Exclusive Call-in: Toby Bloomberg from Diva Marketing

Booyeah! We got another exclusive call-in coming up in a couple weeks. This time we’re hanging out with Toby Bloomberg from Diva Marketing Blog.
Toby hails from Altanta and is president of Bloomberg Marketing. Our chat is going to be titled:
Biz Blogs – Enter At Your Own Risk!
Wednesday January 12 @ 8pm EST
440-389-9715 x834
This call will be recorded. To be notified when the recording is uploaded for listening, join my newsletter.
We’ll take a look at:

  • How blogs mimic that ‘corner grocery store’ type of relationship
    our grandparents knew
  • How customers are in control and they will let you know it – but
    the traditional basics of marketing still apply.
  • Branding isn’t dead – it’s different
  • Measuring your blogging results and return-on-investment
  • Finding your target audience
  • The annoyance of faux blogs






3 responses to “Exclusive Call-in: Toby Bloomberg from Diva Marketing”

  1. Des Walsh Avatar

    I can’t stay for the full hour. Will it be recorded? Available for later listening?

  2. Andy Avatar

    Yep. I’m recording it.

  3. Olga Avatar

    How can we get the recording? I can’t make that call, it’s too late for our time zone.
    Thank you.

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