How to Charge 6,956% Markup

Noka Chocolates claims they make the purest chocolates in the world. A journalist and foodie start to work his way through the clever marketing messages to learn it is a carefully contructed web of horseshit. And this is after no other reporter had checked out their story to see if any of their claims were true.

People like being fooled all of the time. Read all ten parts:

Dallas Food: What’s Noka Worth?






3 responses to “How to Charge 6,956% Markup”

  1. April Avatar

    I loved this article. After reading it, I sent out a bulletin to all of my friends to boycott Noka… “not because of cruelty to animals, or environmental irresponsibility, but just for being a-holes.â€?

  2. brett Avatar

    fascinated by this noka thing,read it in the newspaper. never heard of them before, and have something of interest to talk to you about . i am an honest person and not computer literate at all, but will tell you about it.iwill contact afriend who is and get back to you, you come across as an honest person , hence this note. glad i read further and didnt write to this dan keeny-noka man i will get back to you when i speak to duane sorry for being so cautious yours truly, brett

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