Geek Bloggers in Decline As ‘Real People’ Enter ‘Sphere

Summary: Blog readers gravitate to bloggers that speak in their language.
Duncan over at Blog Herald writes:

The geek bloggers are in decline and there is very little they can do about it. But before the flames start let me explain further because I’ve been tossing up the title of this post for about 24 hours, some of the other titles included: time for the geek bloggers to get a reality check, and 3G the new blogging generation.

He outlines three generations of bloggers:
The first generation up to 2002 which was the burgeoning bloggers of tech and geekery.
The second generation which he dubs the ‘extroverts’. Up to 2004.
The third generation is when ‘consumer bloggers’ come into play. Up to the present:

Most new bloggers blog because they can, because others are, and because to many people (perhaps more so amongst younger people, and in particular amongst teens) having a blog is now regarded as a normal behaviour, just like having an email address and mobile phone are normal as well.

Most valuable though is Duncan’s charge that the insularity of the geekerati is what is causing their decline from the A-List. Most exciting is the trend that blogs will talk to people in normal everyday language – not in tech-heavy code that the civies don’t understand.






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  1. Connie Avatar

    THIS is a fascinating story! Thanks for bringing it to our attention! I even read the entire story over at Blog Herald.
    Thanks to you and your RSS class yesterday — or I wouldn’t have known about your latest post!
    I found out about your “Geek Bloggers Decline…” entry, because you taught me yesterday to add blogs to my Bloglines account and Bloglines told me you’d added a post.
    Thanks again for the fabulous RSS class yesterday — it was very helpful for this technological nitwit!
    For those of you who are in the dark about RSS and wanting to learn more, buy the tape or CD of Andy’s class!
    It’s really interesting, well researched and organized. Thanks again, Andy!

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