Google for ‘CommentLuv’ to Find Commenter-Loving Blogs

CommentLuv is a plugin I’ve always wanted to try out. It posts the most recent headline of each commenter’s blog after their comment. It is like a little ‘hey thanks’ promo pop for commenters. Peter has a nice strategy on how to find bloggers using this feature: (extracted from Yaro’s post about Jason Potash’s CommentKahuna application):

I have also noticed that folks using the CommentLuv plugin on their blog are serious bloggers with great content which makes leaving relevant, meaningful comments much easier. I simply do a Google search with the “footprint” CommentLuv makes in the comment box and the keyword(s) and up pops a list of blogs to comment on.






9 responses to “Google for ‘CommentLuv’ to Find Commenter-Loving Blogs”

  1. Suzie Cheel Avatar

    Hi Andy,
    Looking forward to you adding commentluv here, Thanks for the post Just added it to Thinking Home Business.

  2. Julia - Blog Finder Avatar

    Hello Andy,
    Thank you for your post. We’ve recently added the CommentLuv plugin to my blog. And I noticed that I had received more comments to my latest posts than before when the CommenLuv wasn’t enabled yet. Indeed, one more link to the commenter’s blog is an extra incentive for people to post comments. And I’m glad to reward them in return for their comments.

  3. Pamela Slim Avatar

    Hi Andy:
    I think I saw it on Wendy Piersall’s blog, formerly known as eMoms at home, now “Sparkplugging.” (
    It is very cool – definitely has that “give back” feeling.

  4. trevor Avatar

    Nice post and nice blog. Regarding comment love, how does that work in relation to nofollow or dofollow links? What difference would it make if two got one nofollow links instead of one?

  5. Peter Answers Avatar

    It’s a good tip which I have already used – any way to limit it to those who have nofollow turned off?

  6. Barbara Ling Avatar

    CommentLuv is a must-have for truly serious bloggers, I believe. Regarding doFollow or not, I use Lucia Linky love to turn on DoFollow after 3 comments at my site.
    Hope that helps,

  7. Rhys Avatar

    Hi Andy! –
    I’m a CommentLuv fan, and to pick up Trevor’s point, as far as I can see CommentLuv cancels the NoFollow code.
    As Barbara and Julia have noted, it is for the serious Bloggers who really appreciate the back-linking.

  8. smith harry Avatar
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