How to Blog For Fun and Profit

Full audio of our call with Thomas L. Pierce (25.9 MB, MP3).
00:00 Introduction
01:57 How can blogs help you connect with your audience and get your brand out there.
03:30 How is that different from a conventional website?
05:28 Blogs can be used for creating a network of like-minded colleagues.
08:12 Capability of RSS – can you put it on your site?
11:17 Niche-marketing sites – can blogs be used in the same way as a niche-marketing website?
14:12 Pinging and trackback – how do they work – how do they help?
21:30 Common Myths aroung blogging: Blogs are cash machines
26:00 Making money from Ads versus Relationships
27:30 What is the most effective way to get the power out of blogs?
31:35 Blogs for content management
39:45 What to look for in a blog tool
41:26 What is your biggest piece of advice to beginning bloggers- set proper expectations
You can read more of Thomas’s expertise at How To Blog For Fun & Profit.

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