Essayist Whines About Blogs

Are classic essays like Swift’s still being written,

Yes – just no one is reading them.

or has the elegant thoughtfulness that is the essay’s legacy been winnowed away by its rapacious bastard offspring, the blog? And will the Internet generation, suffused by the blogosphere, lose the ability to write essays altogether?

She must not read many blogs. Some blogs are essay focused. Some aren’t.

A blog has been reviewed by no one, edited by no one – not even, in many cases, been proofread by the author.

Won’t someone think of the children?

The problem in the blogosphere is that the kid and I will be received with equal credibility.

Unture. Access to your content will equalized. Credibility is built up over time. If your writing isn’t virtuous enough to stand on its own two feet then maybe the problem is in your writing.

Blogland is a sprawl, fast encroaching on the fragile landscape of the finely wrought essay.

What the hell is she talking about? Where is this sacred Essay-Land she is writing of?

Immersed in Blogland, one cannot escape the keen sense that the line between fact and fiction – blurred so delicately and purposefully by the founders of the New Journalism, Truman Capote, Tom Wolfe and Hunter S. Thompson

And didn’t people go nuts when those authors first blended fiction and fact?






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  1. John Evans Avatar

    It’s the ivory tower versus the open landscape, isn’t it? Me? I’m a Capability Brown man.

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