Domain Hijacking Just Got a Lot Easier

No template this time – wanted to get this to you ASAP:
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New rules from ICANN [the international standards consortium
regulating domain names] that take effect on Friday making it
easier to hijack domain names. Essentially, if someone tries
to take your domain, and you don’t answer within 5 days, they
now assume you are okay with the transfer.
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Full article:
So be sure you login to your domain registrar and enable
domain locking on your accounts – this prevents any sort of
‘automated’ domain transfer without your explicit manual
approval. I’m always amazed at how glibly the underlying
infrastructure of the internet is handled by the folks over
at ICANN. I’m guessing that the evil spam people will see this
as a gold-rush/feeding frenzy. If you’ve ever had a domain pulled
out from under ya you’ll know how this feels (it stinks!).
For Godaddy:
1) Login to My Account.
2) Click on Manage Domains
3) In your list of domains, instead of just viewing a page
at a time, select Show All.
4) Check the checkbox next to all of your domains you want
to lock.
5) Click the Set Locking button.
6) On the right select ‘All Eligible Domains’ and select
Locked. Then click Save Changes.
7) Breathe a sigh of relief – pour a martini.
For Dotster: (pulled from their help FAQs)
1) Login to your account.
2) Select the domains you want locked or unlocked from
your “Domain List” or from your “Quick List”
3) Select the “Domain Locking” from your Services for this
Domain” area and click “ADD SERVICE” to lock your domains.
Then on the next page, click “CONTINUE”.
4) On the next page you will need to check the box next to
“I have read and accepted the registration agreement. Then
click the “Submit Order” button.
5) The next page will show you a status page and tell you
that the domain is locked. Click the “REMOVE button to have
the domain unlocked.






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