HOWTO: How to Write a Great Testimonial

Superstar John Jantsch is back with a quickie on how to write effective testimonials for those you adore:

Okay, want to get more web site traffic using testimonials? Go to your bookshelf, take down every business book you have ever read (the ones you like at least) and find the author’s web site or blog and send them a well-written testimonial. Suggest that they are free to use it on their web site. (Include your name and web adddress)

2 thoughts on “HOWTO: How to Write a Great Testimonial

  1. Bud Bilanich

    I love John’s testimonial idea, and I love your blog. Here’s a testimonial from me that you are welcome to use.
    “Many people ask me how a blog can improve their business. I always tell them to check out Andy Wibbles blog: I’ve been an active blogger for over a year and a half. I post four to five times a week. My business has grown as a result of my blog. But when I need advice on how to use my blog to build more business, I always read Andy’s blog. It’s jammed packed with great advice.”
    Bud Bilanich
    The Common Sense Guy


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