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Another viral thingy is making its way around the ‘sphere:

My friend and publisher Yvonne of Lipsticking tagged me the other day to play the “5 Reasons Why You Blogâ€? tag game. Always up for a bit of fun, I decided to play along. To read my reasons, see here. Though first, read Yvonne’s reasons here–I especially like her #4.

I blog because…
1. It helps me chronicle my life so others (and I) can learn from my mistakes.
2. Daily writing is always a great exercise. Writing begets writing.
3. I have a lot of passion and pessimism regarding global events lately and blogging them helps me not lose my mind every time I watch CNN.
4. It helps my family and friends and colleagues stay up to date with what I’m doing.
5. I think about lots of stuff and read lots of stuff every day and I might as well share my notebook.
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3 responses to “I Blog Because”

  1. Steli Efti Avatar

    5 Reasons Why I Blog – No.100…

    So THIS is my 100th post. And I think it´s time for a game. I just read Andy Wibbels Blog and he is playing the “5 Reasons Why You Blogâ€? tag game started by Yvonne of Lipsticking so I though…

  2. florence meichel Avatar

    On my part, I blog to :
    – learn
    – share
    – meet
    – discuss and react
    – discover
    Five good reasons isn’t ?

  3. DesignInsomnia.com Avatar

    Andy, here’s why I blog (these are just the headlines but I go in more detail on my MayaAndMarketability.com blog):
    1. He who makes no mistakes makes nothing.
    2. The 2nd of the 7 Deadly Sins: I do ‘Envy’ the Written Word
    3. Business is about Relationships
    4. Life in the Fast Lane
    5. I’m not an Elephant

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