Google Print Ads Opens Up

From the G-Men:

In with the growth of online news sites, Americans still read newspapers. Over the course of a typical week, nearly 3 out of 4 adults (115 million) in the top 50 markets read a copy of a daily or Sunday newspaper.* That’s why thousands of businesses use print advertising every day to reach a local audience, and why we’ve announced that we’re extending Google AdWords to newspapers for most U.S. advertisers. To learn more, visit the Google Print Ads™ site, or read about it on the Inside AdWords blog.






3 responses to “Google Print Ads Opens Up”

  1. Simon Owens Avatar

    As much as I love Google, I think it’s pretty scary that a company that already has almost complete dominance on web advertising will now extend its reach into the print world as well.

  2. Urbanist Avatar

    Yes, Google wasn’t happy just taking over the internet … soon we’ll be buying Google vacuums and Google toothpaste!

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