. I lose all my work.
That sucks on a Microsoft scale. Closed system. Closed media. Closed format.
Fantastic for (their) marketing – bullocks to users.
(Haven’t used the tool in a month – if things have changed, lemme know)






8 responses to “Instant Video Generator: What They Don’t Tell You”

  1. T. L. Pakii Pierce Avatar

    Hey Andy,
    Thanks for this post. I had no idea. That isn’t cool at all. Is it written anywhere on their site, usage policy, fine print? Or just after you press the publish video button?

  2. Cheryl Miller Avatar

    I unsubscribed from the service – $39/month for something I don’t really have time to use (well), seems a bit much. I’d rather pay a per use fee. I’ve heard that you can ask them to give you back your stuff so you can host it on your site. Try that.

  3. Adster says Avatar
    Adster says

    Anyone know of any product that does something similar to IVG? (ie easily embed video into Flash without owning Flash!)

  4. Dr. Jay Avatar

    Thanks for the info, but I am still interested in a reasonably priced (less than $40.00) Video Generator. Any suggestions?
    Be blessed!

  5. Shawn Pringle Avatar

    To answer Adster, V2F is a one-time fee and does exactly that. Check out We are working on cool new features too, and customers get free upgrades.

  6. John Walsh Avatar

    Thanks for the tip on easy web video as that may be the way to go for my needs.

  7. Justin White Avatar

    There is a new tool coming out in January 07 that utilizes streaming video for blogging, emails, or live webcasting for a REALLY cheap price. I’m biased, but I think it’s great. Check out the site at

  8. Drew Avatar offers a much better solution than IVG

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