How to Use StumbleUpon to Find Great Websites

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I have a new addiction and it is called StumbleUpon.
StumbleUpon is a service that helps you find great websites carefully calibrated to your interests. I know you think yawn another Digg/ site? Au contraire, ma souer!
StumbleUpon comes with a fancy toolbar that sits in your browser always at the ready to provide you with a new fantastic site to ahem stumble upon. They just released their toolbar for Internet Explorer so I put together this Flash demo on how to install and use the StumbleUpon toolbar.
You will love StumbleUpon.
How to Use StumbleUpon (Flash, 1.5 MB)
Wanna see what I’ve stumbled upon?






13 responses to “How to Use StumbleUpon to Find Great Websites”

  1. Jim Cronin Avatar

    You are so right. I love Stumble. I found it about 6 months ago when I was looking through extensions for firefox.
    Great procrastination tool. I like how you can train it to your preferences. But, I do see way too many photography websites… it seems they have a frequency issue with that category.
    Thanks for the great stuff!
    Jim Cronin

  2. Ruth Avatar

    I shared this with a few of my readers, backtracking to you of course:)
    Great find!

  3. webduck Avatar

    I have just begun to Stumble! Thanks very much Andy.

  4. Barbra Sundquist Avatar

    Hi Andy,
    Thanks for the tip about StumbleUpon and the great instructional video. I’ve downloaded the toolbar and am looking forward to using it. I also referenced this post at my blog about office productivity

  5. Andrew Avatar

    This extension looks interesting. Considering I use Firefox and have a few other cool extensions I will give this a whirl as well. I am amazed at the variety of extension now available to FireFox. Thanks for the information.

  6. b4upoo Avatar

    StumbleUpon is a really great tool. It is a huge aid in finding interesting material on the net. It also tends to have smoother software than similar software had in the past. I hope it just keeps on growing and getting better.

  7. svkid Avatar

    GOD I wish i never found stumble…..I hit that little button WAY to much..!!!! I think it’s linked to my clock when i hit the button my clock speeds up..

  8. Kiki Avatar

    hi, i am kdh9910 at stumbleupon. my system is wins xp pro. my stumbleupon toolbar disappeared (firefox trying and trying too many times to reinstall it, i had 203 error, but error console didn’t tell me what to do. SO, i uninstalled firefox then i installed firefox 2.0. STILL i cannot get back my favored SU toolbar!!! do you recommend that i do a system restore? firefox wanted me to update from 2.0 to just today, after i installed 2.0 last night!!! it said if i take, not only won’t the extension for SU toolbar work, but neither will other firefox extensions! what do i do??? if i install SU toolbar for IE 6, then that means that i cannot look at the bookmarks that i put into firefox, so what a damned quandary!!! what to do? karen

  9. Stan Avatar

    need help…I recently signed up with StumbleUpon and had it included in my toolbar using Internet Explorer…It
    recently disappeared from my
    tool bar..don’t know why and would like to get it back in do I do this?

  10. steve Avatar

    Using the toolbar is fine, I would like to know how to interact more with the people i add or who add me.

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