How to Add Google Analytics to Your Blogger Blog

Yesterday we talked about Google Analytics, Google’s free service that lets you track the performance of your websites and blogs from one simple, easy-to-use interface.

Grab Your Google Analytics Code Block

  1. Login to Google Analytics at The main Settings page loads.
  2. Click on Add Website Profile. A form displays.
  3. Select Add a Profile for a New Domain.
  4. Enter the URL of your site or blog.
  5. Select your country and time zone. Click Finish.
  6. Analytics provides you with a code block – a swatch of HTML – to add to your site’s pages.
  7. Highlight the code block and then copy it by selecting Edit > Copy or Ctrl-C or Command-C.

Add the Google Analytics Code Block to Your Blogger Blog

  1. Login to The Dashboard loads.
  2. Under the blog you want to add Analytics tracking to, click on Layout or Template.
  3. Click on Edit HTML. An editing screen for your blog template’s HTML displays. Don’t freak out. Just scroll to the bottom.
  4. Look for the end of the template. It’ll look like:

</div> </div>
<!– end outer-wrapper –>
(Google Analytics Code Block is going to go here!!!)

  1. Put your cursor right before that </body> tag.
  2. Paste the Google Analytics Code Block by selecting Edit > Paste, Ctrl -V or Command-V.
  3. Click Save Changes.

You have now added the Google Analytics Code Block to Your Blogger Blog.

Check Your Work

  1. To ensure that you have successfully added the Google Analytics Code Block to your Blogger blog, go back to
  2. Next to your blog’s URL it will say either Receiving Data (you were successful) or Tracking Not Installed (something is amiss).
  3. If it said Tracking Not Installed, click on Check Status. Google then checks your blog for the Analytics Code Block and reports back if it find it or not.
  4. If not, try re-pasting the Code Block in.






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  1. infonote Avatar

    Implemented Google Analytics on my site a few months ago.
    I have been using it for a few months yet keep discovering features all the time.
    I suggest you write an article on the features of Analytics so we will all learn new tricks.

    1. Daniel Avatar

      Google analytic tool is a great SEO tool for your website because it helps you to see your site back-links and shows you where your traffic is coming from.

  2. Dawud Miracle Avatar

    If you’re using WordPress. There’s a couple of great plugins that really make this simple, as well.
    I use Ultimate Google Analytics.
    Simply add the plugin into your plugin folder, activate and enter your Google Analytics ID in the Options panel. Your done. Great thing about it, if you’re logged in as admin, you won’t be tracked by GA.

  3. Drew Avatar

    Thank you for the tip, I have analytics running on my WP blogs, but was curious if it was possible on Blogger, now I know.. Thanks!

  4. PI Avatar

    I have just installed Google Analytics on my new WP blog and it was very easy.
    And thanks Dawud for the useful link!

  5. Jay Avatar

    Andy, Have I told you lately you’re a flipping genius?
    Not to mention an acute listener…

  6. Majestyk Avatar

    Fantastic! I checked both Google Analytics and Blogger and neither gave me the info I needed. Your explanation was so clear and simple – Thanks a lot!

  7. Dawud Miracle Avatar

    Sure PI, glad to help out.

  8. saptarshi Avatar

    Hi Andy, great post as usual, I love this series of posts that you have on implementing Analytics for different blogging platforms.
    I have recently done some work to put together all the info on setting up Analytics for Ecommerce website.. and thought I would put it in a blog post. You can check it at Guide to Google Analytics Setup and Ecommerce Tracking – would appreciate your comments on this.

  9. Virgilio A. P. Machado Avatar

    Is there a way to show each of the four graphs (Visits and Pageviews; Geo Map Overlay; Visits by New and Returning; and Visits by Source) of the Executive Overview of Google Analytics on a Blogger sidebar?

  10. Marvin Varela Avatar

    Thanks the tip. Blogger is not as intuitive as you would like it to be, I hadn’t seen the “Edit HTML” link before you pointed me to it.
    Great post!

  11. brian Avatar

    I’ve recently tried to add analytics to my blog in blogger and haven’t had success. Blogger keeps changing my double quotes to " . Anybody else had this problem? Anybody know the solution? Thanks in advance for any advice.

  12. kerb Avatar

    nice! it works perfectly!

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    Great and simplistic information you set out above – thank you.

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    Thank you for these instructions!

  15. James Andrews Avatar

    I can’t seem to find in my blog html, although I see
    Is this where the code goes?

  16. James Andrews Avatar

    I can’t seem to find (“”) in my blog html, although I see “(
    Is this where the code goes?

  17. Martino Avatar

    Very useful. Thanks

  18. David Tussey Avatar
    David Tussey

    Perfect instructions. Thanks.

  19. Amanda Avatar

    Hey there, is google analytics automatic on some blogs? I see on my blog, that SSL-analytics shows up in the upper left hand corner when I log in.
    Every time I log in I see that there…..I wondered if was automatic with the new version or is someone tracking me at google because my blog is controversial.
    I haven’t added analytics to my blog yet…. So I don’t know why that is showing up. Hope you can answer thanks.

  20. john Avatar

    thanks for the blogger analytics tip

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  26. Amber Avatar

    I know I am a moron when it comes to computers, but I have followed your directions exactly and still cannot get it to work… PLEASE HELP!!!

  27. TJW Avatar

    I used these instructions and the tracker code is in the exact right spot in the html but Google Analytics keeps saying tracking code not detected.

  28. Garrett Avatar

    Thanks for the instructions! It’s so simple, and yet I couldn’t find a clear guide any where until I stumbled across your blog (thanks to a hefty Google search).

  29. Playboy Avatar

    Great, Ive just set mine up, thanks

  30. Breeanne Avatar

    I’ve tried this for two weeks, and it is definitely not working. Help?

  31. Rudy Avatar

    Great article. Thanks.

  32. Dhawal Chotai Avatar

    Hi Andy, I dollowed the instructions that u have given for tracking vistors to my blog page. I have created an account on google analytics. Then i also pasted the tracking code into my blog’s html code. However it isn’t getting saved. i’m getting the following error message
    “We were unable to save your template
    Please correct the error below, and submit your template again.
    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: The content of elements must consist of well-formed character data or markup.

  33. Jyoti Avatar

    Hey Andy, the above(in the edit html) procedure works only for classic templates.
    @Dhawal Chotai and Breeanne
    What you have to do is add the code in the html/Js page element. Go to Template, Add a Page Element, HTML/JS Script.
    And it works.

  34. Sally Jane Avatar

    Thanks so much for the easy to follow instructions!

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    Joanna Scott

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    Really, it couldn’t be easier.

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    Hi Andy,
    You are great – such a nice explainer – as somebody has already pointed it out before me – I got the info neither in analytics nor in blogger (the two places i was looking for it), and then came ur page.
    Thanks a lot.

  44. Ron Dean Avatar

    I have recently reached the point where I am brnching beyond Adsense and making individual ads for people. this helped me add Analytics in order to track them thansk so much

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    I’ve been a WordPress blogger for some time (which has statistics built in). This is my first use of and I’m very suprised that Google doesn’t provide analysitics automatically. So the general public is suppose to be able to cut-paste javascript? Scary. Worse than Microsoft! Thanks for the instructions.

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    How do I add the Google Analytics Tracking Code to my Moveable Type templates so that every time I create a new article and publish it, it will inherit the Google Analytics Tracking Code?

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    Blogger has since better integrated with Analytics. All you need is your analytics Web Property ID and there is a field in the ‘basics’ tab of the blog admin (settings) section. Pop it in and it (appears to) works!

    Commenting because this still appears in google searches despite evidently being quite old

  130. Tonya Johnson Avatar

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  135. laura Avatar

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