Dave Taylor on Blogs and Local Newspapers

From Master Dave:

And yet, aren’t newspapers becoming irrelevant? Well, surprisingly, no. The local paper, the Daily Camera, has figured out the secret to staying relevant and it offers something that no local Boulder Colorado citizen blogger could offer… What the Daily Camera offers is the blog capability of readers adding their two cents to entries. But it’s not just specific articles, it’s every single article in the paper. This means that any story, from a local sports piece to a movie review to a major news story can — and definitely will — accumulate public input.






One response to “Dave Taylor on Blogs and Local Newspapers”

  1. Lee Kraus Avatar

    Do you mean that a blogger could post on every topic in the community? Because it would seem to me that a blogger has been collecting public input from day one if the comments are on?
    If the local blogger actually focuses on relevant stories and limits the “clutter”, then to me, the online paper IS irrelevant.

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