Day Jobs and Selling Out

Pam and I recorded a call today about the impact of day jobs, entrepreneurship and other global crises.

Are you selling your entrepreneurial soul if you take a day job?






3 responses to “Day Jobs and Selling Out”

  1. Mark Troutt Avatar

    Sometimes an entrepreneur has to settle for a day job to support truly becoming an entrepreneur. If an entrepreneur who has it all in appearance to others, that entrepreneur does what he or she pleases to suit what they want.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

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  3. yourbloggers Avatar

    I was testing the functionality of posting a comment for the first time on your blog Andy. After I posted #1 I noticed my email didnt appear and I understand the purpose of it not appearing. When I posted comment #2 I tried to post the email link in the website area. #3 comment is posting an email link in the comment box. I was seeing the funcionality of posting a real comment with an email link associated to it… (I like the feature of the box popping up: “You are posting comments to fast. Slow down”) This feature in your blog is awesome and needed for a professional blog for sure.

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