Hey Karson and Kennedy!

Big yo yo to Karson, Kennedy, Sidney and the rest of the crew over at Q107.5. Not sure when the segment will air but great to talk to your listeners!






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  1. Karson & Kennedy Avatar

    What is a “yo-yo”? Is that similar to a “shout-out” in radio?
    We played your interview this morning. Naked women showed up at the station hoping to “blog” you!
    Happy New Year,
    Karson & Kennedy

  2. Cassie and Stephanie Avatar

    Hey! This is Stephanie and I called and talked to you yesterday on the phone about the DOLLAR DAY tornado relief fundraiser. I go to Mt.Pisgah Middle and I talked to my principal about letting our school do it and he said that it would be ok as long as we had more information about the fundraiser,so he knows that we arent taking the money for ourselfs. Please send me more information about this as soon as possible or just post more information on your website. I am so sorry that I couldn’t do the fundraiser sooner,but we had TCAP last week and we couldn’t do anything. Thank you for your time.
    E-mail: angelkk91@yahoo.com
    AIM: chottiems2
    myspace: Cassie Norwood

  3. Cassie and Stephanie Avatar

    please dont forget! Thank you so much for your time and we can’t wait to hear back fom you. Even if you don’t get this message until later then thats fine,but WHENEVER you get this then e-mail me. Even if its a YEAR later! l0l Ok, thanks again for everything!
    Cassie Norwood

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