Exiling the Blogroll

IT Kitchen writes:

As you will see, the blogroll or my blog is not on its index (I might be the only one doing this). This is because I prefer long extra data not to be on every pages to ease reading and seeking. I feel that displaying a whole page of linkbacks or banners … gives a highly non professional view of the blog.

I’ve often thought the same thing.
I keep experimenting with moving all of the column content off the front page and into it’s own area. The more I design and re-design my sites the more I want to strip everything away leaving only clean elegance. From a marketing persepctive it’s good because it keeps people focused on your site and possbily products and services. And in my seminars I’m loathe to show off all the free bells and whistles you can add to a blog because I don’t think all of that stuff is approriate for a business weblog.
That’s one reason why I like the Kubrick templates for WordPress – the individual entry pages don’t have column content – it focuses the reader on the content they clicked to read instead of all of the other stuff. Currently I have a links.php and categories.php pages – though I’m trying to figure out how to fold those back into the main index.php Kubrick template.
But does it divorce yourself of that buddy-buddy, ham radio ethic that first bubble in blogging? Eh, probably not.






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