Harvey Pekar on Writing

Famed underground comic book writer Harvey Pekar just passed away. His life was featured in the 2003 movie American Splendor based on his autobiographical comics series.

Here’s a little bit into Pekar’s view on his

As a kid, Pekar was almost as obsessive about comic books as he’d been about jazz. (And literature. And boxing.) All the same, he considered them a “second-rate art form.” Then realized something. “They’re words and pictures, and you can do anything with words and pictures. There’s no limit on what order you put ‘em in, or what kind of illustration you use. It’s not the fault of comics. I have access to the same choice of words as Shakespeare.”

The Phoenix

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Andrew @ Blogging Guide July 23, 2010 at 4:45 am

Great words from Harvey Pekar. He is a legend.

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