Handling Blog Negative Comments

A common blog-fear is negative comments. Newbie bloggers are timid about expressing their big ideas and opinions for fear of getting a nasty comment. Toby sez:

Sorry, no comments does not make a conversation. It’s called a monologue. One person takes center stage with no opportunity for direct feedback. For my money, a blog without comments and trackbacks is an on-line newsletter. And that’s not a negative comment.

I agree. Yes, a blog doesn’t have to have comments – but why the hell not? What are you scared folks are going to say? Yes we all have that secret I’m a fraud fear from time to time but get over that and turn those comments on on on! With comment spam filters getting better everyday and comment moderation – there’s no reason not to want feedback on your blog’s posts.
If you do get constructive criticisms will you take it to heart? Do you think your products and services are really that perfect…?
Remember to tell ya sometime about the time the neo-Nazis dropped by…






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  1. Scot Duke Avatar

    I to am frustrated with the bloggers who do not allow comments. I also am very concerned with the bloggers who require you to be logged in before you can make a comment. Logged into What? That is the problem I am having.
    I have spent 31 years in the corporate world as an operational manager and I have a TON of experience to offer people who are doing business today.
    Being new to E-Commerce with the launch of my E-Book, How To Play Business Golf, I am having a tough time getting attention to my book. I started blogging to find other people to share my experience with.
    I now find it very concerning with the number of bloggers and the number of articles I read on the Internet that have it all wrong on how to execute a Marketing Plan. I am sure if they received some constructive comments they could soon see where they are going to hit the wall…
    Oh Well, guess you and I will trudge on in our attempt to show people other ways to getting to their goals…
    About The Author: As President of Innovative Business Golf Solutions, Scot Duke provides over 31 years of corporate management experience to helping small businesses improve their marketing strategies as well as providing ways to improve your golf game. Scot can be reached by visiting http://www.innovativebusinessgolf.com or info@innovativebusinessgolf.com or 214 549-0306.

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