Fight Blogger’s Block!

Join me for a call with energy coach Maryam Webster. She’ll explain EFT (emotional freedom technique) which is a revolutionary energy practice based on the body’s acupressure points and can be used to dissolve mental obstacles and restore physical health. We’re going to focus initially on fighting writer’s block and other limiting beliefs and Maryam will be showing us techniques you can do yourself to restore creativity and flow.
Our call will be August 31st @ 8pm EST. Full details…
Dial-in info:
641-297-7200 PIN: 952028#






4 responses to “Fight Blogger’s Block!”

  1. Angela Treat Lyon Avatar

    You guys are gonna have a blast – Maryam is great at this! The more the btter – EFT is an incredible resource – for everything!
    Have a ball –
    aloha –

  2. Jodie Foster Avatar

    This is a great thing to be offering Andy- thanks! I’ve included a link to it in this week’s issue of Carnival of Healing.

  3. Carol Solomon Avatar

    This is a GREAT idea. I have used EFT with people working on dissertations before — very helpful. I look forward to the class.

  4. Steve Harold Avatar

    EFT is an amazingly effective technique for helping people with many blocks. It is great to see a tie in with bloggers block and how it can help.

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