Crest Pro Health Mouthwash Turning Customers Teeth Brown


Cetylpyridinium chloride is the active ingredient in Crest Pro Health mouthwash. Proctor and Gamble product research says the rinse is safe and that their single blind study showed, “Side effects were minimal, with no between-group differences in hygienist-rated calculus or stain accumulation…” However, many have gathered at the Amazon page for the product to complain that it stains teeth brown.






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  1. Mary in ABQ Avatar
    Mary in ABQ

    I searched the web for info on what could cause the brown stains that began to appear on my teeth a few weeks ago. When I saw the comments about Crest Pro-Health mouthwash causing stains, I went and looked a the brand name of the mouthwash I started using about a month ago. It was Crest Pro-Health.

  2. fran Avatar

    I got terrible stains from using this product. It’s nasty stuff and should be removed from the market.

  3. Trev Avatar

    4 reasons Pro-Health Mouthwash sucks:
    1) Brown stains
    2) The weird blue/green crap it leaves in one’s mouth.
    3) Its “active” ingredient consists of animal by-product. (Right, active in turning your teeth brown! etc)
    4) The sour taste it leaves in one’s mouth in conjunction with its power to make one lose taste sensation.

  4. Beej Avatar

    I’ve been using the Crest Pro-Health Mouth Rinse for about two weeks, and I’ve experienced a different concern. Possibly due to the junk that sticks on your tongue, I’ve lost the ability to taste anything. I’ve discontinued the product for four (4) days and I still can’t taste anything. I’ve got a doctor’s appointment this week. Has anyone else had this happen?
    Thanks in advance for any follow up.

  5. Uuno Kanto Avatar
    Uuno Kanto

    I noticed today that my lower teeth had brownish look to them. I could not believe what I was seeing. I just got on the internet and looked up brown teeth and I got my answer.
    I thank you so much.I have been using Crest Pro Health.
    Uuno Kanto

  6. Julissa Durand Avatar
    Julissa Durand

    I am another victim from this product. I bought Crest Pro-Health about 2 weeks ago and my first symptom after the 3rd day of use was salivary gland infection, which I thought had nothing to do with this product but I believe it does now. Now the bottom of my teeth as well as the top are brown. I wish I’ve known what was going on all along. I wish I can do something about it. Please let me know if my assistance is needed to make some sort of motion to this matter.
    Julissa Durand

    1. Carolyn Woodham Avatar

      Yes, all three of our family members have experienced this brown teeth staining – really??? Crest says it is a sign that the product is working – really? Okay let’s run right our and pay good money to have our teeth turn brown!

  7. Brook Avatar

    I went searching for the cause of the brwon stains appearing between my son’s teeth. He has always had trouble with bleeding gums, so we thought that it was because he is a mouth breather. We made sure that he brushed, flossed and used mouthwash twice a day hoping that he would get better. Now, after all this hard work, he now is developing brown stains between his teeth. Is this what is happening to everyone else?

  8. LDS Avatar

    Sorry to hear about all who have experienced staining from this product. I would urge all of you to contact the Food and Drug Administration to complain. You can do so via their website at The FDA is responsible for the regulation of mouthwashes and mouth rinses in the US.
    Also, you can contact Crest to complain via their website. I have urged them many times to put a warning on the bottle that says that it may cause stains, but they appear to be very unwilling to do this (probably because the warning on the bottle would hurt sales!).
    But I believe that Brook’s son’s experience is very common. People start developing brown stains from the product, but they keep using it, because the last thing they would suspect as the culprit is a “pro-health” mouth rinse. So the stains only continue to worsen, becoming even harder to remove.

  9. LDS Avatar

    Also, Crest has finally addressed the problem on their website, although I believe the response is entirely inadequate. See the following. The address several questions regarding the staining issue on this product. The answer, unfortunately, does not adequately reflect the difficulty of removing these stains. See, e.g. this question and their response: “As a Dental Hygienist, I have noticed more black staining in my patients using Crest ProHealth Rinse. Is there chlorhexadine in this like Peridex?”

  10. Tom Avatar

    Noticed my bottom teeth beginning to stain a few days ago. Surprise surprise, I’ve been using the crest rinse for a couple of weeks. I called Crest (1-800-285-9139 ) told them what was going on and a very pleasant woman asked the lot number of the bottle and what my mailing address was so they could send me a refund.
    There may be problems with the pro-health rinse but at least their customer service is still good.

  11. Robert Avatar

    I got brown stains from the Crest rinse. Most of the stains came off, but only after a long and expensive appt with my dental hygienist. I complained to Crest. They offered to reimburse me for the cost of the cleaning and the product, but I never actually received any money. I will never use Crest products again.

  12. tammy basel Avatar
    tammy basel

    I got brown stains on my gumline and in between my teeth from using this product. very hard to remove and cost a lot. I wholeheartedly do NOT recommend that anyone use this stuff.

  13. karin rdh Avatar
    karin rdh

    I am a dental hygienist with over 10 years experience. I have NEVER seen such staining from an over-the-counter product! The staining is dark, heavy, and very tenacious to remove. I thought the stain was from the Prohealth Toothpaste because of the Stannous Fluoride that is in it — so I had my patients discontinue using it. To my surprise…3months later for their next cleaning — STAIN! I will NEVER recommend this rinse again! We recommend HEALTHY GUMS RINSE which is all natural and has the same antimicrobial action as chlorhexidine.

  14. Carmen Avatar

    I have been up all night wondering why my lower teeth are so stained. I am not getting any rest. Instead I started making up a list what I have been doing since my teeth were cleaned one and a half months ago.
    My teeth were cleaned in January. Right after that I started using Crest Pro Health Rinse to guard against bacteria because I need a kidney transplant. Two days ago my dentist was shocked at how my teeth looked. I was devasted when pictures were taken of them and showed to me via computer. Not being able to sleep I browsed the internet to look up how to remove brown stains from our teeth.
    WOW!!! Was I shocked to find this site. I will be calling the Crest telephone number given because it appears that this next dental cleaning is going to be costly and time consuming for me. Timing and my health is everything to me right now especially since both my kidneys are failing and I am looking for a Living Kidney Donor. This added problem is not what I need right now!!!!!

  15. Carmen Avatar

    I have been up all night wondering why my lower teeth are so stained. I am not getting any rest. Instead I started making up a list what I have been doing since my teeth were cleaned one and a half months ago.
    My teeth were cleaned in January. Right after that I started using Crest Pro Health Rinse to guard against bacteria because I need a kidney transplant. Two days ago my dentist was shocked at how my teeth looked. I was devasted when pictures were taken of them and showed to me via computer. Not being able to sleep I browsed the internet to look up how to remove brown stains from my teeth.
    WOW!!! Was I shocked to find this site. I will be calling the Crest telephone number given because it appears that this next dental cleaning is going to be costly and time consuming for me. Timing and my health is everything to me right now especially since both my kidneys are failing and I am looking for a Living Kidney Donor. This added problem is not what I need right now!!!!!

  16. Julian Avatar

    This looks similar to the effects of fluoride. Brown staining from fluoride is called dental fluorosis and it is one of the problems experienced in areas where the tap water is fluoridated.

  17. Paul Avatar

    Started using Crest PRO-HEALTH a few days ago, (along with my normal crest toothpaste) I now have a black toungue, mild teeth staining, a permanent aftertaste and worst of all a burning sensation (like a chemical burn) in my mouth.
    Wow! After looking around on here and Amazon and discovering it was the mouthwash I will *never* buy any Crest products again.
    How did this get on the market?

  18. Daryl Avatar

    Is it just the blue stuff or is the new green stuff just as bad?

  19. Jeff Avatar

    I think it’s the Crest Pro Toothpaste as well. I’d previously been using Crest Extra Whitening toothpaste but the Crest Pro was on sale so I picked up a tube to try. Lately I had noticed the same thing people have mentioned about their lower teeth around the gumline having stains on them. On the inside of my mouth the eight bottom teeth have brown stains near the gumline and on the sides of my incisors as well. I use a Sonicare toothbrush so I have no idea if this sped up the staining process or not. I’d never had any stains on my teeth previously and was proud my teeth were clean and white. I didn’t even know about this issue with the product until I read about the rinse on a bulletin board and decided to use google for more info. Thankfully I hadn’t been using the rinse as well or I imagine the staining would have been a lot worse. I’m still pretty pissed about the whole thing.

  20. kyle Avatar

    I started using crest pro health mouth wash about 3 weeks ago. I had neve had dental problems but all of a sudden my gums are cracking and bleeding. Is it because of crest pro health? Has anyone else had this problem? Please feel free to email me if you like.

  21. Jaime Avatar

    I haven’t been using the mouthwash , but the pro health toothpaste. After 10-15min of using, i get a thick slimmy flim along my bottom lip and gum line. I don’t know if it’s thick salavia or dead layer of skin. i have to wipe it out with my finger. It’s gross and very annoying. I looked up side effects of the toothpaste and found another guy with the same problem. I’m not allergic to anything and never have been. I’ve also had some problems with breathing which may be linked to excess mucus. Not sure if it has anything to do with it. My uncle is a doctor so i plan on letting him know.

  22. clare Avatar

    Oh my. I have only been using the mouth wash for five days and for the last two days I have not been able to taste food! I am shocked to find that is due to the mouthwash. Not to mention the bluish green chunks left in your mouth….and to hear that brown spots on my teeth are next. No thanks. Back to Listerine it is for me! Crest should really warn consumers about this possible effects of this product.

  23. M Avatar

    I thought I was sick or something, but after finding this site, I am completely shocked and disgusted. I started using Crest Pro-Health about a month ago. I did notice the funky after taste that would last well into the afternoon of the next day. To make matters worse, food began to taste really bad. I also noticed the funky blue bits others have mentioned. So now, I suppose I have to worry about whitening my teeth. I will tell everyone I know not to use Crest Pro-Health. I doubt I will ever use Crest products ever again. Thanks for posting this site.

  24. kyle Avatar

    I used to use the mouth wash before I went to bed and I would wake up with a thick film in my mouth too. Since I quit using the Crest mouth wash my gums stopped bleeding and cracking and returned to normal. I’m thinking it might have been an allergic reaction but I’m not sure.

  25. fye Avatar

    From a recent Amazon comment:
    I’ve been trying to get P&G to put a warning on the bottle for months. There was an article about the staining problem associated with the Crest rinse in a recent edition of the Cincinnati Business Courier. P&G is HQ’d in Cincy, and is a big employer there, so (not surprisingly) the article had a big P&G bias. In the article, P&G claims that only 3% of the users experience staining and that the stains are “not harmful”. Well, I’m very skeptical of that 3% estimate, because I’ve heard of this happening a lot. Also, I would disagree with the “not harmful” part, because the stains are VERY difficult to remove.
    Also, the article states that putting a warning on the bottle would hurt sales. No kidding! Here’s a quote from the article from a dentist who is critical of the product:
    ” “Why risk market share for the sake of doing the right thing?” said Dr. Tom Hedge of the Dental Health Center in West Chester. “People shouldn’t have to go to the Internet to find out why their teeth are turning brown.” ”
    I agree with him 100%. There needs to be a warning on the bottle. But here is how the P&G spokesperson responded (in the same article):
    ” Procter has been aware of the staining possibilities, as has been the FDA, since the development stages of Pro-Rinse. “But because of the science behind it, it cannot be avoided,” spokeswoman Laura Brinker said. “The health benefits outweigh a very small percentage of the population who would be affected by it.” ”
    What a bunch of hooey. Here’s a novel idea for P&G: why don’t you just put a warning on the bottle that it can cause brown staining, and let the CONSUMER decide if the “health benefits” outweight the risk of staining?

  26. Mike Avatar

    Last night I was shocked to notice brown stains on my teeth and immediately made the connection to recently starting with Crest Prohealth. Looking for answers, I searched Google and found this site. This is quite disappointing because Crest Prohealth is miraculous in controlling my tartar build up problem. I’m going to try the Crest Prohealth Wintergreen, as Crest suggests, to see if it does not stain.

  27. fye Avatar

    Mike, it is true that Crest blames the staining problem on the “blue dye” in the Mint rinse. However, I have also heard of significant and tough staining from the Wintergreen flavor. IMO, the culprit is the main ingredient — the CPC. I suggest that you do some google searches on CPC — perhaps start with the wiki article which has some good links. CPC has been known for years to cause serious staining as a side effect. Crest had to have known that when they launched the product, but they still refused to put a warning on the bottle. As stated in the article I quoted above, why risk market share for the sake of doing the right thing?
    Also, IMO, rinses and mouthwashes are over-rated. Good dental hygeine and tartar control is 99% about careful brushing and flossing the right way. However, if you do feel the need to use a mouth rinse, I would strongly suggest that you choose one that is approved by the ADA. Listerine is approved by the ADA, but there are others as well. Crest Pro-Health Rinse has not been tested and approved by the ADA.

  28. tasteless Avatar

    I’m new to this, but I found this site because I am having a version of the “no taste” problem as well after using Crest Whitening Rinse for 3 days. Beej, did your taste ever return to normal after the 4 days and what did you doctor say? I don’t know if this is an allergic reaction to something in the rinse, a chemical reaction/burn on my tongue (it doesn’t hurt), or what? The FDA needs to be informed…

  29. Susan Avatar

    I have used Crest Pro-Health for some time now and had not made the connection between it and the brown stains appearing on my teeth. When I went for a dental cleaning today, the hygienist was shocked at how stained my teeth were (AGAIN!) when I do not smoke, drink cola, coffee, tea, or wine! I was completely baffled but finally did a search on the internet and found this site! I am SO happy to finally have an answer to this mystery and also outraged that it is allowed to continue! I will be calling my dentist tomorrow so she can warn others not to use this product!!

  30. Chris Pedigo Avatar
    Chris Pedigo

    I have been using this product for almost a year now. I had never had problems with oral hygiene until i started using this product. But of course I never made the connection since my teeth turning brown made me use the mouth wash even more! Thank for the site guy!! I used to use the blue one, and now have the green one. But NOW i will use none of them! Word needs to get out about this product, I’ve been using this product for so long and my dentist was wondering why all of a sudden i’ve been having staining problems!

  31. Roy Avatar

    Same thing. Started using this product a week or so ago and major embarassing brown stains on all teeth, frontal surfaces as well as darker in between.
    I usually use ACT but was in Costco and saw a 2×1.5 liter pack of Pro-Health (blue) and figured I’d try it as I use Crest toothpaste without problems.
    I have emailed a complaint to Crest asking for (a) the recommended way of removing the stains and (b) how I get compensated for any products or services that may be needed to do so. I will also file with FDA.
    Costco is often used as a “dumping ground” (nothing against Costco – they’re great and have the best meat and excellent values). I wonder if that’s what crest is doing.

  32. Anonymous Avatar

    got stains on bottom teeth. lots of brown stains. when I had my teeth cleaned this week I mentioned this to the hygienist and she asked about coffee and tea consumption. I hardly every drink either. No wine either. she asked if I use a mouth rinse. I told her Crest Pro Health. She said that could be what’s causing it. shocking! I thought I was doing such a good thing for my teeth and it ended up staining my teeth! They should be sued!

  33. Kathy Avatar

    I left the last message (as “anonymous”) and wanted to add a p.s.
    p.s. I’d be very interested in reading any postings from people who find out about being reimbursed or compensated for the wasted product and, especially for products and services to repair/remove the stains. thank you.

  34. fye Avatar

    Kathy, the first step is to contact Crest and complain. You can do this via email at their website, but there is also a phone number. I would suggest calling them instead of emailing. They offered to reimburse me for the cost of the product, provided I sent a store receipt. They also offered to reimburse me for the cost of the cleaning, provided I filled out a questionnaire that they would send me. I have dental insurance, so most of my cleaning was covered (even though it was a 2-HOUR appointment and she couldn’t even remove the stains in some of the tougher spots).
    Anyway, I never got the questionnaire, despite asking for it three times. I don’t think they ever intended to reimburse me for anything. This is irresponsible, unethical, despicable corporate behavior at its worst.
    As such, your best bet is to return the bottle to the store where you purchased it. Even if you didn’t save the receipt, they might refund your money, if you explain what happened.
    And please report this to the FDA as well (via their website). At the very least, I’m hoping we can get P&G to put a warning on the bottle (although they certainly don’t appear willing to do so, for fear that it will hurt sales). The consumer should at least be made aware that brown staining is a common and significant side affect with this product. (IMO, this product should be off the market altogether. Or it should require a prescription and only be used under the care and supervision of a dentist).
    Thx for your post and thx to Andy W. for helping get the word out.

  35. mickey Avatar

    I too have been going crazy wondering why my teeth are turning brown and my gums turned a sickly pink, the pigment is all washed out of them. Thought I had oral cancer until my daughter started to complain too. The problem is Crest Pro Health Toothpaste! Got a coupon at my last dental visit and started using it, mailed a tube to my son and he said his tongue went numb.

  36. nik Avatar

    I started using the product in the fall when i came down to the states for a trip to vegas. As usual i didn’t bring any thing as i always buy hygiene stuff when I get to the destination. I have severe brownage on the back side of my lower teeth to the point where its starting to curve around the front. I have stopped using the product along with the crest whitestrips. It seems that it is still building up even though I have stopped using these products.
    Is there any products that will help whiten my teeth without anymore damage or should I go see my dentist?

  37. another one! Avatar
    another one!

    well – i dont have brown stains but my front teeth are achy – and my gums are inflamed to the point that i thought i had burned my mouth. the ache and pain is constant – goes away slightly during the night but it HAS to be the toothpaste… i bought the set – Pro Health toothpaste and mouthwash – i noticed some greenish blue “gunk” when i rinsed but i thought it was just some left over toothpaste in my mouth… i went searching the web because of the pain tho… no one here mentioned that so if anyone has gum soreness, redness or aches, please comment! im just going to stop using it, but this is ridiculous! Crest is supposed to be a good product!!!!

  38. Roman Avatar

    Today I was driving in my car and looked at my teeth in the mirror. Creepy brown staining between the teeth! I thought I had a terrible disease… thank god for the internet, and thank you everybody for writing about Crest Pro-Health with the damn Cetylpyridinium chloride. They better pay for my next dental cleaning!!!

  39. JD Avatar

    This is weird! I was driving myself nuts trying to figure out why my teeth around the gum started turning brown. It is even more weird that I noticed it in my review mirror one day as well. The only thing I could relate it to was Crest Pro-Health. I’ve used about a half bottle and I can’t believe what it has done to my teeth. I take very good care of my teeth and inspect them daily. I’m relieved to see that other people had this same issue, but concerned as I don’t know what to do now to fix my teeth.

  40. fye Avatar

    For JD and all of you other folks who have experienced brown stains on your teeth from Crest Pro-Health Rinse — if you call and complain to Crest (which I urge you to do), they will tell you to use a power toothbrush to remove the stains, and they will offer to send you some coupons for Crest teeth whitening products. But that’s a joke. These stains are nasty (if you don’t believe me, ask your hygienist!) and you need to go see your dentist to have them removed.
    The good news is that the RDH should be able to remove the majority of the stains. However, some of the stains in tougher places (between teeth, behind teeth, etc) may not come off. The bad news is that it will probably take a very prolonged, uncomfortable and expensive dental visit.
    But I would definitely advise you to see a dentist. Don’t attempt to buy a scalar or other instruments and do it yourself, because you may actually damage your teeth or gums by doing that. Let the professional take care of it.

  41. kara Avatar

    this same thing is happening to me as well. I used about half the bottle and my teeth have all nasty brown stains between them. From your experience do these go away on their own at all or do you have to see a dentist? I dont have time for this!!!

  42. anon Avatar

    Kara —
    You have to see a dentist. The good news is that a skilled RDH will be able to remove most of the stains. But when you call and make the appt tell them about your problem and to schedule a little extra time. Because these stains are tough to remove. But they should come off.

  43. Pedro Matars Avatar
    Pedro Matars

    Chinguen a su madre gueyes, me asuste un chingo con la lengua negra , devuelvanme mi lana y chingo a mi madre si les vuelvo a comprar nada de sus pinches productos y ademas la voy a regar por todos lados son una verdadera cagada sus productos y todos ustedes pendejos

  44. vince Avatar

    Testimonial: Exhibit A
    1)Look at your teeth in the mirror. 2)Chew up one or two strawberries, let sit along gumline for 5-10 minutes. 3)Look in the mirror again. Presto, whiter teeth! Repeat as needed, no need to call me in the morning, this WORKS!!!

  45. Pat Avatar

    I can’t believe I just came across this information. The Crest Pro-Health toothpaste took the skin off my inside lower lip every time I used it. I threw it away. I didn’t connect it with the brown stains I’ve been so upset about, that keep getting worse.

  46. kelly Avatar

    This stuff is crap! I got nasty stains on my teeth that took over an hour to remove. don’t use this unless you want brown teeth. someone should sue.

  47. michelle Avatar

    I am SO glad I found this site! Thank you all for your input! I have a similar experience to add. Since using Crest’s Pro-Health Mouthwash, I too have been getting brown stains all along the gums of my mouth and in the crevices between my teeth. I’m a heavy tea drinker–coffee occasionally–but before I started using the rinse, I never got these type of dark brown grainy stains! I went to my dentist about a month ago, who was able to easily scrape them off… but she could not provide any answers. Now I know.
    I am so disgusted that Crest would release and promote a product such as this. What a horrible product made to create new problems in consumers so that they will eventually buy more more more! That’s what they want, right?
    I’m definitely going more natural. The use of chemicals in these type of products are just frightening.

  48. zabel Avatar

    Add me to the list. Brown stains all along gumline after 3 weeks of use. What a horrible product — ;

  49. Ari Avatar

    I also am suffering from this. I found this site in response to this problem. I have emailed Crest just now and am awaiting a response. As a young professional interning in NYC I do not have the time to go to a dentist for another month, this is simply unacceptable from a product whose main purpose is to keep teeth cleaner. There should be some kind of retribution from all of us towards Crest. The minimum of which should be getting reinbursed for the dental cleaning required to fix this.

  50. Nick Avatar

    I started using Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash about a month and a half ago. I now have started noticing a dark brown color in between my bottom front teeth. I assume that the cause would be from using this product..?

  51. Corey Avatar

    I didn’t use it long enough to develop stains, but I stopped because of the loss of taste sensation. When I used it in the morning I still couldn’t taste my food at lunch time, (imagine Fritos tasting like paper!) I stopped after just a couple of days and everything is back to normal.

  52. Stacey Avatar

    I stopped using the mouth wash the day after I lost my taste. That was 4 days ago and absolutely no improvement. Anyone who had long term loss recover??

  53. Mark D. Avatar
    Mark D.

    I have been using the Crest Pro Health rinse for about 10 months now and first developed brown stains between my teeth after only several weeks of use. I went to my dentist a few months later and was told that this product was most likley to blame. I had my teeth cleaned and went home and continued to use it. Well of course it came back again the same way, so I was convinced! I kept using the product temporarily since it did remove plaque and my next cleaning appointment was coming up shortly. However,this was not the worst of it! I have had an intermittant foul taste in my mouth starting the same time that I began using this product.(Now that I look back in retrospect) Randomly any time of the day I would get a kind of rotten/sickening taste in my mouth that would last for several minutes at a time or more. Sometimes it seemed to happen whenever I yauned or just opened my mouth wide. Lately I found that I could produce this ill effect whenever I would brush the roof of my mouth just behind my front teeth. So… I stopped using it and “Low and Behold” within 2 days no more bad taste!! It has been several weeks and absolutely NO reoccurance. Apparently the rinse effects either the saliva glands or mucus production in the mouth. I trusted the brand name of “Crest” since it is one of the biggest names in dental hygiene. It was hard to believe that a product like this would be released on the market without more testing or warnings. Perhaps in these days of “lobbyists” rather that ordinary people (who vote) controlling our destiny, we must question more and trust less. I hope this will help someone in the future.

  54. tamara Avatar

    I just got my lip pierced. The people told me to use crest pro health mouth wash. After one use i am not able to taste anything at all. I have a mild burning sensation on my tounge. I just found this webpage and im glad to say my husband is e-mailing it to Fox News. I have read many things tonight about this mouth wash and I’m shocked to see what it is doing to people. I will NEVER use their products again!!!

  55. Nate J. Avatar
    Nate J.

    Add me to the list. This is a great product … for anyone who is interested in having their teeth turn brown. Screw Crest. I will never use their products again.

  56. Amy P Avatar
    Amy P

    I’ve been using Crest Pro-Health Wintergreen rinse once a day for less than two months now since my last periodontist cleaning. They recommended it because Listerine irritated my gums. I now have light brown stains between my teeth and along my gumline. It looks just like when i had to use Peridex for a short period, although it’s not quite that bad….not yet anyway!….I’m going to stop using it.

  57. Kate Avatar

    Those of you who had your dentist alert you to the problems with this stuff are the lucky ones. At my last cleaning, I was told it was poor dental hygiene. Since I’m obsessive about flossing and brushing (I go through a thing of floss each week), I was puzzled.
    Guess it’s time to find new dental products and a new dentist!!!!

  58. Alice Humphries Avatar
    Alice Humphries

    I used Crest Pro Health daily for six months and my teeth became unbelievably stained.
    The hygienist couldn’t remove all of the stains. I blamed it on tea.
    I continued to use the product and the stains reappeared. I began to think that the mouthwash was causing it. I had my teeth cleaned again and haven’t used the rinse since. My teeth are still clean except for spots that couldn’t be removed. There should be a warning on this product.

  59. Elyse Avatar

    I always used LIsterine but was looking for something with less tingling, so I switched to Crest Pro-Health, the green kind. Within 3 weeks I got brown stains. I went to the dentist yesterday and it took her an hour to scrape and sandblast the stains off. They look perfectly white now.I guess the sooner you see the dentist, the better your chances of getting the stains off. She used a baking powder substance to , basically, powerwashed my teeth after extensive scraping. I e-mailed Crest and complained, and went back to using Listerine, but diluting it a little like the dentist suggested to take the tingle out of it. My case was the first that my dentist heard about with this rinse causing stains. She is calling her Crest rep to complain.

  60. Kate O Avatar
    Kate O

    Yikes! I thought it was just because I’m growing old that I was having the ropey saliva problem and the dead tastebuds and horrible aftertaste! But I asked my dentist, and he said I was the 2nd person this month to ask about it. No teethstaining, but that may be because I’m using the “cinnamon” version, which has no cinnamon flavor whatsoever. My dentist said he’s called and written the company, but has gotten no response. A friend at a local TV station may do a story on this — that might get to the marketers at Crest!

  61. Dana Avatar

    Wow, I just bought this rinse to try something that wouldn’t burn like Listerine but the aftertaste it left for HOURS was just horrible so I asked my kids today if they wanted to try it since I didn’t really like the aftertaste but it’s a good thing I decided to look this up on the Internet also. I just removed the bottle from the kids’ bathroom and complained to Crest!

  62. Art Avatar

    Thank you for this website! For a week, I have thought that I had some sort of oral cancer being given the blackened tongue, the numbness and burning sensation, and the permanent bitter aftertaste in my mouth. Who would have thought that these symptoms might stem from something produced by a trusted brand name in ‘oral care’ such as Crest? Ironically, I kept using it more frequently thinking it might help if I (hopefully) had some sort of oral fungal or bacterial infection instead of cancer. I will never ever buy another Crest product again, and I’ll think twice before buying anything else from Procter & Gamble!

  63. art Avatar

    Has anyone really tried to complain? I have tried the FDA, the Procter & Gamble Co., & Crest and it is very difficult to register a complaint. The red tape is incredible. I tried to notify a local TV reporter who is concerned with health issues. We will see…

  64. Anne Avatar

    I am shocked to read about this product. I also noticed very dark brown stains between my teeth and have been using this product. I paid $500 for teeth whitening last year. I hope the stains do come off in my next cleaning. I am going to dump the remainder of this product down the sink and look for something else to use.

  65. anon Avatar

    art — yes I have complained to both the fda, via their website, and P&G via telephone. I know several other RDH’s who have lodged complaints via the fda. The fda website is a little tricky to use, but please take the time to register the complaint. Maybe if enough people contact the fda, they will ask P&G to take this product off the market — or at least make them put a warning on the bottle.
    P&G has offered to reimburse several patients for the cost of the cleanings (and some of the tougher stains don’t even come off!), but I’ve never known anyone who received money. Instead, they set up all these impossible hoops for you to jump through, and give you the run-around. I’m convinced that they just don’t care.
    Really, the best thing you can do is spread the word, via personal contacts, the internet, etc.

  66. fye Avatar

    here is a good review of the Crest Pro-Health staining problem from Associated Content.

  67. Jeanette Mercogliano Avatar
    Jeanette Mercogliano

    I started using Crest pro-health mouthwash and liked it but I did notice that my teeth were less white. That didn’t bother me too much but then I added the Crest pro-health toothpaste and as in another post here, I experienced red sore gums and mucous membranes in my mouth. The inside of my mouth was bright red and swollen. I thought I had a fungal infection or mouth cancer but in was simply a sensitivity reaction to whatever is in Crest Pro-health. Not using it has made my mouth feel a whole lot better.

  68. Jason Avatar

    After using this product for 2 days, I can’t taste anything. For those who have experienced this, has taste returned?

  69. Joel Avatar

    I started using Crest ProHealth Toothpaste & Rinse about 3 weeks ago. I now have dark brown and black stains in-between my front lower teeth! I look like a seasoned smoker instead of someone who has always taken care of their teeth. I just had my teeth cleaned and told my dental hygenist that I started using Crest ProHealth and she said that other patients had reported teeth staining too. I will be raising hell with Crest and the FDA about these products.

  70. Lisa Avatar

    I thought I was crazy but I am glad to have found this site. I used Crest Pro-Health rinse ONCE and had loss of taste immediately, lasting well into the next day. I too had the chemical burning sensation on my tongue. Mistakenly I thought it was just my imagination or that my mouth wasn’t used to “optimum” oral hygiene; however I tried it a few days later and same result. The loss of taste lasted about two days. This is very concerning and hopefully the word will get out into mainstream media since it appears P&G, Crest, and the FDA are unable to adequately address these problems.

  71. Marsha Avatar

    I can not believe this. I too have noticed brown stains on my teeth after using Crest Pro Health which was recommended to me by my hyginest. I have used this product for about a month now. I WILL NOT be using any more crest products. I have always had beattiful white teeth, now my mouth looks likeI have smoked all my life or drunk a lot of coffee/tea. I have done none of the above. I will be contacting my dentist office along with Crest and the FDA. I want my pretty white teeth back…

  72. Robet & Elena Avatar

    My wife and I had been wondering why the hell our teeth had been getting dark brown stains inbetween them, and we looked for answers everywhere–the local water supply, our diet..etc. We at last suspected it might be the mouthwash, so I did a google search. Sure enough, not only was it the mouthwash, it was exactly the same brand and product(Crest Pro Health).

  73. Pamela Avatar

    I went to Google and typed in my teeth are turning brown. It showed this website. I can’t beleive it, I’ve been using Crest Pro Health mouthwash every morning for months. Now my teeth are so brown I can’t smile. Has anyone started a class action law suit?

  74. Elyse Avatar

    I posted complaints about this product with the FDA, Crest and the American Dental Association. Crest sent me a check for $5.99 to reimburse me for the product, the FDA just e-mailed me a blanket “thank you” for the complaint, and the ADA did not respond. I’ve switched back to Listerine and have no more brown stains.

  75. Vicki Avatar

    I have been using Crest Pro Health rinse and loved the feeling it left in my mouth, and used it for about a month after my teeth cleaning. I was driving down the road and looked in the mirrow ( with the bright sun ) and thought some of my dinner was stuck in my teeth. I got home and looked again and was horrified my teeth ( bottom ) was so stained
    like it never was before. No I don’t smoke and a light coffee drinker and have never had stains like these before. I was shocked and looked on the internet to find this site!
    I will be dumping my very expensive bottle down the sink today and just hope it did not mess up my younger children’s teeth!

  76. JoAnn Avatar

    I came across this website while searching for a reason for my taste loss. I’ve only used this product a couple of times now and do not have any staining – just a complete loss of taste sensation. Thank goodness my children never tried this stuff. I’m throwing the bottle out after I post this message!

  77. Jenny Avatar

    OH MY GOD. I cannot believe I found this site. I went to google and searched “How to remove brown stains from between teeth” and up came this site. I’ve been using Crest Pro Health toothpaste for at least 6 months and the undersides of my front and lower teeth are all stained a streaky brown. It is disgusting. Of course when I discovered the stains, I just brushed more with the Pro Health. I’m really bummed because I was excited to finally find a whitening toothpaste for sensitive teeth b/c all the other stuff makes my teeth super sensitive. I’m switching to Colgate ASAP and e-mailing Crest tomorrow. I will never use Crest again – I hope they get sued. I’m still in shock.

  78. EdS Avatar

    I’ve been using Crest ProHealth rinse for 3 months to help combat gingivitis. This morning I finally noticed deep brown staining at my gumline. Not only that, but I wear a mouthguard at night and it’s turned a brownish color, too. It is inexcusable for the company not to disclose significant product side effects on the product label. If this were a drug (and P&G thinks they can do pharmaceuticals, too), this would spark a huge outcry. It’s outrageous that they arbitrarily make the judgment that it’s not serious enough to warrant disclosing.

  79. DFB Avatar

    I first noticed a tingling (eventually burning) sensation at the tip of my tongue which gradually spread to the anterior one half of the tongue. This was followed by an inability to taste “sweetness”. At the time I had recently started to take Celebrex for arthritis pain and had also switched to Crest “Cinnamon Rush” Whitening Expressions toothpaste (Crest had stopped making my previous favorite toothpaste (Crest “Cool Mint Gel” Tarter Protection).
    I was initially confused and thought this symptom might be related to other health problems. After discussions with my physician I stopped both the Celebrex and the new toothpaste. Unfortunately, it took over two months for the mouth/tongue irritation to subside.
    This morning, thinking the problem might have been related to artificial cinnamon flavor, I challenged my mouth with Crest “Fresh Citrus Breeze” Whitening Expressions toothpaste and the tingling sensation returned to my tongue within an hour.
    Thinking that the problem could be related to the toothpaste, I had elected early on in this debacle to brush my teeth instead with Crest Pro Health oral rinse and, like others on this post, developed the brown discoloration at the borders and gumline of my lower teeth.
    I’m pleased to have found this site (via Google) and I’m amazed that these adverse reactions have been apparent for so long without any corrective action by Proctor & Gamble.
    Hang in there….the glossitis and taste problems do go away, though it takes longer than you would like. Hopefully the stain will fade also.

  80. Steph Avatar

    I had been using the Crest Pro Health toothpaste for a few weeks brushing at least three times a day and I noticed a slight brown stain between my upper teeth, I couldn’t imagine where it came from because I don’t drink coffee or smoke and I brush and floss my teeth often! Then my sister came to me and showed me that her bottom teeth are becoming stained brown! Perplexed that both of our teeth are suddenly stained I searched google for “brown stain teeth between” and found this!! My sister has been using the Crest Pro Health mouthwash for the past two months!!! It is disgusting! Crest needs to reimburse everyone for the costs incurred trying to remove the stains!! This is absolutely ridiculous!

  81. reza Avatar

    I have the same issue. I posted it on Digg. Lets Digg It, hopefully we got some resolution from Crest.

  82. Crystal Avatar

    I googled “Crest Pro Health” after I used it for the first time this morning, and then noticed a horrid taste in my mouth and subsequently everything I tasted tasted horrible and bland. After having my co-worker taste a Wheat Thin from the same box, I concluded it must be from this gross mouth rinse. Then I found this page– and the person who said they haven’t been able to taste anything for 4 days kind of freaks me out. I hope since I’ve only used it once that I will regain taste buds… What a horrible product for a dentist to recommend! This confirms my bad opinion of the new dentist I saw yesterday who gave this to me. Awful.

  83. H Avatar

    So glad I found this information-thought I was the only one experiencing problems with crest rinse. Along with brown staining esp between the teeth, it caused the inside lining of my cheeks to shed. Seriously, shortly after using thin layers of skin would come off. I mentioned it to a few people & they thought I was crazy. Good to know I’m not the only one having strange reactions to this stuff.

  84. Alisha Avatar

    I am dealing with loss of taste as well and have only used Crest Pro Health Rinse for one week. I first noticed food tasting bland for several days. I woke this morning to find that my orange juice tasted like water and my buttered toast tasted like paper. This loss of taste is horrible enough that I have actually lost 5 pounds in one week because food tasted so bad that I had no appetite and now I can’t taste it at all. Hey, maybe Crest should market it as a diet aid, they might have more satisfied customers!
    My 8 year old son (also using it for a week now) told me after school today that he had to go to the school nurse to get numbing medicine for the two sores on his gum line. Sure enough, I looked and he has broken skin around his gum line. Today was the first day he noticed it. Guess we can blame Crest for that one too.
    Before I figured out the problem I called my dentist. They had no idea what would be causing my loss of taste. I called them back after finding this and they were quite anxious to research it more on the internet in order to give their patients warnings.
    Wow, how is a product like this still on the market? Honestly, I am shocked.

  85. tgiftws Avatar

    oh, i’m so glad I found this page!!
    i have been using pro health mouthwash for a long time now. I have been having stains, but I had no idea why I got them. I thought something was wrong with me.
    a year ago when I went to the dentist, I hoped my dentist would see the stains and say something about it.
    But, he didn’t. he just went on to the normal routine, so I thought maybe it is not a big deal.
    but then, half a year later, I was so concerned that I asked my dentist
    “I’ve been having weird stains, why would this happen?”
    doctor”Do you drink coke?”
    “i don’t drink coke at all”
    “Do you drink coffee”
    “no,i found out I get nausious when I drink coffee so I haven’t drunk coffee in more than a decade”
    “very rarely”
    so, what do you think he said after that?
    “just floss”
    I was so angry at that comment because it was so obvious that he did not want to deal with it. he did not even ask me if i floss, which I do daily!!!!
    I am going to stop using this dumb mouthwash, and change my dentist to a person who actually cares about their patient!!
    as you all have mostlikely done, I am going to report it too.

  86. Tasha Chambers Avatar
    Tasha Chambers

    I have recently used crest pro health toothpaste and have some side effects. My mouth felt like it was onfire.
    This stuff even turned everyone in my family tongue white. My daughter’s lips were peeling. Plus, the toothpaste was causing excess mucus in my chest. It even caused my salivary glands to get infected. Luckily, i was already on antibiotics for a bladder infection. Anyhoo, It’s been almost two weeks and almost back to normal. The green tea im drinking is slowly getting my tongue back to it’s natural color. This stuff is poison, there needs to be a class action suit or something. I went thru hell and discomfort for two weeks because of this crap and i only used it for a week. Im MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. LaToya Jones Avatar

    I started using CPC not too long ago and noticed brown stains in between my lower teeth. Then I noticed stains appearing on the face of my lower teeth. i asked my family if they noticed them and they all agreed that they were there. My sister suggested and found this site. I cant believe this, oh my God, Im calling my dentist in the morning and making an appointment. If a class suit does come up, dont forget me, cause I aint throwing away none of my bottle. I bought two bottles from Sam’s warehouse. Lucky me and I was just trying to take care of my teeth.

  88. mfs Avatar

    I’m so glad I found this site. I’ve been using Crest Pro Health toothpaste and am having the exact same brown staining that everyone describes. I have an appointment with the dentist in 2 days, I hope they can remove it! I can’t believe a product like this is on the market, I’ve used Crest for years and now will switch to a new brand for sure.

  89. Velma Avatar

    This is so disappointing! It’s the best thing ever on the market for preventing plaque, but the absolute worst when it comes to staining teeth. I have never in my entire life had such awful staining!

  90. ms Avatar

    Someone heard your complaints about Crest Pro-Health mouthwash!
    The Law Offices of Bell & Brigham is investigating claims for a possible class action lawsuit.
    Email or call 1-866-722-2014

  91. Jess Avatar

    I knew instantly after using this mouth wash that my taste buds were not right. I started freaking out and knew it had to be the mouth wash so I came to google and here is the proof! Grr, I am so mad! We are having a huge family dinner and I can’t taste a darn thing. I really hope this goes away soon or I am going to freak out.
    Thank you for starting this, it helped me to not feel alone!

  92. Merce Avatar

    I am outraged. Like many of you, I have never had mouth problems. My concern is the horrific bad taste. I will report this product to the FDA and perhaps I can get some assistance from the community to get this poison off the shelves.
    Thanks for your feedback.

  93. J Rado Avatar
    J Rado

    This makes me furious!!!! I have the UGLY brown staining between my upper and lower teeth. When I first noticed it, I thought I had some meat stuck between my teeth. Only to find out they were stained!! And I was using this crap for months, and started using it even more frequently to help get rid of the staining!! It only got worse, only to find out this crap was the problem!!! Now that I’ve stopped for a few months, the stains have lessened, but are still there.

  94. Darren Avatar

    Yikes, I had previously tried the Wintergreen and mint versions of this product, but was concerned how I would lose my taste sensitivity for about 1-3 hours thereafter. I did not want my meals spoiled so I stopped using the product. I just purchased the new clear Crest Pro Health Rinse for NIGHT, but after reading all these blogs, I am returning it now to the store! Thanks for all the good info here.

  95. lesley Avatar

    i started using crest prohealth rinse a few weeks ago because i was told it was better for you than listerine. but i now have swollen gums and some gum recession. i am disgusted that they have no warnings on this product. people just want whats best for themselves and their families and i think it is rediculous that crest is still selling this product knowing that it is possible for people to have these side effects. i did not get the brown staining on my teeth but gum recession is irreversable so i will have problems with my teeth and gums for the rest of my life thanks to crest!!! we should sue!!! if anyone hears anything about a class action suit please repost it on here so that everyone can be involved. thanks to everyone for the info! otherwise i would have never know what the cause was.

  96. Tim Gallagher Avatar
    Tim Gallagher

    I have had my son and wife comment about my brown teeth. I decided to do a google search for information… I recently started using Crest Pro health… Is there a remedy?

  97. S. Holmes Avatar
    S. Holmes

    I have been using Crest Prohealth for 5 weeks and have noticed significant brown tooth stains on the sides of my teeth in this short time. I don’t drink coffee or tea and couldn’t understand the staining. Additionally, it leaves a terrible lingering after taste — I will stop using this product immediately! THANKS to the comments received from other Crest Prohealth users on this website!

  98. Pamela Ferrell Avatar
    Pamela Ferrell

    WOW – I was just about to call my dentist and decided to see if there was any info on the website regarding things that could cause brown stains. I do drink coffee but have never had a problem. I started using Crest mouthwash because my dentist advised it (no alchohol)… and now I am getting brown stains in the bottom row of my teeth. YUK!

  99. A. Buckley Avatar
    A. Buckley

    I have used Crest Pro Health rinse for 4 days and my cheeks are in so much pain, it prompted me to see if anyone else was having trouble with this product. I am currently at work and am horrified at what I have exposed my teeth and gums to over the past 4 days! I will immediately stop using this product and hope that the damage does not last too long. It’s really a shame. Crest Extra Whitening toothpaste is my very favorite! Now I’m really doubting the integrity of the company.
    Thanks for having this information available.

  100. A. Buckley Avatar
    A. Buckley

    Update. The soft part behind my jaw is now swollen out beyond my jaw bone on the left side of my face. I will be going to the doctor first thing in the morning with this product and a print-out of this blog in my hand. This, after 4 days of using this product…

  101. Anonymous Avatar

    Update. The soft part behind my jaw is now swollen out beyond my jaw bone on the left side of my face. I believe I have an infected salivary gland.
    I will be going to the doctor first thing in the morning with this product and a print-out of this blog in my hand. This, after 4 days of using this product…

  102. Donetta Watson Avatar
    Donetta Watson

    I have noticed a brown spot on my gums, scared it could be cancer. Then I read all these statements. I have used the crest prohealth rinse on and off for the last month and the toothpaste. I am now out of both. I will of course get this spot checked out — but it sounds like I have my answer.

  103. Joe Avatar

    The Dental Hygenist who cleaned my teeth last Moday recommended Crest Pro Heath Rinse. After using three times my left cheek is grossly swollen and I’m unable to eat. Will stop using and hope it goes away before I’m due back at the Dentist. P&G has to know about this!

  104. Babita Avatar

    Oh my God. I feel so cheated. I have been using Crest Pro Heath Rinse for more than a year. Even after being a scientist I couldn’t connect that this might be responsible for brown staining of my teeth. I feel so mad. I will never ever buy any product from this company.

  105. Amy Avatar

    I’ve been using both the rinse and toothpaste for months. I work in a dental office and bought 2 cases of toothpaste because the crest rep. sang its praises. The toothpaste made the inside of my lips/cheeks peel. The insides of my cheeks feel numb at times and I’m putting this all together now. I don’t have any staining, but the peeling was so bad (usually peels twice per day). I stopped using the toothpaste and the peeling totally stopped. I still use the rinse, but will no longer now that I have read this. I think I’ll send an e-mail to my rep. Good luck everyone!

  106. Beverly Clarke Avatar
    Beverly Clarke

    I called Crest yesterday to complain about ALL my teeth being very senitive and hurting and a sore on my inside right jaw. This morning I saw my dentist. We think it is the Stannous Fluoride, we have always used Soduim Fluoride.I could hardly finish dinner last night and have been taking tylenol to help. Bev

  107. Ron White - Glendora Avatar
    Ron White – Glendora

    My hygenist FOR YEARS immediately remarked how unusually “stained” my teeth were during my visit today. My wife had remarked how “bad” my teeth looked. After discussing any changes with the hygenist, I told her I was using a new mouthwash after every brushing for the past six to eight weeks. She said another patient was using Crest Pro-Health and had significantly GREATER staining than ever before. I told her, I think that is the new rinse I was using…GUESS WHAT…IT IS/WAS! Back to Listerine.

  108. lauren Avatar

    i’ve been using crest pro-health toothpaste for a while and i’ve noticed brown staining on my back molars. at first i was trying to figure out what happened! i thought i had cracked my tooth or it was a cavity but after reading this site it all makes sense. i am throwing away my toothpaste tomorrow and getting some whitening aquafresh.

  109. Amy Avatar

    I was cleaning out my linen closet and came across the Crest Pro Health mouthwash, with seal, never opened. I have no idea how long I’ve had it. I’m guessing it was a freebie with some crest whitening strips since I used to use them. There was no expiration date on the bottle, and I came across this site while trying to find out how long the rinse is good. I am SO GLAD I saw this information before I used it. Gee, I wonder if it’s a campaign to get people to use more whitening strips?! Perhaps? I’m keeping it natural–Tom’s of Maine is the way to go! :o)

  110. Stacy Avatar

    I’ve been using Pro Health toothpaste since the summer. I too had peeling gums and lots and lots of canker sores. I thought it was the Act mouthwash I was using. I stopped using it and today after I brushed my teeth, my lips swelled up. I look like Mick Jagger! My entire mouth feels like it’s on fire, and I’ve got a mess of canker sores. I googled crest pro health and found this site. I’m relieved to know that it’s not just me, but angry to know that this is still on the market. I complained to Crest and the FDA. Now I’m on my way to the store to buy new toothpaste, and I promise it won’t be a Crest product. That’s sad, too, because I’ve used Crest toothpaste since I was big enough to brush my own teeth!

  111. francina Avatar

    I stopped using Crest Pro Health toothpaste about 2-3months ago. It took awhile before symptoms became painfully evident. First skin sloughing off in my oral cavity, which persistent for some weeks before brown horrible staining which this toothpaste was actually promoting. The last and final symptoms that it was the Crest Pro Health Toothpaste…Painful mouth, lips, tongue ulcers. Felt like chemical burns and thus reacted so. After reading of others comlaints I promptly discontinued its use and within a few weeks my symptoms slowly subsided and thank goodness am on the road to recovery. Wrote to Proctor and Gamble regarding this product and the horrible results that it produce. They sent me a refund for the unused toothpaste. And the ordasity to tell me to try some of their other products! I have not cashed the measly check in hopes that a class action lawsuit pursues, not for the money but for them to take this product off the market and stop those misleading commercials! I am so appaulled everytime I see them.

  112. francina Avatar

    Amy! That is what I am using now Tom’s natural toothpaste! I am so pleased with it and I believed it aided in the healing of what the Crest Pro Health had produced. I have never had suchpainful mouth ulcers and I know it is from the chemical warfare products in Crest Pro Health Formula. How do we get this company to stop this chemical production?

  113. Anonymous Avatar

    I just thought I wasn’t brushing my teeth so well, although I seemed to do fine for the rest of my life. My daughter told her grandma “mom has black stuff between her teeth and I don’t like it.” I do, and I’ve been using Pro-Health for 6 months. Its awful and I’m switching to listerine even though it also tasts bad

  114. Anonymous Avatar

    My husband has probably been using the mouthwash for 3 months now and has terribly dark brown staining between his lower teeth and then some staining between his upper teeth too. Of course, it did nothing to my teeth, so it never occurred to us that it was the mouthwash–but of course we have a different mouth chemistry and react differently to things! We’ve been going crazy trying to figure it out–it’s really kind of disgusting-looking. He’s been brushing, flossing, picking and of course rinsing more–to try to fix it with no improvement. Poor thing! Finally with his mother’s initiative, we looked online this Thanksgiving Day and found this. Can’t believe it. No more Crest ever for any of us. We will be spreading the word!

  115. Michele Avatar

    I’ve used the product for three days. My gums were so red and swollen! My dentist recommended the product to me after I had my braces removed. I thought that my gums were inflamed and cracked due to my retainer. I’ve had it for 3 months and have never had this problem. I’m going to write Crest regarding this and inform my dentist. I haven’t noticed teeth staining…hopefully won’t happen since it’s been a few days.

  116. Heather Avatar

    Everyone is mentioning the blue mouthwash here, but no one has mentioned the Whitening mouthwash. I used the Whitening formula for 6 months and noticed my teeth getting smoker’s yellow. I thought my teeth were aging and my last dental visit didn’t clean the stains off. I hope this is not permanent because I’m too embarrassed to smile and hate talking to anyone now. I’m really unhappy. Bleaching and veneers are not an option and my dentist never seemed to notice my yellowing teeth; if he did, he didn’t care. Time to find another dentist who might possibly be able to get this yellow garbage off my teeth. If there’s indeed a class action lawsuit, I want in on it!

  117. Kassim R. Avatar
    Kassim R.

    Crest pro health has also made me lose my ability to taste. I used it for About a week and I was freaking out why I couldnt taste anything. It took about 4-5 days after i quit using it for me to get my taste back. I still do not feel my taste is %100 back…

  118. Elizabeth Schwartz Avatar
    Elizabeth Schwartz

    It looks like I have the answer to why my bottom teeth
    have brown spots in between them. I have been using prohealth products for about 6 months and my dentist’s office highly recommended them. I am shocked that this could happen. I am going to contact my dentists office to see what can be done.

  119. Stacy Avatar

    I posted a blog about this at the above link, complete with pictures.

  120. Stacy Avatar
    I posted a blog about my problems with Crest Pro Health at the above link, complete with pictures.

  121. Wendi Avatar

    Tis the season. . . I started using Crest Pro Health rinse just the other day. Yesterday, I was baking cookies and after tasting the dough I realized I must have left out the sugar. So I added a bit more and still could not taste anything sweet. I could feel the grit from the sugar which made no sense. I asked my husband to taste the dough and he said it tasted fine. So, I’ve completely lost the sensation of being able to taste anything sweet. Will my tainted tastebuds return to normal? Thanks to Crest for that as I might be able to drop 10 pounds during the holidays instead of adding them. I’ll taking this product to the hazardous waste management drop off location in my county.

  122. Rae Avatar

    I hated using mouthwash of any kind…but started using Crest Pro Health about a month ago to be a little better to my teeth…and now I’ve got nasty brown stains, primarily on the teeth in the lower jaw region. Thanks for ruining my teeth P&G.

  123. Susan Avatar

    My husband and I had our yearly dental appointments on Nov. 8, 2007 and had no staining before the appointments. The hygienist has us swish with Crest Pro Health before the actual cleanings and recommended it to prevent gingivitis, etc. I purchased a two-pack at Costco or Sam’s and we used it once or twice daily. I was less diligent than my husband. Last night my husband was horrified when he suddenly noticed heavy brown stains going across and between his bottom teeth.(also top teeth) He thought he had a terrible disease and called me to look. His teeth do not show normally when he speaks, smiles, etc. So this was probably there and developing for a while. Here it is only several weeks since I purchased the bad product.
    I had noticed some slight brown stain between my lower teeth (the dentist tells me I have the whitest teeth he has ever seen). I didn’t know what the stain was from; I decided it might be a shadow and in my mind.
    This is very scary! We must spread the word. I have e-mailed all my family members and now will e-mail all my friends. I plan to notify the dentist’s office today.
    Thank you for this site.

  124. Chris B. Avatar
    Chris B.

    Found this website while searching to see if sloughing off of mass amounts of skin inside my mouth is normal after using Crest Pro Health. I wish I would have stopped using it long ago. I too have brown stains between my teeth which are fairly recent. I had not connected it to the toothpaste but found them strange since I don’t smoke, drink coffee or even much soda. Off to the dentist I go.

  125. Gloria Kritzler Avatar
    Gloria Kritzler

    I couple of weeks I was horrified when I looked in the mirror and saw my teeth so brown. I thought, I am getting old and my teeth are rotting. My teeth have never been the whitest, but it is to the point where it is embarrassing to talk. The brownish color is between my lower front teeth. Shame on you Crest! You should reimburse everyone out there who now has to go through expense and embarrassment of getting their teeth back to normal.

  126. Gerald A. Avatar
    Gerald A.

    I started using a tube of Crest with cavity protection and the inside of my mouth including my tongue has peeled twice. Is their product made in China?

  127. MLN Avatar

    Much to my surprise, I noticed brown stains on my bottom teeth today. Needless to say, I too have been using both Crest Pro Health toothpaste and mouthwash…I guess I’ve been getting a double-dose of browning…YUCK! The folks at P&G should be ashamed of themselves for keeping this product on the market. Has anyone figured out an easy way to remove the stains without the assistance of a dentist?

  128. Rose Avatar

    I am also a victim of a product that I thought was great by a reputable company…all of a sudden I noticed brown on my bottom teeth at the gumline right in front…I am very faithfull with brushing and using the CREST PROHEALTH RINSE…I have been using the product for many many months and I am literally mortified that this has happened to my teeth…I for one will be contacting Crest and demanding payment for the removal of the brown spots and for pain and suffering….AND I will never use another Crest Product….I also have the layers of skin sloughing off, which I thought was ok to happen….HOW DARE THEY NOT INFORM US OF THE POSSIBLE OUTCOME OF USING THIS PRODUCT…I AM SURE CREST WOULD LOVE A BILLBOARD THAT STATES “CREST PRO HEALTH A HAZARD TO YOUR TEETH”…If they don’t take care of my problem, I will post a billboard….I am in Fairfield County, CT and would like to share the expense of the billboard with others…thanks and good luck to all of you with your cleaning ….

  129. fye Avatar

    To the last two posters: MLN, the pro-health stains are especially nasty and hard to remove. You need to schedule an appointment with your dentist/RDH, and tell them you might need a little extra time. Most of the stains will probably come off with a professional cleaning. But I would not recommend that you try to scrape or scale it off yourself, as you might wind up damaging your teeth or gums.
    Rose, I asked P&G to pay for my dental cleaning. They offered to do so, provided that I gave them my name and address and filled out a “questionnaire”. Of course, this questionnaire never came, despite my calling and asking where it was several times. They were just blowing me off. I read the bottle very carefully prior to use, and there is no way I would have used the product if there had been a warning regarding possible staining. And that’s why they refuse to put a warning on the bottle, despite the prevalence and severity of the staining problem. Shame on Crest.

  130. Meg Avatar

    I did a search to see if anyone else experiences a loss of taste after using Crest ProHealth. SUPRISE…I find this site, and have found the answer to the stains between my teeth and inflammed gums as well. I use the product only occasionally. Now I need to find a safe way to dispose of my mega-size bottle. If this product didn’t cause inflammed gums, staining, and who knows what else the taste-loss alone would make it a great weight-loss solution…nothing tastes good, so why bother to eat for then 10 days I can’t taste anything (I experience an 8 -10 day taste-loss, my husband’s is more like 2 days).

  131. fye Avatar

    There is a recent discussion on regarding the pro-health rinse. In general, you need to be an RDH or dental professional to access their message boards, but I’ll provide some quotes from the thread:
    “I’ve been working for almost 30 years, so I’ve seen alot of stain. Most recently, I’ve had longtime patients come
    in with terrible stain. After quizzing them about changes in medication and diet , the one common factor all
    of them had was Crest Prohealth products, especially the blue mouthwash. There are 6 hygienists in our office,
    so we started comparing notes and everyone of their patients with unexplained stain were using the Crest
    prohealth products. After we had the patients change to some other mouthwash and toothpaste, the stain went
    And from another RDH: “I have noticed an increasing amount of patients with brown/black stain on their teeth. These are patients who do not smoke, yet look like they have a three pack a day habit! After asking many questions, we were able to narrow it down to one common factor: Crest Pro Health Rinse. This is not your average brown stain. It is quite heavy in most cases, and extremely tenacious when it comes to polishing off. Usually it stains not only at the gumline, but in all the crevices and also stains composite restorations. Also stains the tongue brown/black in some patients.”

  132. lisa Avatar

    I used crest pro health mouth wash and within two days everything I ate tasted horrible and metallic. Then suddenly I experienced a huge burn on the roof of my mouth, followed what felt like an absessed tooth starting to break through. After typing in search engine “metallic taste in mouth” I was lead to lots of websites stating this crest product is the cause of the metallic taste, loss of taste so I dumped it down the drain. Then the burn and absess feeling went away within 48 hours. Food tastes good again. It needs to get off the market. I wonder how many people are using this, experiencing many problems and cant figure out the source!

  133. Anonymous Avatar

    bleeding gums and canker sores, which I never had before…Horrible, I thought I had a fungal infection.

  134. steve Avatar

    The main ingredient in Pro Health is also in Peridex. I had used Peridex for a couple weeks and like others here I lost the sense of taste completely. It took months to get it back, a real nightmare.
    I suggest a couple of products to try-Biotene Mouthwash which is advertised for dry mouth but can be used as a regular mouthwash-its mild and has good ingredients.
    I also recommend a few natural brands-Perioguard from Natures Answer, The Natural Dentist Mouthwash, and Neem. There are others such as by Tom’s of Maine that are good as well.
    Also, never use Colgate Total. Triclosan is a pesticide! Use a Health Food Store brand, or Biotene Toothpaste.

  135. Jack Lauren Avatar
    Jack Lauren

    Thanks for this running account of Crest Pro Health issues. I see there are thousands of references on the net to this product.
    As one who had just noticed his stains the other day in a chinese restaurant mirror (what had this food done to my teeth?), I especially liked the comments involving hygienists.
    After cleaning my teeth a month ago my hygienist recommended Crest Pro Health and gave a small sample to take home.

  136. Anonymous Avatar

    pained and ached at the anterior part of my tongue, like burning. Very bad.

  137. perham Avatar

    The active ingredient in the Crest Pro-Health Rinse, cetylpyridinium chloride (or “CPC”) is also used to make pesticides. I’m not kidding about that either. Go check out the wikipedia page on CPC for links on the chemical composition and industrial uses of CPC.
    CPC is also used in certain other OTC rinses and mouthwashes, but at a MUCH lower concentration. When Crest removed the alcohol, they jacked up the CPC content.
    Listen, you don’t need to be a chemist to understand why rinsing your mouth with a pesticide can have harmful affects. Take my advice and stick with a natural product like Tom’s of Maine. Or at least use something that is approved by the ADA like Listerine.
    And it’s unbelievable to me that the FDA is letting Crest market this product without any consumer warnings regard adverse reactions and side affects.

  138. Michael Avatar

    I just got the mouthwash today and have used it once; already I’ve noticed brown stains between teeth and at the gumline.
    Also, I’ve been getting that strange taste people have been talking about.
    Really… Pro HEALTH?
    You’ve got to be kidding me.

  139. Marsha Avatar

    My dental hygienist recommended that I use Crest Pro Health toothpaste and mouthwash at least twice a day. That was five months ago and my mouth has become increasingly dry and my tongue feels like it has been burned. My teeth have terrible brown stains, especially between the bottom teeth. I discontinued the use of these products almost a week ago after finding this site, and my mouth has not yet improved. I am appalled that this product has stayed on the market for as long as it has, and I’m hoping that my natural immune system will take over and heal the damage done.

  140. Alan Avatar

    Thank goodness my tongue turned brown! I’ve been using CPH for about a week on the recommendation of my dentist. Last night I noticed that my tongue was brown and that I could not remove the stain by brushing. It was at that time I noticed just a bit of staining in between some on my teeth. Having just had a cleaning a week ago, I thought this was unusual. So, I went on the internet and saw all the posts about this problem with CPH. So, had my tongue not turned brown, I might have continued to use this product until the teeth staining was much worse. Needless to say, I will not be using it anymore. Maybe now I will get my sense of taste back as well.

  141. B Avatar

    I have had the same problem teeth got whiter. But lost ability to taste food… its about 4 days and I am just starting to taste food again.

  142. kmandn Avatar

    I was stunned to see how many comments you had to this! I have used the Pr-Health mouthwash for under a week and my teeth have become VERY sensitive. I had had a similar experience with the super-strength whitening strips, but it passed when I stopped using them. I tried the mouthwash after a dentist cleaning and then bought a bottle. No cavities, not problems with my teeth but after the dentist thought he saw a cavity forming, I thought I would try extra prevention. I regret I ever bought it. Simple brushing and flossing for me from now on!

  143. Sharon C Avatar
    Sharon C

    I was wondering why I had suddenly developed canker sores on my tongue; I thought it was something I had eaten. then I went on a trip and didn’t have my crest pro-health mouthwaash with me and my tongue healed; started getting them again when i cambe back home and started rinsing again. how disappointing that this new product I tried turns out to produce such negative side effects. I’ve never had issues with any other Crest products like whitestrips…I will definitely be calling customer service and trying something like Listerine!

  144. Jane Z Avatar
    Jane Z

    Crest Pro Health toothpaste victim here. Went to the dentist today and he’s never seen anything like this (saying it looks like a chemical burn) under my tongue. He referred me to an oral surgeon but I may cancel the appointment after confirming my suspicion here. Gum swelling and redness Saturday. White rough area (similar to canker sores). Just spent $300 for teeth bleaching procedure…not realizing that the toothpaste was causing this! I’m just sick!!!!

  145. Carl Avatar

    I have been using crest pro-health for the last year and half and never would have suspected that was causing the stains. I have been a coffee and soda and wine drinker for most of my adult life but just in the last year have been getting these horrible, disgusting looking stains on my teeth. I just went to the dentist today and even he commented on how stained my teeth looked. The ironic thing is switched from Listerine to Pro Health on the hygenist’s recommendation and today after my cleaning I used the Pro Health in the dentist office. I will be throwing out my Pro Health immediately and switching back to Listerine. I am glad to hear I am not the only one.

  146. TC Avatar

    I have been using this product for a month and my teeth are completely brown!!! I’ve never seen anything like this ever! My teeth were becoming more dingy and brown by the week. I was thinking that maybe I needed to change my toothpaste. Now I see it is the effects of this horrible mouth rinse!!! You bet I’m going to complain about this!!!

  147. Maryam Webster Avatar

    Cetylpyridinium chloride is also the key ingredient in Cepacol mouthwash, cough drops and cough medicine. Those having issues with the Crest product might want to avoid these too.

  148. anon Avatar

    Maryam — the Cepacol mouthwash does contain CPC, however it also contains alcohol which may possibly dampen the staining effect of the CPC. Also, the concentration of CPC in the Cepacol mouthwash is much lower than the Crest Pro-Health. The Cepacol cough drops and cough medicine do not contain CPC. You certainly would not want to ingest CPC.
    There are a few other OTC mouth rinses and washes that contain CPC, but at a much lower percentage than the Crest Pro-Health.

  149. anon Avatar

    one clarification for Maryam — I did just check the drug facts on the packaging for the Cepacol sore throat lozenges and the Cepacol sore throat spray, and they both DO contain CPC, although it is not the active ingredient and it is present only in very small amounts. So Maryam is correct on that. Although I don’t think the quantity of CPC in either of these products is high enough to cause any of the serious side affects that we’re seeing with the Crest rinse.

  150. MMcHugh Avatar

    Unbelieveable…I’ve been using Crest ProHealth for the past 4 days. Immediately, I felt strange tingling and burning sensations on the inside of my cheek. Now today, my right side of my face (salivary gland) is swollen. I am so glad I found this. I haven’t even checked for stains. I do notice a chemical taste in my mouth that lingers throughout the day…leaving my sense of taste hindered. I am not using this product anymore. I hope my symptoms subside now that I have discarded any and all of this product. TELL EVERYONE!!!

  151. Michelle Avatar

    I got my teeth cleaned in November 2007. After the cleaning, my dentist gave me a sample of Crest Pro Health and told me to start using it. Supposedly the best mouthwash on the market. My boyfriend had comment after I had a toothache, which caused me to look closer in the mirror (a very sleepless night. I browsed the internet looking for answers to the browning around my teeth that weren’t there before. Needless to say, ” I found my answer”. I feel that the manufacturers of Crest should pay for the dental work needed to fix the problems that their mouthwash has caused.

  152. Angela M. Magruder Avatar

    Heads up everyone – we have filed a nationwide classaction to get this product pulled or properly labeled. Hang in there and warn others not to use! FYI In Crest amended their own website and have alluded to the staining. They act as if it is the blue dye. Don’t think so. And, they use this same chemical to spray dead poultry. One company reports complaints of discoloration in their poultry!

  153. Marion Avatar

    Thanks so much for your blog site, its wonderful. The reason for my commentary is to vent about my experience at the dentist this evening. I noticed over the last 4 weeks, a discoloration on my front teeth, so immediately called the dentist. The hygenist asked whether I had been drink alot of coffee, I said no. Are you using Crest Pro Health Rinse, and I said yes, she has had numerous case over the last several weeks, and it takes a good scrapping a polishing to get the gross gunky brown stains of the teeth. So, to all, beware of Crest Pro Health!
    All the best,

  154. Tiffany Avatar

    I am glad I found this website. I have recently begun to have a weird sensition on my tongue from using this product. The tip of my tongue feels numb and I have that feeling of when you eat something too hot and it burns your tongue. I will no longer use Crest Pro Health. FYI I will no longer use the toothpaste or mouthwash.

  155. Pete Avatar

    Are you guys serious? I have been using Crest Pro Health for awhile now and have no stains or have any loss of taste. It is no different then anyother mouth rinse I have used in the past. How long are you rinsing? 30 minutes? I rinse for 30 seconds to a minute.

  156. Anonymous Avatar

    Pete, just because you don’t have stain issues or loss of taste it does not mean that no one else does. I rinsed for a minute and developed nasty brown stains, though I don’t recall a loss of taste. It affects everyone differently. Are you just lucky, or are you affiliated with P&G?

  157. Anne Avatar

    I’ve been using it for about three weeks and I thought all these symptoms were just me. My teeth are darker and I swear my tongue hurts. I can’t taste anything and the aftertaste is terrible! THIS IS A HORRILBE PRODUCT. Is there anything being done about it? And made from an animal byproduct? ew.

  158. Anonymous Avatar

    Anne, this is made from Cetylperidinium chloride, or CPC, which is used in pesticides. I’m not sure why P&G would make a dangerous product like this, but it needs to be off the shelves. No one is doing anything about it, P&G refuses to acknowledge the problem, and the only thing you can do is stop using it and go to the dentist, explain what happened. When they clean them, they may take an hour or more to work on your teeth and it may be uncomfortable, but it’s the only way to get the nasty stains off; don’t try to do it yourself.

  159. Jonathan Bailey Avatar
    Jonathan Bailey

    I Hadn’t noticed any real stains on my teeth then like last week. I noticed it was getting a bit orangish.. Not all bad or anything, but a hint of shade. I was like, wtf? SO I bought the
    Crest Whitestrops Premium Plus..
    I’ve been using the mouth wash for a while too.. But now, after using the whitestrips, my teeth in between turning very brown/orange.. I think because the strips killed the barrier of something and made my teeth more volnurable to the Crest Pro Health Rinse…
    This is SOO BS.. How could this stuff be on the market? I wanted nice and healthy teeth and my teeth looking like it’ll be rotten in a few days.. As if I never brush em. I’m using the Pro Health Toothpaste and mouthwash. I’m gonna NOT USE EITHER OF THEM. SO BS.

  160. Jonathan Bailey Avatar
    Jonathan Bailey

    Oh for your information, I’ve been using the GREEN one.. I JUST bought the BLUE one, I never used the BLUE one yet and I WILL NEVER. This is gross! I kinda liked it because it didn’t burn the crap out of me while using it though it seemed strange when it left green stuff in your mouth….
    And to top this all off, I recommended this crap to my friend, hope she didn’t buy any yet..
    and I made a joke about how my teeth got yellow, but I said it was because I have a yellow light.. I didn’t want to say that I had orange/brown in between the bottom in fear of her thinking I don’t brush…

  161. Chris Avatar

    I just contacted Crest and let them know about my loss of taste sensation with the blue Crest Pro Health mouthwash. All they said was that this was “an unusual and unexpected symptom” and that they are very sorry and I should contact them if the loss of taste continues.

  162. anon Avatar

    Chris, they are flat out lying to you when they say that loss of taste is an “unusual and unexpected” symptom. How can it be “unusual and unexpected” when they’ve had so many complaints about it and other side effects? I’ve called to complain several times about the staining problem, and every time they act like it’s some “strange” new problem that they’re just getting wind of. These people are corporate evil-doers of the worst kind.

  163. Anonymous Avatar

    I bought this about 2 days ago and noticed when I spit out the mouthwash that there was blue/green skin from the inside of my mouth in the sink too. That didn’t seem like a good sign.
    I’m glad I felt the need to google that and found this product is really worse than it seemed.

  164. Jessica Avatar

    pleaase helllpppp 🙁
    i had my lip pierced recently & the person who did the piercing recommended crest pro health rinse because it was alcohol free. i have only used the product about 6 times & i have not been able to taste anything since.
    it’s been almost three days now & i am wondering if i’ll get my tastebuds back
    ….how is this stuff still on the market?! i am furious!!!

  165. madatcrest Avatar

    WOW!! Glad i found this website! I too have the brown stained teeth and was so worried. I had a deep cleaning treatment 20 days ago and was given this mouth wash to get my gums back to health. Only to start noticing the brown teeth!! Everyone keeps asking me if I smoke and they are shocked when I say no – now I know why. I’ve never had brown teeth!! This looks like a scam to me. As the only option you have is to get the DENTIST to clean your teeth professionally – now I get to pay for ANOTHER cleaning!!! Please let me know if anyone has a class acton lawsuit going for this. According to the amount of posts we all have a reason to complain. This is costing us A LOT of money and long term potential damage!!

  166. patty leon Avatar
    patty leon

    My fiance and I starting using Crest Pro Health tooth paste and mouth rinse three weeks ago. Both of us have blisters in our mouths.My tongue and lips are numb.We cant taste food the same. This has been going on for a week now. My gums are So red and I can not eat anything spicy.It burns so bad! I feel like a blowfish!

  167. Patrick Avatar

    About 4 days or so ago I was brushing my teeth and noticed that my bottom front teeth were starting to turn brown. I paid more attention to it over the next 3 days or so, and it seemed to be getting worse. I was really worried. I thought it might be fluoridosis, or perhaps something had gone terribly wrong and my teeth were rotting out very fast. I did a Google search for “my teeth are turning brown” and one of the first search results was regarding Crest Pro Health mouth rinse. I had bought some of this stuff maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago. I haven’t even used it that often – perhaps half a dozen times since I bought it. But in a short amount of time I started getting brown stains. Believe me I’m telling all my friends to avoid this stuff like the plague. I’m never using this product again, and if P&G refuses to acknowledge the severity of the problem and pull the product from store shelves I’m never buying another Crest product again (avoiding all P&G products would be difficult, but I’d try that too). It would not surprise me if there is eventually a class-action lawsuit against Proctor and Gamble. If these stains are permanent, I’ll definitely be on it!

  168. tim Avatar

    I think there’s an internet smear campaign against Crest Pro-Health.

  169. sheila mahoney Avatar
    sheila mahoney

    Yesterday, I noticed brown staing behind both my uppper and lower teeth. Since I had injured a front tooth, I thought that I had done more damage to my mouth than I thought. Googled “teeth turning brown” and very fortunately found this blog. I have been using the mouthwash for at least a year thinking that no alcohol would be a good thing. Now that I am putting everything together-it explains the browning of my tongue, the metallic taste in my mouth, a soreness on the roof of my mouth (as if I had eaten hot pizza)and the most recent stains. I called my dentist this morning and told him about all my symptoms and this blog. It will be interesting when I see the hygenist. They do not recommend the Crest product but I don’t think they were even aware of these side effects.About 6 weeks ago, the dentist told me to brush my tongue since coffee was apparently staining it. I should have realized that it couldn’t be coffee since one cup a day is all I drink. I’m astonished yet relieved that now I know what is going on in my mouth. The internet is truly enlightening.

  170. Anonymous Avatar

    I think YOU must work for P&G, Tim. Get off this board if you have nothing better to say than to accuse us all of being liars.

  171. Andrea Avatar

    You know…fluoride makes your teeth brown and there’s easily 3 times the regular amount in other toothpastes. That’s the brown spots for you 🙂

  172. Emily Avatar

    Wow. I, too, can’t believe this and am really glad to find this site. I’m getting horrible brown stains from the TOOTHPASTE, not the mouth wash. I’ve been wandering around trying to figure out WTF is going on — I have the brown stains between my teeth, and brown streaks on my front two teeth.
    I’m actually really worried about a composite filler I had put in my front tooth when it was chipped. Can they scrape stuff off of that?? It seems like it would be fragile.
    Gah! What a nightmare.

  173. jessica Avatar

    well…it’s been a week & i FINALLY got my taste buds back
    A WEEK!!!
    for only using the mouthwash 6 times…
    i will NEVER use a crest product again…
    look at all the people posting to this forum – all complaining of the same things – crest needs to reevaluate the side effects of their products AND PUT IT ON THE LABEL when they sell it
    i hope theres a class-action lawsuit for this – crest is ruining people’s teeth just to make money…

  174. Ted Avatar

    Boy am I glad to find this website! I’m not alone. I started using Crest Prohealth mouthwash about 2 weeks ago to switch to a non-alcoholic mouth wash. I told my wife that my tongue feels like I burned it with hot soup or something. Foods are tasteless and my tongue is sore. I was really surprised when I looked at my tongue, it is black! I’m off of this Crest stuff! If I could figure out where to send a complaint on the FDA website I would.

  175. gabe Avatar

    contrary to what people are saying, i’ve used the entire of Crest Pro Health rinse (with the toothpaste) and have had no such ill effects. weird.

  176. gabe Avatar

    contrary to what people are saying, i’ve used 2 entire bottles Crest Pro Health rinse (with the toothpaste) and have had no such ill effects. weird.

  177. gabe Avatar

    contrary to what people are saying, i’ve used 2 entire bottles of Crest Pro Health rinse (with the Pro Health toothpaste) and have had no such ill effects whatsoever. maybe consider myself lucky?

  178. Anon Avatar

    Yes, lucky. But why did you feel the need to post 4x?

  179. Luke Avatar

    I’ve used crest pro health rinse for over a year, and ive had good results, im guessing it might be that i rinse, then brush, rather brush, then rinse.

  180. Tony Avatar

    I think all of you guys that have had those spots appear after a couple uses do not know how to properly rinse your mouth, I have no problems with this product and will keep using it even after seeing everyone complain.

  181. Anon Avatar

    To the last two posts: Some of us DID rinse BEFORE brushing, and some of us also DID properly rinse our mouths after using it. If you don’t have problems with this garbage, fine. But stop talking down to the rest of us like we’re crazy. What are you, P&G representatives?

  182. Mike Avatar

    This happened to my wife after using it, but not to myself. I simply bought her a hard bristle brush, told her to floss more, and then we looked at how I brush my teeth compared to her: Me – at least twice a day, for at least a full minute each time. Her – quickly right before she hurries out to work.
    After two weeks, still using the crest rinse, but with proper brushing and flossing, no stains!
    And a much cleaner mouth!
    I sincerely feel that everyone should really review how dirty they keep their mouths, and if this staining isn’t better to be taken as a warning of bad dental hygiene.

  183. Anon Avatar

    As somebody who only drinks water, I found it strange that my teeth were suddenly becoming stained. I did some research, and ended up discovering THIS. What rinse had I been using? Pro Health.
    After early years of poor dental hygiene emphasis, it was a shock to find my teeth in WORSE condition with more care. Thanks Crest.

  184. fye Avatar

    couple of the previous comments are pretty funny
    looks like some P&G employees have found this site. LoL.
    great strategy guys: blame the negative side effects on the CONSUMER. wouldn’t it be easier if you just put a warning on the bottle regarding possible side effects, like you should have done a LONG time ago?

  185. Anonymous Avatar

    Looks like Mike is another P&G representative trying to blame the customer…or is it the same guy posting under different names? Considering some people brush and floss at least twice a day, your comments are irrelevant and stupid. You won’t be laughing when P&G has a bunch of lawsuits against them.

  186. Jordan Avatar

    Check out the story on the Cincinnati Business Courier:

  187. Anonymous Avatar

    Haha Stupid question, what’s P&G mean?

  188. gg Avatar

    I have not used the Crest Pro-Health but did use the Crest Whitening Rinse… no teeth staining, but I did lose my sense of taste for a month! The last day I used it was Feb 6, and after having another tasteless meal I thought “wonder if it’s the mouthwash”… and came across this site. It is March 6, and I can say that my tastebuds are FINALLY back about 95%. I swear if it had been permanent damage I would have definitely taken legal action… it sucks not to be able to taste anything… I have seen referances above to loss of taste but anyone else have problems specifically with the whitening rinse?

  189. gg Avatar

    oh, also think it is funny the few “glowing” reviews for the product… my question is if they like the product so much, how did they come across this blog to begin with? Were they just googling Crest Pro-Health for the hell of it?

  190. Anonymous Avatar

    I am so angry…I had a perfect smile from 4 straight years of braces very good dental hygiene when I got them off. Upon going to college, I began to notice, you guessed it, brown staining between my teeth. And it got worse…it was between every one of my teeth. I thought it was tartar or tooth decay and could not figure out what was causing it because my dental hygiene had not changed any. I also have had the thick film that I believed to be my skin peeling inside my mouth when I woke up. I got my teeth cleaned again for the second time in 2 months because the brown all came back after the first time. I was told it was not tartar or decay but stains…the hygienist asked me if I drank a lot of tea. So I have been rinsing with baking soda several times a day and avoiding tea and coffee. I googled “brown stains in between teeth” to see what came up, and saw several things about Crest Pro Health. And what kind of toothpaste did I begin buying when I started college? Wow, thanks a lot to whatever dentists supposedly recommend this.

  191. EssexREalMan Avatar

    I googled the topic of how Crest Pro Health affects taste buds. I did not get the brown stains, but I did the loss of sense of taste.
    I stopped about two weeks ago and gradually I recovered my sense of taste.
    I am going to contact Crest to see if I get adjusted for this product.

  192. Anon Avatar

    To the above post: You won’t likely be adjusted; the company usually settles complaints by offering to send the consumer free coupons for more of their Crest products.

  193. tyrone Avatar

    ya what does p&g mean?

  194. Michelle Avatar

    I am so SAD!!! My teeth which have always been my pride and joy are terribly stained. I was out Saturday and my ex-husband looked at me oddly (because he knows how particular I am about my teeth) and said, “Shell, what is wrong with your teeth, why are they all brown inbetween?” I was stunned and thought he was exaggerating but when i got in my car I looked in the rearview mirror and was stunned. I’m 28 and have never even had a cavity!!! I’m so depressed. I called my dentist and had my cleaning moved up – I just hope they can get inbetween.
    I guess we are going to have to start using all natural stuff.
    I want Crest to know that I hate them for this and that it is very irresponsible to market a product without listing all of the known side effects.

  195. Michelle Avatar

    I meant to add that I ran into my ex-husband out and he noticed. So just think how embarassed I was. He probably thought I hadn’t been brushing.
    I brush, floss, then was rinsing with the Crest Crap and my teeth look awful. It’s so depressing.

  196. Anonymous Avatar

    WTF does P&G mean?

  197. Anon Avatar

    Why don’t you look up P&G on the internet instead of constantly asking here???

  198. Chuck Avatar

    I was given this mouthwash as well back in Jan ’08 and noticed after about 2 weeks that it was burning the tip of my tongue and giving me a tingly feeling. I stopped using it for a week to see if it would go away and it did, so I started using again thinking that my dentist knew what she was doing. When I went back into my dentist in February I mentioned this and she just brushed it off. Now I noticed I have developed brown spots all over my teeth as if I have been an avid smoker for 30 years…Between this and another issue I am going to a new dentist, but will be stuck with a nice bill to correct this problem. The dentist who recommend this product and not mention the possible side affects should also be held accountable! I just got back from vacation and threw out all of my pictures where you could see my smile thanks to Crest. I will be searching for a class action suit out there so that all of us can be reinbursed our money and time spent with this issue.

  199. Tony Avatar

    Can this product cause staining? Yes, but not to your tooth enamel. The main ingredient in Crest Pro-Health “Cetylpyridinium Chloride” will bond to your existing plaque and tartar. In other words, it binds to your tartar you already have accumulated in between your teeth and along the gum lines.
    Tartar is naturally a light yellowish color but will turn brown when Cetylpyridinium chloride reacts with it.
    If you have no tartar or plaque on your teeth to begin with then this product will produce any brown stains.

  200. Anon Avatar

    You’re full of you-know-what, Tony. It stains alright, tartar buildup or not. I’m sure you’re another P&G representative. Just come clean and admit your company has deceived, cheated, and lied to customers.

  201. Kelley Avatar

    I agree even Crest’s website now alludes to the staining. I did not have any of the staining but the weird taste and burning sensation our very evident. I was very glad to see all these postings….thought I had something very wrong with me. I just stop using the toothpaste 3 days ago…no change yet but hopefully this is not a permanet problem.

  202. nedt Avatar

    I looked in my car’s rearview mirror today and was amazed at the brownish-orange stains on my teeth. I started using the Crest Pro-Health because my wife thought she was losing her sense of taste from it, and that didn’t bother me. But nothing else in my diet had changed, so I Googled Crest Pro-Health and found this site. According to the Wikipedia entry, Cetylpyridium chloride is a good antimicrobial agent, but it can stain teeth–not just the existing plaque as “Tim” suggests.
    The “good news” is that it doesn’t seem to be permanent, at least on my teeth. I brushed vigorously with some Metadent and applied a paste-type bleach agent (which I otherwise never use).
    I wish this stuff worked without staining my teeth. I generally liked the idea of non-alcohol based plaque prevention, and I figured the little bits of blue crap that came out in the rinse was dead bacteria, or some other indication of successful mouth cleasing….
    But it’s a crime that Crest and Protor & Gamble won’t come clean (pun intended) on this issue. For that reason alone I will do my best to get this stuff pulled from the entire City Market/Kroger food chain.

  203. robert Avatar

    Wow. I am shocked. Just two weeks after using this product I developed HORRIBLE brown stains around my lower teeth, especially in between and along gum line.
    This is a total sham. I always carefully read the label prior to using any product and there was NOTHING on the Crest rinse that said that staining was a possible (and judging from what i’ve been reading on the internet, also a very common) side effect.
    I WILL be reporting this issue to the FDA and I WILL sue Crest personally if they don’t reimburse me for this.

  204. Anonymous Avatar

    Robert are you that poor that you need a reimbursement of $4 it cost to get the stuff or you’ll sue, c’mon everyone in this country freaks out over little stuff and sues everyone, i can see from your prospective if it costed $1000 to clean teeth but it doesnt so stop cryin like a little baby, i came on here b/c i too had brown stains and had to go through everything you guys went through, this stuff went on the market so crest could make money and they should take it off, but sueing them is takin it a little out of hand dont you think, no im not from P&G, whatever that means, so dont say i am just because im not complaining and whining about it

  205. anon Avatar

    Well, I can’t speak for Robert, but I know that this product really HAS caused thousands of dollars of damage in stains for some patients. In particular, it often takes two expensive dental cleanings to remove the brown stains, and, even then, some may still remain in the hard-to-reach places. Also, many customers have experienced brown stains on bonding, and that is NOT going to be removed by a cleaning — the only way to remove the unsightly stains is to replace the dental work, and that can easily cost $1000. And all because P&G is too greedy and short-sighted to put a warning on the label of the rinse. But it will, IMO, cost them more in the long run, because there are many people experiencing a great deal of expense (and time) to fix the problems, and there WILL be lawsuits.

  206. Heather Avatar

    I think everyone would agree that wanting to sue is not about “getting money”, but to show P&G that we’re seriously angry and fed up with their decision to put a horrible product like this on the market while dismissing customers’ complaints. P&G needs to be held responsible for their greed and arrogance.

  207. Anonymous Avatar

    I have been using the mouth wash for a few days now. And, I have experienced almost all of the symptoms people are talking about, including the following:
    – Loss of taste
    – Blue GOO in the mouth
    – Brown stains on the teeth
    In addition, my teeth seem to have become utterly sensitive to cold and hot foods. I get an excrutiating pain when I try to eat an ice cream or some other cold food.
    I am eager to know if someone else is also experiencing a similar sensitivity.

  208. Rich Avatar

    I used the Crest ProHealth Rinse for a week. At first I did not associate the burning tongue issue with the rinse but was going crazy trying to figure out what it could be. I started looking and found my exact symptoms in the complaints I see hear and am stunned that P&G could sell a product like this. I still have loss of taste and a burning tongue and it has been 2 weeks. I am furious and am going to take action. If you are interested, please mail me at

  209. Cheryl Avatar

    This is very interesting, I’ve been searching the web to try to figure out why my husband has brown build up stains between his teeth after I looked at his teeth last night. I was shocked to see the state of his teeth because I know he takes good care of his teeth and I thought well maybe he just has “softer teeth enamel then me or he has acidic saliva. It was very disturbing to see so much brown build up was between his teeth because he is extremely regiment about brushing and flossing and probably brushes at least 3x a day and flosses 2x and uses the Crest Pro mouthwash twice a day as well as goes to the dentist for cleanings every 6 months. I don’t use the Crest Pro-Mouth wash because I didn’t like the aftertaste and blue film on my tongue. I’ve been buying this mouth wash for my husband for over a year and he’s used the blue one and the new white Crest Pro-Health mouthwash. I am calling the dentist today to schedule him a deep cleaning, he now also has receded gums and throwing out the Crest Pro Mouthwash. I will be telling all my friends not to use this product. Thank you for putting this posting board together to help protect consumers from greedy big business.

  210. Cy Avatar

    I have Used this mouthwash twice, and have lost all my abilty to Taste! Naturally, I have one BIG question: Is this temporary?
    And on another note:
    Who is suing these people? This stuff is dangerous and needs to be removed from the market!

  211. Chris Avatar

    After knicking my gums on something I ate, I bought the Crest Pro-Health rinse to avoid getting a bacterial infection until the cut healed. I was completely unprepared for the ensuing pain and wholesale destruction it wreaked on my mouth. First, there was significant swelling of the papilla on one of my incisors. I thought it was related to the cut on my gums which happened to be near it, so I continued to use the rinse the following day in an effort to squash the infection before it could mature. The next morning I woke up to the realization that the swelling had not only worsened, but had spread to the gums of all my incisors, my canines, and bicuspids. Eventually, my entire mouth became a world of pain. The papillae were grossly swollen, bright red (especially around the rim that meets the tooth) along with the rest of my gums. I had a constant, intense burning sensation and a sharp pain with any pressure which prevented me from eating anything besides apple sauce, nor could I effectively brush my teeth. The surface of my gums were slippery and tight as if I had burned them and only now as I have mercifully stopped using that demon-wash are they regaining their texture. Honestly, people, what wrong with Listerine or alcohol-based rinses? It’s been around for 100 years and hasn’t killed anyone that I know of. Don’t listen to the advertising. Do your homework! Alcohol has the potential to dry out your mouth and gums which is why dentists these days love to hate it. Simply use a bit of ACT afterwards and you’ll have the benfit of a better mouth treatment than any one product could ever provide. Go with ADA-approved products.

  212. Nick Avatar

    Yes, the taste loss is temporary, though it may last for a few days after you stop using the product. I never had brown spots, I don’t know if I wasn’t using it long enough or what, but the constant horrible metallic taste and the loss of taste sensation was all I needed to make me stop using it. I have friends that use the product and don’t have any trouble, wonder if it’s just certain people with a specific mouth/saliva composition?

  213. Vic Avatar

    Hey does anyone have brown spots with a white outer layer?

  214. Jaen Avatar

    Hi All-
    We did some research into the Brown Teeth Phenomena and a Crest spokesperson told us that it was a “lifestyle choice” the brown teeth thing turned up in people who smoked and drank coffee…. HELLO! Most of you blogging here are fastidious about your teeth.
    Anyway our news article and research appears at, I’m the editor.! Check it out-Thanks for the lead on a great story! ja

  215. Rich Avatar

    Does anybody have any experience with their clear product that is marketed for night use? I wonder if there is any difference other than the color.

  216. Anon Avatar

    Rich, I used both the “Whitening” and the Night mouthwashes (and both are clear), and my teeth still turned dark as if I had used the colored ones. I also had extreme sensitivity until I quit using them.

  217. Gwen Avatar

    I have been using Crest Pro-Health Night for 2 weeks now. My teeth are excruciatingly sensitive. I feel like I have several cavities – though I just had a dental appt a few months ago and my teeth looked great. When they started feeling this way I started brushing with the crest MORE often. Now I am starting to attribute this sensitivity to the toothpaste. Googled it and ended up here.

  218. sandy Avatar

    I feel so much better after reading all of your posts. I have this relatively painless red spot on the roof of my mouth. Panicking, thinking it is some form of oral cancer. Also the sensitivity and loss of taste. When I went to the Dr. and Dentist, they said it was some type of “trauma” or had I been using something different. It is the Crest Pro-Heath toothpase and Complete, mouthwash.
    Has anyone else had red spots on the roof of their mouths?

  219. Tamara Avatar

    Well not sure if it’s connected but….woke up today with sore cheeks for no explicable reason. It’s the middle of my cheeks that are tender to the touch like they are bruised… My guess after reading all this it is probably inflammation. I also have today tremendous swelling on the side of my face which I’m gonna guess may be a salivary gland infection as #6 said he got after 3 days. I’ve been using it for 3-4 days. Haven’t seen the doctor yet but the nurse on the phone discounted an allergic reaction b/c it is localized to one area. She said it sounds like some kind of infection. So we will see. To be fair it is possible that it has nothing to do with the pro-health. I am convinced howere that my sore cheeks are.
    I’m not using this and if Crest will put out something like this knowing full way the possiblity of problems then they have just lost credibility for me….Guess it’s scope or listerine for me….

  220. Sandy Avatar

    This is positively frightening. I’ve been using Crest Pro Health Rinse for OVER A YEAR. I have these horrid brown stains in between my lower teeth, and I was convinced that it was because of some other reason, so I Googled what the cause could be and came upon this website!
    I just want to thank everyone for sharing their stories. I’m throwing away the almost full bottle I have of the stuff left. I really hope my dentist can get these stains off. My teeth look horrible.

  221. Megan Avatar

    How strange. I had no idea that other people were having problems with this product until I looked up the brand online just now!
    I haven’t been experiencing the brown-stain problem with the mouthwash but I haven’t used the mouthwash for a while.
    The reason I looked up the mouthwash was because of the “coppery” feel and loss of taste i’ve experienced… (just like a lot of other people evidently.)
    It’s bizarre that this product is still on the market!

  222. heather Avatar

    wow! We are a toms of maine kind of family but my husband and his kids have had lots of cavities so we thought we should try a conventional toothpaste with flouride. The crest pro health was on sale. I tried it last night and IMMEDIATELY my mouth and throat started burning, my throat started swelling up, my saliva glands frothing like crazy. I drank lots of water to no avail. It was terrible! My throat felt like it was closing up and choking, i was scared, I was up for hours coughing and spitting up all this fizzy saliva….I am super hypersensitive to chemicals and stuff, but it’s just tooth paste!! I will never use it again and warn everyone about it. how can crest keep this stuff on the market?

  223. DeeDee Avatar

    Oh my goodness. i couldn’t taste anymore and i thought that is was because my friend was sick and gave it to me but i realized that my friend has been sick for a mounth now and i lost my taste buds 2 days ago when i first started using this product. i also have sores/red spots on the roof my mouth. i just thought i ate too much sor candy. Thank you guys so much i feel much better knowing this information

  224. KB Avatar

    I think the toothpaste does it as well! I started using it a couple of months ago and now I’m noticing brown stains in the same places everyone else has mentioned! I’m buying something else tomorrow!
    Any advice for reversing this?!

  225. Anon Avatar

    KB, the only thing you can do is go to the dentist and get them to remove the stains. Do not try to do this yourself; you may do a lot of harm to your teeth.

  226. Frank Harms Avatar

    I have only the most positive comments on Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash. Since I started using it two years ago, I have not had any additional cavities! Just today, I had pain between my teeth because I flossed too hard. I re-brushed with Sensory toothpaste and the pain continued. Then I rinsed with Pro-Health. The pain went away in about two minutes and hasn’t returned. The stuff is a miracle medication. And I have no stock at all in the company. Just praise for the product.

  227. Anon Avatar

    Frank, you’re obviously a P&G representative or employee. Give it up already, no one believes it.

  228. Jeff Hoffman Avatar
    Jeff Hoffman

    I am so glad that I came upon this web site tonight. I’ve been getting brown stains in between my teeth, and I couldn’t understand why. I brush my teeth 5-6 times a day, and for the last 6 months, I’ve been using the Crest Pro Health Mouth Wash. I would have NEVER assumed that this would be the culprit, but after tonight I am 100% positive that it is. In addition, I’ve had the same blue/green build up on my tongue, as well as the loss of taste. Is there ANYWAY to take legal action for this? I am so pissed that I am going to have to spend tons of money to fix this, when Crest should be taking care of it. I plan on calling Crest tomorrow and filing a complaint.
    Thanks so much!
    P.s. If there is any legal action that can be done, please email me at:

  229. Chris Avatar

    Never have I tried the mouthwaste but definately Crest Pro Health toothpaste can be a problem.
    I have noticed peeling of inside lip and cheek area. More cold sores and just bad mouth health all around..
    I am giving up this stuff today. Dont know or care what Crests says but there should be regulatory agencies stopping the sale of this product.

  230. Patsy Avatar

    I began using Crest Pro Health mouthwash a little over a month ago. Within the last week and a half, I noticed that no matter how many times I brushed my teeth and rinsed my mouth, brown stains would seem to develop more intensely on my bottom teeth along my gum lines! Not to mention the film I would have in my mouth in the morning after brushing and rinsing before bed. I NEVER EVER EVER WOULD HAVE THOUGHT THAT IT WOULD HAVE BEEN CAUSED BY CREST! I cannot believe it. As a consumer, since they won\’t put a visible warning on the label it is bluntly obvious that they do not care about the consumer. They are simply in it to make money. Every news station, radio station, and newspaper should know about this. This is complete insanity. I am so upset. Crest is not in business to help the consumer at all, they are simply in it to make money. I plan on passing this onto every contact I have and let everyone know about this. If there is anything legal that can be done, I\’m in! I have filed a complaint on the FDA website and am going to the ADA website and Crest site next. Doubt I will get any satisfaction, but everyone needs to know about this.

  231. Patsy Avatar

    As a follow up, at this time, I have emailed the following parties, FDA, ADA, Crest, IL Attny General, Federal Consumer Complaint Dept (this has to be done by mail), NBC5 in Chicago, ABC7 in Chicago, WGN, FOX, CBS2 in Chicago, BBB, and CNN. I plan on also researching how to file my complaint in the local newpapers. I encourage everyone out there to do the same. The more attention that can get drawn to this matter, maybe we will actually see a resolution…..

  232. Ursula Pelissero Avatar
    Ursula Pelissero

    When Crest toothpaste was originally formulated it contained stannous fluoride (SnF). Stannous is tin. Teeth did yellow over time, but the decay rate drastically reduced. Yellowed teeth were not unusual at that time, due to the high rate of smoking (1960’s – about 50% of the adult population smoked). Later, the formula was modified…perhaps to ensure additional therapeutics would be compatable with the product. Subsequently Sodium Fluoride (NaF)was incorporated. It does not stain.
    When the ‘new’ formulation with stannous fluoride was re-introduced this year, I wondered whether they had conquered that side-effect. Apparently not. And now with greater emphasis on the appearance of the teeth, not so much with reduction of decay, – and only about 10% of the population smoking, whiter teeth are important to more people.
    Thoughts of A Dental Hygienist!

  233. Stephen Avatar

    I am writing today to add my name to the list of hundreds and probably thousands of individuals who have been harmed by this product. I had been using this product for about three weeks. My symptoms are similar to those that have been previously posted here. They are: brown staining on teeth, open sores on my cheek, constant metalic tase and loss of taste, frequent nausea, and black tongue. How/why is this product still on the market? How did it ever get approved? Of course these are retorical questions, because I already know the answer and it’s not very pretty. Similar to the black tongue I got… Obviously the FDA is just another bureaucratic arm of our cog-like government and has no interest in our well being. Is there a class action lawsuit against the Crest Pro Health Rinse product? If not, I would like to find out more about how to start one.

  234. Connie Daya Avatar
    Connie Daya

    Itoo have the brown staining between my lower teeth after using the clear Crest Pro Health – Night product. Glad to know the cause.

  235. Brian Avatar

    I used Crest pro-health Night-Clean Night Mint (clear,) I got brown stains too. Thank God for Google Search. They say it leads to paranoya. In this case I would never suspected that a dental wash was the cause of my brown teeth. Crest can suck a d___! Thanks to the rest of you! Dentist appointment is on Wed.

  236. Pat Avatar

    I am a licensed dental hygienist who also works for Crest. I would like to add to the conversation about Crest Pro-Health Rinse. Crest Pro-Health Rinse kills 99% of the germs that cause plaque, gingivitis and bad breath in a unique alcohol-free formula. Unlike alcohol containing mouthwashes, Crest Pro-Health Rinse doesn’t burn, making it easier to use for the recommended 30 seconds twice daily. Alcohol- at high concentrations – has been reported to contribute to dry mouth, which can actually worsen bad breath and the growth of more germs. Like all mouthwashes that effectively fight plaque and gingivitis, Crest Pro-Health Rinse can contribute to temporary, surface-level brown tooth discoloration, which is reported by a small percentage of individuals. This is actually a sign that the product is working! After the rinse kills germs in the mouth, the dead germs can collect on the tooth surface and create the appearance of brown stain. Discoloration could be exaggerated by things such as tartar on teeth, consumption of colored beverages like coffee/tea and/or red wine, or tobacco use. Brown tooth discoloration from use of mouthwashes that effectively fight plaque and gingivitis is not harmful. It is reversible-and largerly preventable- through options like brushing with a power toothbrush and tartar-control/whitening toothpaste, flossing and visiting the dentist regularly. The active ingredient in Crest Pro-Health Rinse has been recognized as safe and effective by an FDA advisory panel, and meets all current FDA standards. I also want to clarify that Crest Pro-Health Rinse does not cause permanent taste alteration. Oral Care products that contain CPC, the active ingredient, may cause a temporary aftertaste, or temporary change in the taste of food, in a small percentage of people. This typically goes away shortly after product use is stopped. If you want more information or have additional questions, I encourage you to visit

  237. Anonymouse Avatar

    Permanent or not, Pat, I think most people would rather this mouthwash NOT work than to have brown-stained teeth even for a short time. As for Crest, I’ll never use another product of theirs again. Their Pro-Health products have now turned a lot of the public against them due to the nasty side effects.

  238. anon Avatar

    fyi — I just heard that NBC’s Today Show is going to run a story about the staining problem associated with Crest Pro-Health Rinse tomorrow (May 7) morning between 7:30 and 8:30 EST. Tell everybody to watch.

  239. pmj Avatar

    Wow, just saw this on NBC. That explains everything. I’m 39 and have never had staining on my teeth until just a few months ago. Fortunately, it corresponded with a dentist visit and they were able to clean this up. Since then, the sample bottle of Crest Pro Health I had ran out … thank goodness the bottle ran out and I didn’t buy more. On the plus side, I feel much better knowing what was causing it. I’ve been a tea drinker most of my life, and I was starting to be convinced that was causing it, even though it hadn’t been an issue in the past. I did not experience the other symptoms mentioned.
    I guess I’ll also add, I’m not sure if this is real “staining” per se, the dentist was able to clean it off with a really, really good cleaning. On the Today Show, they made it sounds more like a buildup on the teeth (and when I had it, I was able to scrape it off with effort). I would not go out and try some of these whitening chemicals as a solution to this problem without seeing a dentist first.

  240. Bonnie Avatar

    I started using Pro Health Rinse after my hygenist told me to, twice a day. After 4 months I had a cleaning, she couldn’t figure out why my teeth were so brown after hearing how I take care of my teeth. Now I have a 3 month appt. I’m now flossing twice a day. And now I will stop using this. I want to sue Crest and my hygenist for the pain and suffering I go through on the cleanings and the cost of the cleanings.

  241. Penny Ferry Avatar
    Penny Ferry

    Just wanted to add that I too have been a victim of Crest Pro Health. Have been thinking that it’s a reaction to something I’m eating or drinking, although I don’t drink tea or coffee and mainly clear liquids/pops. I also began to worry that it was the floride as it is very dangerous also, in that it is toxic, is mainly used to clean aluminum in extruding plants, and somes in containers with toxic symbol on it. It was also used in concentration camps (mixed w/ water) to keep inmates calmer as it has a dibilitating effect. At any rate, I’ve stopped using Pro Health and am going to write to company to complain. After seeing news article on TV and reading more about it, am starting to wonder about FDA in totality.

  242. Steven Avatar

    You need to know about Pro Health Rinse! I am outraged that I did b not know about any side effects or contraindications. I have had horrible side effects concerning my loss of taste.
    I am a veteran who experiences PTSD (Post trauma Stress Disorder). I am a former Naval/Marine Corps Hospital Corpsman who survived a helicopter crash and suffered head trauma. I have gone through hell thinking that my loss of taste was due to neurological damage from my PTSD.
    I did not attribute this loss of taste to the Pro Health Rinse, just that I bought this product because I thought it was SAFE! I had attributed the loss of taste to possible cranial nerve damage due to my head trauma and (olfactory nerve damage) and proceeded to address this with the use of strong medications and other therapies to help regain my sense of taste and smell.
    I am outraged that Crest did not provide a warning for this possible contraindication and want you to know how much real heartache they have put me through without this warning. I am awestruck that I did experience this and kept on using it as I could not believe that such a benign and innocuous product could do this. When you lose your sense of smell – you are told that it will never come back. I went back to using Listerine a few weeks ago and my sense of smell and taste have somewhat returned.
    I still occasionally use the Pro Health Rinse and it is still in my medicine cabinet! I will not use this product any longer!
    No warning and the hell that I have been through – none of my physicians knew that this product could cause this lack of taste. My doctors were concerned with cranial nerve damage from the olfactory nerve and told me that I would never taste again. I continually have used this product which would negate all other treatments and I cannot believe that P&G would not put this warning on this product. I use Pro Heath toothpaste – could that also alter my sense of taste?
    Are the people at P&G insane to sell a product and not give adequate warnings? Do you know that hell that I have been through equating this side effect with possible long term neurological damage? Are you stupid? When your doctor, Robert Gerlach was on the Today show said if you had staining and/or loss of taste you would contact the Proctor and Gamble Company and then he quipped “wouldn’t you”? He is a JERK! Most of the time, you would not equate a benign safe product together with extensive neurological damage. I and others would look at their former neurological damage and hope and pray it did not come back.
    Shame on you Proctor and Gamble, with all the violence and terrorists around the news, people look to our founding companies to provide us with SAFE products to use. Your Pro Health was nothing but Pure Hell!
    I want to be reimbursed for my buying your tainted and misleading product and an apology from the insane doctor Gerlach who is either a puppet from the top executives for damage control or inept and useless as a doctor or physician that would HARM unassuming consumers!

  243. Jon Avatar

    The Today Show did a story on this today. I was so happy to hear that I am not the only one dealing with horrible teeth stains! I couldn’t figure out where they were coming from (I don’t drink coffee, soda or smoke).
    Does anyone know how to get rid of it?

  244. Mel Avatar

    I have been getting stains on my teeth for the past 2 years. During this time I have used Crest Pro Health on and off. I am not sure if these stains are consistent with the rest of the complaints. My stains are right along the gum lines, especially on the molars. They are a brownish, black color. They look like think lines that could have been drawn on. Is anyone else having these kinds of stains?

  245. Karen Avatar

    I have been using Crest Prohealth rinse for about a year or so and have been having the burning tongue, and mouth sores. I have been to the dentist and to my doctor have had bllod tests and they can’t figure out what the problem is. I saw on the Today show today about the crest prohealth rinse. I never would have thought that this product would cause this type of porblem. I was using it to keep my mouth clean afraid that something worse may happen to my mouth if I didn’t use something to keep it clean, and here to find out that is what is causing the problem makes me very angry. I have been suffering like this for a year. It is unacceptable to me that this is not published as known side effects of this product.

  246. Virginia Avatar

    Yup–after more than a year of using Crest ProHealth mouthwash I find I am not alone in having lost my senses of taste and smell several months ago, and just a couple of days ago I found stains on my gumline just like all these other 243 people. I thought it was all because I am getting old! I was about to call my dentist today but lucked onto the Today Show instead.
    I am going to throw out a new large bottle of Crest ProHealth mouthwash and a new large tube of Crest ProHealth toothpaste, buy some Listerine, and start enjoying life again.

  247. MaryBeth Avatar

    My dentist recommended Crest Pro Health rinse after my regular cleaning about two months ago showed serious problems with my gums. I’ve never had gum problems before, and now wonder if Cresh Pro Health TOOTHPASTE is to blame. Anyway, started using the CPH rinse the very same day. Three days later, I rushed to the doctor when my jaw suddenly swelled severely. I was diagnosed with an infected salivary gland, and put on a strong antibiotic for 10 days. Just this past week I’ve begun to notice the type of staining others are complaining about. It never occured to me that the CPH rinse, and perhaps toothpaste, were causing all this until I saw the report on the Today show this morning. Just bought two giant bottles of the rinse at Sam’s. I’ve now lost all trust in Crest (which I’ve used exclusively since the 1950s) and in my dentist. I hope the stains can be removed…

  248. anon Avatar

    Well I’m also one of these “Very Few” people that has had side effects from using Crest Pro Health mouthwash.
    I’m not going to lie I’m not a dental hygiene freak that brushes 3 times daily as I should but I’ve never had any issues with my teeth. As of about a month ago I noticed that I had staining around and between my teeth.
    The funny thing is I had a conversation about teeth with a friend just the other night. Phone rings this morning her telling to watch The Today Show. It all hit me when I saw the bottle. Its been the only thing I have changed in the last 3 months.
    Skimming some of the posts above, I too noticed the blue specks on my tongue and in the sink after I would spit it out. Assumed it was just it working.
    On the taste part. I can’t really say my taste changed as I used the last of it about a week ago and switched back to Listerine. Actually missed the burn.
    Would like to also say I picked up both the Crest Pro Health toothpaste and mouthwash at the same time. I only used the toothpaste once though as it was VERY gritty/flaky and felt as if i was brushing with glass in my mouth.
    Any recommendations on how to remove the stains ? I don’t have dental insurance and was quoted $600 for a teeth whiting treatment.

  249. ELAINE Avatar

    I am furious that what I have been using to PROTECT my teeth, has been causing harm, this last 1 1/2 years. PRO-HEALTH MOUTH RINSE. I have a 50 oz. bottle I have to throw away. I will NEVER buy ANY CREST products again. The staining, caused me to need an ULTRA SOUND cleaning, the last time. You just lost a very good customer. SHAME ON YOU.
    Elaine, from San Diego

  250. anon Avatar

    Robert Gerlach’s email is
    I thought his response was pathetic and misleading. Shame on P&G.

  251. donna Avatar

    So on The Today Show today – an attorney said she was starting a Class Action Suit. Does anyone know how to register for this suit?

  252. anon Avatar

    donna, see post #90 in this thread.

  253. D.L. Avatar

    I’m so glad the Today show had this on this morning or I never would have known.
    I’ve been using the pro-health rinse for about 8 1/2 months. For the first 7 months, I had braces, and I assumed the awful brown staining was due to my braces. (I decided to take really good care of my teeth while I had braces and that’s one reason I was using the pro health). My dental hygenist couldn’t understand why I had such awful dark brown stains behind my teeth though – there were no braces or glue back there.
    1 1/2 months ago my braces came off and the orthodontist did a thorough cleaning of all stains. My teeth were white and polished, and I was using the 5 minute whitening strips to keep them that way! Lo and behold, my teeth started turning dark brown inbetween the teeth again. I kept thinking it was my morning coffee, but I was actually rinsing my mouth out with water after every cup. I was at a loss – I was going to buy the whitening floss! Then I saw the Today show this morning. At least now I know what to do! I’m buying different mouthwash today!

  254. Rene' Avatar

    About two weeks ago I had my teeth cleaned. My dentist office gives out the sample bottles of the Crest Pro-Active, tooth paste and toothbrush. I had a great cleaning. That night I opened up the mouthwash a tried it for a few days until the sample bottle was empty. I then baught a big bottle of the mouthwash. I noticed today that I’m getting brown stains on the side of my teeth. I heard today on t.v. regarding the brown stain problems everyone is experiencing. Is there a recall for the mouthwash? I also notice when using the mouthwash, my tongue would turn blue! I do brush my tongue however and it would still turn blue. Also, a I have a weird taste after using the mouthwash and It would stay with my until I brush my teeth again that night. By the way, I just poured the remaining mouthwash down the drain.

  255. Babs Carter Avatar
    Babs Carter

    Crest Pro-health turned both my husband’s and my teeth dark mahogany brown- it took weeks of brushing with an electric toothbrush and using full strength peroxide to get it off. I have a photo I wil be glad to email anyone who doesn’t believe it- it was taken 2 weeks AFTER brushing with the peroxide- it is a mess! Why is that stuff still being sold?

  256. Vickie Avatar

    I’m so glad I had the Today Show on this morning. I suddenly started noticing very dark brown stains on the bottom of my teeth. I was very concerned because I’ve never had this problem before. I recently purchased my first bottle of Crest Pro Health and have used about 3/4 of the bottle, the rest went down the drain. Who would have thought?

  257. Mara Edwards Avatar
    Mara Edwards

    Dog it! My husband and I are the latest victims of the Crest Pro Health toothpaste & mouthwash! Where does one sign up to sue Crest?

  258. LCardwell Avatar

    I was watching the Today Show, and with my bottle in sight, I tossed it in the trash. Mystery solved! Shame on P&G.

  259. C Southam Avatar
    C Southam

    After I saw the episode on the today show this morning I realized that’s what happened to by husband’s teeth. We could NOT figure out what was staining his teeth and making them turn brown! I would never have thought it was Crest Mouthwash! Irritates me!!

  260. Deborah Avatar

    It made my gums swell up to the point I could barely speak. I quit using it and I am fine now. They refunded my money when I conplained.

  261. Valerie Gentzel Avatar
    Valerie Gentzel

    I saw the episode of the today show and that’s when i knew what has caused the brown stains on all of my teeth. I have pictures of me with my pearly whites from a year+. And began a year ago using Pro-Health mouthwash, because it’s alcohol free and i have severe acid reflux. Now i am so self conscious that i don’t smile and i cover my mouth when i laugh. Teeth whitening is not covered by insurance, neither is self esteem. If there is a class action law suit sign me up.

  262. Aimee Avatar

    After using the rinse a couple weeks I noticed terrible sensitivity in my top and bottom back teeth. Since then I’ve had to switch to Sensodyn toothpaste. Fortunately, my teeth aren’t stained but they sure hurt. My mouthwash was dumped down the drain this morning!

  263. tv Avatar

    just a reminder to everyone to report these problems to the FDA, via their website. you can also find a link to the FDA complaint form on the website for the NBC today show. the online complaint form is difficult to navigate and not user-friendly at all, but bear with it. if enough people complain, perhaps the fda will finally require Crest to put a warning on the label regarding these problems

  264. Tina Avatar

    I don’t use the mouthwash, but I have been using the Crest Pro Health toothpaste for almost a year. I, too, have the brown stains in between my teeth, and spots on my teeth. I thought my cup a day coffee habit caught up with me until I saw the Today show the other day. If you are using the toothpaste as well, discontinue use!

  265. Nula Avatar

    I just saw a news report on Crest Pro Health Mouthwash turning teeth brown. I started using the product in November and during my cleaning in February, the dentist and I could not figure out what may be causing the staining. I don’t smoke, don’t drink coffee, occasionally drink tea and coke, but not to the point that this type of staining would have occurred. About two weeks after my cleaning I noticed the stains were back and could not figure out what was causing them. I considered the mouthwash, as it was the only change made to the products I used for dental hygiene. But I never thought that a product that is suppose to help keep my mouth and teeth healthy would be the culprit. I’ve spilled my supply down the drain last night.

  266. briand Avatar

    Just wanted to pile on. Been using the crap for three years and dealing with ugly stains for the same amount of time. All this time I thought it was the coffee, which I recently stopped drinking – one of life’s calorie-free pleasures. I can’t wait to get to Starbucks tomorrow morning and call attorney to sue those pigs at P&G

  267. George A Jacobson Avatar
    George A Jacobson

    This is all true. I had the same problem. They refused to re-imburse me for th Costco sized amounts aI purchased and gave me a coupon for tooth paste. Their letter to me stated that I would be contacted about additional compensation but I never was.

  268. JEN Avatar

    I too started using Crest Pro Health and started getting a sore tongue, and my taste buds started to swell. I kept using the mouth wash thinking it would kill what ever bacteria was causing this. After my bottle of mouth wash was gone, I decided to get some Listerine, since the Crest Pro Health just was not doing the job, and what do you know, my tongue went back to normal. My dad told me about the story on the news and I connected the dots. I will never by Crest again. I thougt I had somekind of wierd disease.

  269. mimi55 Avatar

    What’s interesting is that Crest ProHealth claims to be the only ADA-approved alcohol-free rinse…so what good is the ADA if they’re not really doing accurate product testing? If you are looking for a GREAT product that’s been around a long time and continues to get rave reviews, check out CloSYS! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product; does NOT cause staining (in fact, seems to help whiten!), there’s no alcohol and it’s super gentle yet effective!

  270. anon Avatar

    mimi — crest pro-health rinse is NOT approved by the ADA. the toothpaste is, but not the rinse

  271. Matt Avatar

    Like all the others, I thought the funny taste in my mouth would eventually go away (i.e. an hour or so after using it) but it seems to last more than a day. If I use Crest Pro-Health mouth rinse at night, I can NOT taste my coffee in the morning. The Today Show did a segment on the problems associated with this product, and interviewed Dr. Robert Gerlach from P&G. What an arrogant S.O.B. he was! He claims that there is no problem with the product because if there was, people would have complained to P&G before now. Now tell me, who would expect their “oral” issues to be associated with a product that has the CREST name on it? Well, CREST can join the ranks of other companies who chose to be arrogant instead of apologetic. In the end, the consumers will win because we will force this product off the market!

  272. Anonymous Avatar

    To comment 247: Just because there are some people who brush 3x a day, it doesn’t make them “dental hygiene freaks”. Stop with the judgments; by saying that, you make it pretty obvious that you don’t care about your dental hygiene as much as a lot of people do. As far as everyone else, stop using Crest products in general. Your boycott will lead to a lot of money lost, and then P&G MIGHT start rethinking its marketing strategies and product quality.

  273. Daniel Cadotte Avatar
    Daniel Cadotte

    Loss of taste from using product for 4 months. Hard to imagine a produc that could cause this but it has never happened before using this products.

  274. Amy Avatar

    I just heard about the Crest Pro-Health problems. I have been using the TOOTHPASTE for approximately 1 1/2 months. About two weeks ago, I developed what my doctor thought was Thrush — although they could not figure out why a healthy young woman would suddenly develop it. I had sores all over my mouth, severely swollen gums, sore teeth – primarily on the bottom, and slimy, white debris floating in my mouth. I was given a prescription for the suspected case of thrush only after undergoing a urinealysis, complete bloodwork, and a throat culture to rule out other diseases/problems. I ended up in urgent care 3 days later in intense pain and with what I thought was an allegic reaction to the antibiotic I was prescribed (severe lip swelling). The doctor on staff reviewed my file notes from the visit a few days before and discovered that the doctor had not done a culture to test for yeast (Thrush is a yeast infection of the mouth). The culture was performed and it showed that there was no yeast present.
    The doctor was perplexed by this since my symtoms were worse (and pain!!). However, my mouth sores cleared up after I took a strong antibiotic prescribed by doctor #2. HOWEVER, My mouth is a disaster. I still have dull pain in my lower teeth and my gums are completely stained dark brown/black. I, too, have never had gum/teeth problems before, so I knew something was up. In addition, I am having sudden lip swelling whenever I eat foods that are salty (could it be salt in the wounds?!!!).
    I will be throwing away the toothpaste tonight and contacting every agency in the world to get the word out AND a reimbursement for my medical expenses which should exceed $500.00.

  275. anna klay Avatar
    anna klay

    Crest pro-health mouthwash turned my teeth brown and even looks as if it ate off some of the enamel and gums. It made my tongue and mouth very sore. My tongue has “holes” in it now and it hurts to eat many things. This product is dangerous! Anna May 11, 2008

  276. Mica Avatar

    I thought I was the only one experiencing this… what is one to do about this other than stop using it — has anyone done anything about it? i mean i lost taste the whole time i was using it…

  277. wandamadore Avatar

    i am at a lose my mouth hurts so bad i wish i would just die at times my mouth is so dry i cant take it when i first used crest pro helth for 3day it was fine i woke the 4th day to sores swelling went to dr he priscribed meds for thrush .8weeks later food tasted like paste,now 6monthe isufferfrom gum pain and have had teth removed dew to infections fron the gums seperating from thre teth!i frightened that ill lose allmy teth i have no money so iguest ihave to live with it wanda madore north fort myer florida

  278. MaryBeth Avatar

    Update — I posted last Wednesday (see #246) after seeing the report on “Today.” That very night, I switched over from Crest Pro-Health toothpaste and rinse to Colgate Total Extra Whitening toothpaste and Listerine, and I’m glad to report that the brown stains are significantly reduced already. I’ve been making sure to brush well between my teeth at the gum line where the stains were really concentrated. The sloughing off of skin has also stopped. So there is hope…
    BTW, Kroger’s new “High Tech” floss is great! It flattens out, creating a wider surface area to clean between the teeth.

  279. Lynn Avatar

    I too am glad I found this information. I thought it was just me experiencing the problem of having tingly taste buds. I used both the wintergreen and the night mouthrinse for two days. At first I thought it was an indication of some kind of infection or maybe it would get better with use but after having the worst Mother’s Day dinner that should have been FABULOUS (we had shrimp) I said enough is enough and decided not to torture myself with stuff anymore. The next morning my tastebuds were starting to recover. Funny how that worked out. I immediately went out to get some listerine which I was already familiar with just never enjoyed the burn of alcohol. The Crest Pro Health was placed in the trash. My mouth still feels a little like I burned it with a cup of tea but I can actually taste things again.

  280. Jen Avatar

    It wasn’t until the Today show did a story on the issues surrounding Crest Pro Health Rinse that I discovered the cause of the brown stains between my teeth. I had been using the stuff on and off for about 6 months and it never occurred to me that the rinse was the culprit! When I went to the dentist they thought it was from coffee. I am sooo happy I now know the cause so I can pour it down the drain. I highly doubt that this problem affects only “less than 1% of users” as Crest says . . . I just think not many people know that their mouthwash is causing the problem!

  281. Branmall Avatar

    My girlfriend and I were wondering why our lower teeth have been staining when we found this site. It’s a shame such a well known company can get away with selling a product that is giving adverse effects. This product should be pulled immediately!

  282. Russell Avatar

    I couldn’t figure out the brown stains until I saw the bit about the mouthwash on the Today show. I am going to the dentist next month. Is there anything we can do about this?

  283. Virginia Avatar

    I was #245 in this thread, and was feeling a lot better until I saw a commercial for that rotten ProHealth mouthwash on some tv station yesterday. Obviously P&G haven’t got the message or more likely they don’t care, or else their sales have gone down so much they are desperate. Are they all on vacation except for Gerlach? Or is he the boss?

  284. Beatrice Avatar

    I have been experiencing chest
    congestion & some difficulty
    breathing. Has anyone else been bothered by the same symptons? Could be an allergic reaction.

  285. CASS Avatar

    My husband watched the Today Show and told me about the browning of teeth. I have experienced cold sores, tooth infection and had to take antibiotics and a root canal was suggested and my bottom teeth are brown. This all happened after I bought the Pro Health Rinse at Sam’s and the toothpaste. I stopped this product and will never buy Crest again. What can be done about this?

  286. Devon Avatar

    Has anyone been reimbursed for professional teeth cleaning?

  287. Amy Avatar

    My mother who whitens her teeth, uses a sonic toothbrush and doesn’t smoke, etc showed me her teeth today and they were very brown on the bottom by the gums and in between. She had no clue what was causing it (this is something her dentist recommended!) I remembered my sister telling me about this issue, and sure enough mom was using Pro Health mouthwash.
    I went to their site and was so angered by the crap they try to explain this problem away- only .01% apparently affected (wrong), and admitting that it can discolor yet not labeling it for consumers. So they are presuming that THEY can decide that the health benefit of their product outweighs any cosmetic issues. Anyway, guess what? They will sell you whiteners to fix the problem. Gee, thanks. I will make sure to spread the word and will never use their products again.

  288. Bel Air Avatar
    Bel Air

    I started having trouble breathing (I am asthmatic) several weeks ago – the same time I bought this horrible stuff. Went to the doctor, they increased my meds and I had no luck…finished the bottle of Crest Pro Health and didn’t buy another. Within several days, my difficulty breathing has subsided. I am researching whether it might be an allergic reaction to the active ingredient.

  289. Bel Air Avatar
    Bel Air

    (I posted message 287 about difficulty breathing…this is an afterthought.)
    My husband refused to use this stuff several days after I bought it because he said it made his tongue hurt. He thought maybe it was some funky reaction to all the lemonade he was drinking (the Crystal Light sugarless stuff) so he stopped using that and the tongue kept hurting. I gave him a lot of grief saying no way was it the mouthwash and that he was just being a complainer. He stopped using it and his tongue stopped hurting. He started drinking the lemonade again with no ill effects so we assume the hurting tongue came from the Crest Pro Health Mouthwash too. THIS IS HORRIBLE STUFF!

  290. Jaclyn Avatar

    yeah i started using because of my canker soars… i was told to rinse with it every 4 hourse and now my chocolate chip cookies tast like cardboard.

  291. allie smith Avatar

    I could not figure out why my teeth were so stained until I saw thr Today Show that talked about pro-health. I also use the mouthwash and toothpaste. My teeth have never, ever looked like this. How do we get something done to stop crest and how to we get retribution for this problem. Please email me and let me know. This is horrible.

  292. allie smith Avatar

    I could not believe what happened to my teeth after using pro health mouthwash and toothpaste. My teeth have never looked like this. I did not know what could have caused it until I saw it on the Today Show. How do we get retribution for this problem, please let me know. Crest need to own up to this and take those products off the market NOW

  293. christine Avatar

    great product, until your teeth start turning brown, nasty feel too, crest should be sued for sure.. i plan to put warning signs on all wal-mart shelves concerning this product it should be taken OFF the market

  294. christine Avatar

    crest sucks teeth are brown god i hate that company

  295. Jim Lofrano Avatar
    Jim Lofrano

    This product caused swelling of my tongue after 3 weeks of once per day use. I stopped using it for 11 months and the swelling stopped, I used it again and in 3 weeks my tongue swelled again.

  296. Pennyln Avatar

    My family has recently experienced a nightmare with
    the Crest Pro Health toothpaste in cinnamon flavor.
    I usually use Pepsodent for
    a mild toothpaste during the
    day and Colgate total for
    morning and night. I think I
    tried the Crest Pro Health due
    to heavy TV advertising and a
    sale at the grocery store. It took awhile and alot of pain to figure out where the problem was coming from as one does’t expect toothpaste made in the USA to be so bad.
    It gave me a severe burning sensation in my mouth, tongue,
    lips and down the esophagus.
    It was like I drank bleach. My son had severe blisters under his tongue and inside the cheeks. We figured it out when he lost his toothbrush at a sleepover and didn’t brush his teeth at our house for several days. I found out when I ran out of it and then
    restarted using it and was hit again with the numbness and burning. After a day of bedrest (because I already have an ulcer and it activated
    it) lots of Tums and milk, I
    threw out the Pro Health and went back to Colgate. Crest is
    gone forever.

  297. mea Avatar

    My husband’s teeth turned brown too with Crest Pro Health, my son and I did not. How odd? It’s just not worth the risk. Thank you for this blog as I had no idea and didn’t watch the TV shows on this product. Given the vast other choices, why risk the staining?

  298. Abizar Shahpurwala Avatar
    Abizar Shahpurwala

    Just to document another case. Brown stains, constant salty taste and food does not taste the same. I have contacted P&G, ADA, MSDA and have got the lawyer-made answers. I did get $ 5 off Crest Whitening Strips from Crest. How considerate of them?! This is great business by P&G drive up Whitening Strip sales by the Pro Health rinse. My dental hygieneist at “The Dental Center” in Perry Hall, MD recommended this product to me.

  299. Anna Avatar

    I have been using Crest Pro-Health Rinse for quite some time. My hygenist commented on the staining between my teeth at the last cleaning. I got trays made and did bleaching but, not knowing, I continued to use Crest Pro-Health Rinse and the stains are there despite brushing, flossing and occasional bleaching. Now I find out the company knew about this for well over a year with no action. I’m not happy about this.

  300. Anonymous Avatar

    If you don’t like a product, stop using it. Just because it does not work for you doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for other people. Thats why there are choices in the marketplace, because everyone is created different. The Class Acttion Lawsuit that was recently filed by Angela McElroy in Augusta, Georgia is a joke. She is an opportunistic bankruptcy and personal injury attorney who is only for personal gain. Her fellow attornies here in Augusta laugh at her behind her back.

  301. Amanda Murray Avatar
    Amanda Murray

    I, too, have dark brown stains between my bottom teeth – it looks totally like I chew tobacco. I am an actress – what kind of parts will I get now? I am really angry!

  302. Ling Avatar

    I used once of this mouthwash and kept using it for 5 days now and initially I thought I burned my tougue with hot water but then I was suspicious of food allergy and took antihistamine. Thanks to this blog, now I know the cause and I hope this can go away soon so I can regain taste and get rid of the burning sensation!

  303. mom Avatar

    the fact of this is that the mouthwash contains a form of flouride. too much flouride can turn your teethborwn, stain an such. Basic knowledge. My dentist said it is nto tru. All moutwashes have the CPC in it. No mouthwash, other than listerine is approved by the ADA…read your labels.

  304. anonymous Avatar

    a couple of days ago i was shocked to discover brown stains betweem my lower teeth. i have been using the mouthwashes and the toothpaste for about 1 month, and previously never has any problems with staining on my teeth. i will never use crest products again!

  305. what? Avatar

    Only one of the crest pro health pastes have the ADA stamp on it
    my hygenist got my stains off saying they can tell by where stains are what they are caused by-ask yours
    also read your labels on products-mouthwashes are fancy breath fresheners and not approved by ADA.
    my doctor, not dentist, told me that flouride can stain teeth if you hVe too much-all water has it, toothpaste and now this mouthwash-overload of flourude is not good and wills tain too
    think about it

  306. wake up Avatar
    wake up

    I agree with the others
    it is the flouride…do your research. The stannous flouride is a different type but you maybe using too much flouride. Not all mouthwashes have the same ingredients. Most do have that CPC just as an inactive ingredient. be a wise consumer and read your labels, do your research…duh

  307. Michael Avatar

    I’ve had the same problems as many others: brown staining of my teeth along the bottom gum line. This is almost a crime, a dental hygiene product which stains your teeth.

  308. duh Avatar

    flouride! you people are not very smart here

  309. Anonymous Avatar

    this site sucks

  310. Matt(hew) Avatar

    Thank GOD I found this site.
    I have had some of the most irritating and painful side effects over the last couple months. My tongue has been covered by a yellowish/brown coating, as well as open sores, increased sensitivity and burning sensations, as well as thick mucous build-up. My teeth have also started to become discolored as well.
    For weeks, I was asking doctors, dentists, everyone I knew – “WHAT IS HAPPENING IN MY MOUTH?” Their answers all varied from drinking too much coffee to post-nasal sinus drip to a lingering virus to seasonal allergies. Etc…
    Now I’m sure it has to be the toothpaste. Last week, my tongue started to look and feel better. Turns out, I was camping and forgot my Crest Pro Health Toothpaste at home and had to use “the normal stuff” for a week. Thank God I did. When I returned home and the pain returned, I put two and two together. My findings on the internet (this site especially) sealed the deal.
    I just threw all my Crest Pro Health Products away and am relieved that I can finally make sense of this rot that has filled my mouth for the last few months.
    Shame on you, Crest. Stop poisoning the public.

  311. Hello Avatar

    maybe some of you are allergice to the stannous flouride!

  312. anon Avatar

    there is no fluoride in the crest pro-health rinse. check the label. the stannous flouride is in the toothpaste. the active ingredient in the crest pro-health rinse is CPC (a chemical compound also used to make industrial pesticides!). CPC is also used in a few other over the counter mouth rinses, but at a MUCH lower concentration. The CPC is what is causing the staining from the Crest rinse.

  313. anon Avatar

    my dentist said it isnot the mouth rinse. never heard of the stining.
    like anythign else, stop using it if it does nto work-some people just keep using it
    mouthwash is just breath freshener that chewing some gums can take care of too, why use it? waste of money unless it does more

  314. wise up Avatar
    wise up

    some peopl are just not smart enuf to not use a product. crest may know the side affects but it is not huritng anyone other than looks. there are many products we all use that are harmful to us in some way but they are not illegal. it is not aa approved, why use it

  315. simple solution Avatar
    simple solution

    don’t use it

  316. Anonymous Avatar

    305, 307, 310, and 313…if you have nothing useful to say, get off the board. This site is for user complaints, not for others to come on here and undermine them. As for saying it’s fluoride in the rinse, there is none. The rinse contains CPC, which has been used in pesticides and is known to cause stains when used for other purposes. So educate yourselves before you come on here and call others “not very smart”.

  317. ok Avatar

    I foudn the site b/c I saw the today show. if people keep using the product they are not smart esp if they experince the same issues above
    i no longer use it but it takes a good consumer to realize that and read teh labels and compare. people shoudl be educated on that regardless of their personal feelings

  318. RONALD T GIBSON Avatar

    I would like someone to contact me about suing Crest. I’m sure my next dental appointment will be very uncomfortable. My teeth look like I’ve been chewing tar…HELP! Why is this product still on the market?

  319. Katrinka Danielson Avatar
    Katrinka Danielson

    I have very white teeth and have always used Colgate and Listerine. About 1 month after using Crest Mouthwash I purchased in BUlK at Costco I started noticing the cracks between my teeth turning brown. This is NO Coincidence or coffe stain.. it has to do with Crest Mouthwash product!

  320. C. M. Collier Avatar
    C. M. Collier

    I started using Crest Pro-Health Oral Rinse about a month ago and have been noticing the cracks between my teeth turning light teeth do not look “white”. I am going to see my dentist and hygienist tomorrow to discuss this rinse as it was recommended by them. I had always bought Listerine and have never had this ugly staining problem. I plan a follow up with a letter to Crest and assorted agencies. Thanks to everyone who sent in comments and assuring me I was not the only one experiencing this problem.

  321. Sandra Avatar

    I cannot belive that is what is causing the stains. I grew used to the funky taste and film in the mouth that I didn’t realize I had it anymore. I stopped drinking coffee(mild drinker) and nothing happened, they started getting ugly, like a smoker or tobacco user and I am a healthy person. STOP USING THIS CRAP, I used the clear Pro Health mouthwash so the blue stains weren’t an issue, but the brown stains FREAKED ME OUT. I thought it was tooth decay, scraping does nothing to these stains. Thanks for this site, I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!!

  322. Joe Avatar

    I discovered this page right after using this product for the first time today. I was curious about the blue specks that appeared when I spit the rinse out. My mouth felt just as clean (if not cleaner) than it did when I used Listerine. However… I’ve lost the ability to taste anything. I even tried eating some kimchee (an extremely pungent food heavy in peppers, garlic, and salt) and I could barely taste it. If I can’t taste anything in the morning, I’m suing Crest.

  323. Melissa Avatar

    I bought Crest Pro Health TOOTHPASTE 3 days ago and my front tooth has already gone brown by the gumline.

  324. Dana Avatar

    After using Crest Pro Health rinse (recommended by my dentist), I experienced a terrible metalic taste in my mouth which has eventually led to an inability to taste anything else.

  325. Frank Avatar

    I started using Crest Pro Health Night in the winter of 2008, mostly because it claimed to give cleaner AM breath (which it did). I am fanatical about my teeth and have brushed after every meal religiously for at least the last 10 years. My first visit to the dentist after starting to use Crest Pro Health was in April 2008. I was surprised at how long the hygienist was scraping, because I am usually in and out of there fairly quickly. She said that I had a lot of staining and asked if I smoked or drank coffee. I do neither, and the only thing I could think of that has changed in my routine is the Crest Pro Health. Then, to my horror, I realized in late June 2008 that I now have receded gums. I can see the jaw bone in some spots around some of my molars. I can deal with the spots because they will go away, but I do not want to have to have gum surgery. I have been searching the web to see if anyone else has receding gums from this product. Nothing so far, but maybe I am the first one to make the connection. I can’t believe this stuff is still on the market with so many people having problems with it.

  326. Stephanie Avatar

    I have used this product since last year and at some point in April 07, I noticed a stain on my teeth. I was also using the Pro-Health toothpaste. I went to the dentist in May and complained and she cleaned it off, what she could. She mentioned the stanous flouride in the toothpaste and so I discontinued that hoping it would stop. Again, it came back and in December I had them clean them again. I’m not a smoker, coffee or tea drinker and couldn’t figure out why I was still getting these stains. Today I had them cleaned again and they were able to get almost every bit of the staining off for the first time in over a year! I came home to research and found this site. I’m beginning to believe it’s the mouthwash that I’ve been using that’s causing this. I’m not the only person who has had these terrible brown stains on their teeth. I have no other complaints about the product but I’m going to use something else starting today and will be able to tell if that’s truly what was causing my staining. This product may not be for everyone, as my hygienist uses it too but has no staining. I hate how it looks so I will try to figure out the cause.

  327. Ammie Stark Avatar
    Ammie Stark

    I’ve read my story on this site over and over again…BROWN STAINS!!!
    After brushing my teeth the other day,I was “checking” them out when I noticed brown stains which I had never had. Vowed to cut down on any dark beverages I drank ( which wasn’t very many) and brush and rinse more with crest pro health rinse.
    I was on the phone with a friend of mine and she was chechking out sites and asked if I used crest pro health products, they’re causing stains on peoples teeth. Bingo! Found the culprit. I’m angry and I want my money back. I have 1 full bottle of this crap and one almost full bottle.
    I am just thankful that I found out about this before it got any worse.
    I’m filing a complaint with the FDA. If we all make this into an issue, crest will have to do something about it.

  328. jeannette Avatar

    One more victim to add to the list. The bottom front row of my teeth are brown… SUPER!

  329. Jonathan Avatar

    I, too, noticed what seemed to be an overnight appearance of brown stains on my teeth this morning and have been terribly self-conscious about this all day. Thank God for the internet and this site! I have only used about half a bottle of the blue stuff so far… once a day for a couple weeks I guess… but that was obviously at least enough to grossly discolor them. I wish I had seen the Today Show or some other media discussion of this product and its problems before using it. However, I now find myself in a position of hoping to be reimbursed for a special cleaning in an attempt to get back to where I was before using it! Has anyone made any progress with PG in this regard? Though I tend to believe that many lawsuits are unjustified, this is one instance in need of retribution. Proctor and Gamble has known about this problem but still went to market. Worse still, they continue to sell it despite their awareness of those afflicted. It’s bad enough that P&G is comfortable with willingly losing customers (whatever percentage we are), but what really pisses me off is their acceptance of allowing harm to our group of under-informed patrons for the sake of continued sales
    to other unsuspecting victims.

  330. none Avatar

    this prodcut is used in some pestcides too(CPC)…not a good choice for oral health!?

  331. Anonymous Avatar

    Here’s what I submitted at Crest’s “contact us” link after reading the pathetic statement issued by a Crest-employed clinical researcher who worked on this product (link below):
    I’m writing today, July 6, 2008, to file a complaint against your product Crest Pro-Health oral rinse. I have been using this product for a few weeks (only once daily, most days) and have used approximately half of the 16.9 fl oz bottle. I noticed since the first use that there were unusual blue bits in my spit when I rinsed out the product but didn’t think much about it since my Crest toothpaste is a similar blue colored gel.
    My recent discovery, however, was much more disturbing. I now have disgusting dark brown stains on several of my teeth. Since I didn’t notice these stains in earlier stages of progression, I am very disturbed by the seemingly ‘overnight’ presence of the stains.
    I’ve used Crest products my entire life and was completely shocked to learn of others experiencing the same symptoms after having used this over-the-counter product as directed.
    Until today I have had no awareness of the staining claims surrounding this product. I wish I had- I could have made a better-informed choice. As it were, however, I relied solely on my familiarity with the Crest name brand and my false assumption that, as a Crest product, this rinse met some sort of official medical or dental scrutiny with approval. Perhaps it was the misleading use of the caduceus above the brand name? Or, maybe the fact that a dental hygenist recommended this product to my wife? The lack of American Dental Association affiliation with this product does not go unnoticed by me now, however.
    Shallow comfort now that my teeth are horribly stained!
    Surely a well-known company like Proctor & Gamble doesn’t misrepresent the effects of one of its products? If some of their customers experienced harmful effects from normal use of this product, you’d expect a respected company like Proctor & Gamble to acknowledge this and at the very least offer to include a warning to the product’s label. Sadly, this doesn’t appear to be the case. I read Crest’s official response to these claims and have several concerns with it:
    1. Spoken like a proud mother, clinical researcher Dr. Gerlach’s statement emphasizes this product’s “breakthrough alcohol-free formula” and reads like more of an advertisement than a response to legitimate concerns.
    2. Dr. Gerlach assures us, the general public, that the product is safe and effective and offers “the millions of consumers who use it everyday and the growing number of dentists who recommend it ” as evidence that “can attest to that.” Well I am one of those consumers and I am NOT AT ALL certain of this product’s safety. I do not doubt this product’s effectiveness, however; in fact, I believe it to be more effective than even Dr. Gerlach is claiming since it appears to be more effective at staining my teeth than all other methods applied to them combined to date!
    3. Dr. Gerlach goes on to say: “All mouthwashes that effectively fight plaque and gingivitis have the potential to contribute to temporary brown tooth discoloration, noticed by a very small percentage of individuals.” Assuming this statement to be true, if this was understood during clinical research of this product I wonder why Crest chose to omit this useful information from its packaging and/ or advertising? Also, I wonder if the percentage of those effective plaque fighting mouthwashes containing alcohol is the same as this unique, breakthrough alcohol-free formula?
    I’m intrigued by the word “temporary” here as well. Is Crest suggesting that these unsolicited and unappreciated blemishes in my mouth (their wonder product forced me to broadcast with every smile) will voluntarily exit my life without requiring any additional effort or expense to do so? He got my attention… but again failed to address the hard answers.
    4. “99.99% of those who have purchased Crest Pro-Health Rinse have not raised this (brown tooth discoloration) concern.” This isn’t surprising at all to me since the last place I expected to find responsible for this was my oral hygiene product, and one marketed by an industry leader in teeth whitening products at that!
    I’ll summarize by saying I am surprised by the conspicuous lack of responsibility that Crest and Proctor & Gamble have elected to take regarding the brown stains issue. For this I am deeply disappointed and even angered. But I continue to live with stained teeth given unknowingly to me by your product. For this I need to schedule a teeth cleaning appointment and expect Crest/ Proctor & Gamble to pay for it. I further request a written response to me acknowledging both receipt of this letter and acceptance of responsibility for expenses incurred regarding the cleaning of my teeth.
    (name omitted here)

  332. zoso Avatar

    i used this stuff for about 3 months and noticed the stains. got my teeth cleaned today (all stains removed but it took awhile) and my dentist said she’s heard issues with staining with this product…this post started over a year ago and you can still find this failed product on shelves. i’m going to copy and paste all of these posts and submit to P&G and FDA…and keep sending this every week until i get a response. i would recommend others do this the same.

  333. A.B. Avatar

    I’m posting because I obviously have this same problem. I wrote to P&G and they so kindly sent me an $8.00 check and some coupons. What’s that going to fix?! Why would I want to buy another Crest product after having this kind of trouble with the rinse and paste? No thanks. I also told them I wanted the price of my teeth cleaning refunded when I had it done. They sent me a questionnaire (no doubt to see if they could get out of it)and said they would CONSIDER it. I thought to myself, I paid for something to help my teeth not make them worse! It’s funny they put a warning on toothpaste not to swallow it but not on the rinse that says may cause discoloration!!!! They told me it’s temporary and easily fixed. Maybe, but on my dime!? I’m not going to pay for a product and becuase of their problems with it pay for it’s affects. That is wrong wrong wrong.

  334. David Avatar

    My dentist assistant recommended me use this product because of my plaque build up. I began noticing my lower teeth and some of my top teeth turning brown. Last night, I notice a lot more teach, now that we know the problem, what is the remedy.

  335. dt Avatar

    Add me to the list. 3 weeks of using the blue rinse, brown teeth. Fantastic.

  336. Shawn Avatar

    I started using this product about a year ago for my sensitive teeth, it works fine for that but I had no idea it was also responsible for the horrible stains on my teeth. The last time I had my teeth cleaned my hygienist asked me if I had started smoking. I’m 39 and had figured maybe it was just a sign of age. I even started using the Pro-health rinse a couple months back, thinking that using mouthwash on a regular basis might help to clean my teeth a bit better (obviously a bad move). Needless to say, the Pro-Health toothpaste and rinse are going in the garbage tomorrow, I’m going back to my old sensitive toothpaste.

  337. belynda Avatar

    BEWARE. Cetylpyridinium chloride is the active ingredient also in the antibacterial Oral-B mouth rinse. It is also by Procter & Gamble. I discontinued using immediately after reading all the horror stories.

  338. Donna Avatar

    I’ve used this product since it came out and have had far less plaque and no cavities.
    However, it is disturbing to know our government does not require a label warning for something that causes such a severe side effect (browning of teeth). I am lucky to not have experience that.
    I do see people here saying they thought it was their coffee. Funny….it’s okay and no big deal if it’s your coffee but if it’s your mouthwash you decide it is a safety issue????????? LOL!
    Crest needs to take a hit on reduced profits and put a warning on the label.

  339. Robbie Avatar

    I got my tongue pierced yesterday. As with any mouth piercing, I needed to get some mouthwash to clean out after eating anything.
    I had been complaining to my girlfriend that my tongue felt like it was burned on the tip. Perhaps it was just from rubbing my tongue on my teeth, I thought. I got scared, because I had read that a permanent loss of taste could be a side effect of a pierced tongue.
    To test my tongue, I began going through the house trying different things. Sweet, salty, and so on (including some tea). I found that I could taste most things, but not as strongly as before. After I got done tasting things, I washed my mouth out.
    About 30 minutes later, I drank some more tea. Strange… the tea tasted like water now! I looked at the mouth wash, and Googled it… And look what we have here…
    I tried contacting them, but they’re giving me a hard time just trying to submit the question. I guess it’s on them, then. It’s BOUND to catch up to them. Mine is the 337th post regarding the issues raised…

  340. Maria Avatar

    Ok, I’m not alone in this. I’m not a coffee drinker and i don’t smoke so after I noticed the brown stains I got really concerned. So I started brushing more often and mouthwashing even more. When I found this site I was shocked. I can’t believe this.

  341. Anonymous Avatar

    i wish i had read this article earlier. I do have gum disease ..but my gums have never bled this much and have never been sore and swollen. I also noticed how my teeth seemed more dingery, i dont have bright white teeth but its never been this bad! I do brush my teeth and floss. My mouth feels so irritated, and i though maybe my paradontal disease got worse. But after my mother told me i needed to get a mouthwash with alcohol in it, i started to think to myself…I wonder what is better this mouth wash or listerine? so i yahoo’d it and i found this forum. I thought…this is the reason my gums are irritated!! now i just need to change my toothpaste and mouthwash i’ve been using for months now.

  342. Michael Avatar

    Add one more victim to the list. Thank God I found this site and finally know why my teeth are turning brown! I have been using Crest Pro-Health rinse for a few weeks, and recently noticed dark brown stains between my lower teeth. I can’t believe there are hundreds of others who have experienced the same staining issue over the past couple of years, yet the product is still on the market with no warning label about the staining potential. This product should be removed from the market, or at the very least should have a warning label.

  343. Ashley Avatar

    Thank GOD I found this site before I used this too much. I just bought it today, used it twice and im never using it again. With my first use I got those stringy things that I thought were just a result of it scrubbing dead skin off my cheek or something. Now that I hear it may turn my teeth brown, its going in the trash. I hope 2 uses doesnt cause any damage :(.

  344. Jess Avatar

    This stuff messed up my mouth and my throat! I thought i had cancer or something. Just found this website and figured out what this is from!!! I have trouble swallowing because the back of my throat is so swelled up from the mouthwash. And, my gums are swollen and SO painful. Also have THICK shedding skin on inner cheeks that is very painful when it comes off and bleeds! Is crest trying to kill us all or what? They need to be sued for this screw up! On top of all this i had very, very white teeth…and now i need to get them bleached again. Not happy! Crest sucks!

  345. james Avatar

    I have been using Crest Pro-Health toothpaste for about 2 weeks it is taking the skin off the inside of my lips and tongue, My tongue has been covered by open sores and thick mucous build-up. I will return to Costco for a refund.

  346. Debbie Avatar

    Today my husband noticed brown stains on his bottom teeth, nothing was there the day before. They developed overnight!! He too noticed that his food tasted different. My question is when you stop using this product do the stains disappear over time?

  347. Anne Avatar

    My teeth started becoming less white and I would always loss skin in my mouth. Not to mention, my gums became inflamed after a few brushes. I will certainly refund this junk and never buy Crest products.
    It seems Crest is contradicting themselves as far as the staining of teeth goes on their labels. I would steer clear of anything made by Crest, I believe they are in with the dental industry, to make people pay more to get their stain teeth back to the way they should. Basically it’s a corporation taking advantage of the many people who don’t read labels carefully, now they fixed the label, it seems shady now because it states stannous fluoride may produce staining ( which it contains). Then it says adequate toothbrushing may prevent these stains which are not harmful or permanent and may be be removed by your dentist. Lastly, it says Crest prevents staining.
    They must really believe majority of people are stupid or blind, because it clearly contradicts. Is this their way of not being liable for consumers stained teeth in lawsuits or what? It’s sort of delving on mad, making consumers seem schizophrenic or seeing things when they are not.
    I hope someone brings this up. Like vaccines.

  348. Maria Avatar

    Hey Debbie, i was wondering the same thing, if stains disappear after the use of the product. I stopped for 3 weeks now and the stains are still there. I tried brushing more often but nothing. I think a visit to the dentist might be the only solution here.

  349. Maddie is MAD Avatar
    Maddie is MAD

    Today I googled this product because I have an 11 year old daughter who has been complaining of the shredding skin in the side of her mouth… and her beautiful white, straight teeth were beginning to turn brown… I just could not figure out what could have caused this all of the sudden!!! So, I recently bought the Listerine Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips to help this sudden problem. I just went to look to see what brand of toothpaste she had been using, and when I saw the tube of Crest Pro-Health (almost completely used up), I started to cry. This really hurts my feelings that my daughter has been going through this and I did not even discover the culprit until a few minutes ago. I am so thankful for all of you who wrote their comments here! I want to be involved in any motion against Crest!! This is truly outrageous, and I will be contacting Crest and FDA regarding this matter! I will be demanding a full refund for the partially used bottle (3/4 used), for the fully used tube of Crest Pro-Health toothpaste, the Listerine Whitening Strips I purchased for my daughter, and the $130.00 whitening kit that I purchased from my Dentist to get rid of the stains on my teeth! This shocking news has ruined my day! I will be spreading the word to everyone that I know about Crest! They should be ashamed of themselves!

  350. Cyrus Avatar

    Great site. I have a quick question, has it been determined that Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC) is the cause of the staining?
    I only ask because I see that CPC is the active ingredient in my BreathRx mouthwash. I haven’t noticed any stains yet but if CPC is the ingredient that causes them, I’ll chuck it.

  351. Bill Avatar

    OMG! I am so relieved to find out the staining and nasty film are not just me and my imagination. Waiting for the class action suit as I doubt any one of us alone is going to make any real difference to P&G.

  352. Maddie is MAD Avatar
    Maddie is MAD

    Here is the website for the Crest Pro-Health Rinse. It gives all sorts of info regarding complaints about this product, and also provides a toll free number to call them directly. I am calling today, and then directly after I call them… I am calling the FDA, and Better Business Bureau. The write up from their “Dentist” is a slap in the face!

  353. steveFromMASS Avatar

    I just bought this stuff yesterday ( A Huge Friggan bottle). Used it last night and it is 3pm now and I still can’t taste my food. This is just awful stuff. It should be pulled from the counters.
    Does anyone recommend a better mouth wash that will help my teeth, but not stain them or give me cancer.

  354. Chelsea Avatar

    I discovered my brown teeth two weeks ago to sudden shock and horror. I have always had clean, white teeth, naturally. I have been ashamed to smile and completely self-conscious. I have been out of town but have an appointment with my dentist immediately when I come home.
    If someone can help, please email me.

  355. JY Avatar

    I’ve been using the clear ProHealth mouthwash for just a week and my tongue has had the burning sensation for the past few days. Thought I was just imagining it or ate something bad. But then I read the comments on this blog and now realize it’s the mouthwash. Terrible stuff. Hope I get my tongue back to normal soon.

  356. Sheri Avatar

    I have not use Prohealth mouthwash but recently purchased the White Strips from my dentist. I used them about three times and was having irratation in my gums so I stopped. I notice a few days later that I my teeth looked grey – I now have black stains on my lower and upper teeth mostly in between the teeth. Has anyone else has the same experience with the stips?

  357. Mary Avatar

    I swear we need to sue Crest!!!
    I think we have enough of a valid case, especially with over 350 other incidents on this site alone!
    Just google cetylpyridinium chloride and read how it destroys mucous membranes [hence the numbing/bitter of the taste buds on our tongues]
    Not to mention it is POISONOUS to inhale/swallow, which makes it, in my opinion, an extreem hazard. Seeing as there is no warning label on the bottle, I think it’s a legit enough reason to get some type of refund!
    Here’s a site with a few more reasons to get angry:

  358. Jennifer Avatar

    This product is HORRIBLE. I used it for about three days and ended up with an allergic reaction that caused my throat to swell up, not being able to breath, and everytime I would swollow it would be as if I was swollowing needles. HORRIBLE PRODUCT!!!

  359. Jeanie Avatar

    I went to have my teeth cleaned Tuesday and was told by my hygienist to stop using Crest Pro Health products because they were staining my teeth. After more than an hour of cleaning she said she had the stains off my teeth.
    1. I had never told her that I used this product so I doubt the 3% that Crest claims. I believe there are many more people who have the problems with staining, strange after taste, etc.
    2. Just today (Thursday Sept 4) I saw an advertisement for Crest Pro Health mouth rinse, without any warning.
    3. My mouth is still sore from the cleaning I had to endure Tuesday. I have never had a painful dental cleaning in my life.
    4. If anyone is putting together any action concerning this, let me know. I will be watching this website.

  360. Heather H Avatar
    Heather H

    I never had brown on my teeth either, now I know why. Been using baking soda about once a week for weeks to try and get rid of it and its my two bottom teeth right near each other BROWN!!! I just bought 6 bottles today at walgreens but after coupons onlypaid 50cents so not to much of a loss. Wish I would have found this sooner! I only used the tooth paste once, free after rebate it was nasty, like brushing with candy and the film and tastes lasted to long. Add me to the sue list to have my brown teeth bleached!

  361. Stefani Avatar

    I got a bottle of Crest Pro Health instead of my regular Listerine, thinking it may be a better choice for my oral health. I woke up with a COMPLETE loss of taste. I could taste NOTHING. It freaked me out. I wondered if I was having stroke or something. Then began a throat drainage issue. My tongue was swollen and completely brown and I could not remove the staining. I’ve NEVER had a brown tongue before, nor have I ever had any of the above issues. I ended up going to an urgent care center to find out what was going on. The doctor assumed a sinus infection (even though I had no pressure/pain/congestion) and prescribed me wickedly strong antibiotics that I have now been on for two weeks. I continued to use the wash, thinking that it might help my tongue/mouth, when in reality I was creating more problems. In my googling, I stumbled upon this site. THANK GOD. I would have continued to use this crap, continued to feel ill, continued to go back to the doctor to figure out what is going on and why I’m not better. What is most maddening, is that this has apparently been an issue for some time, yet, I was never made aware of it. If I had, I certainly wouldn’t have taken the risk and strayed from Listerine. Thanks a bunch Procter & Gamble. Now I have medical bills and nasty side effects from these unnecessary antibiotics from your poison. Forget any kind of warning or disclaimer; this product should be OFF THE SHELVES. I’m so freaking angry.

  362. Tom Avatar

    In January 2008 my dentist office recommended using Crest Pro Health mouthwash because it contains 0% alcohol. This was due to not being able to afford the 0% alcohol mouthwash they peddle in their office. They also suggested using the Crest Pro Health toothpaste; now, talk about something horrible! I’ll stick to my Closeup red gel toothpaste. After 8 months of using the mouthwash I started noticing the infamous brown staining too. I have always had really nice, naturally bright white teeth, now they look like I chew tobacco. The staining is the only side-affect that I have experienced so far. Guess I will be notifying my dentist office.
    It looks to be like Proctor and Gamble should be held accountable for this. Anybody interested in filing a class action lawsuit?

  363. Ramon Avatar

    Listerine is still the number one dentist-recommended mouthrinse. Pro-health mouthrinse still has not shown good percentages of association between using the mouthrinse and the reduction of gingivitis and other periodontal diseases. Listerine on the other hand, has a greater than 40% protective factor from what I’ve learned.

  364. kc Avatar

    I started researching staining between teeth and came to this web-site/blog. Wow, We having been using this product for 6 months, after buying a special large two package at Costco. I do not smoke or drink coffee, so I was very concerned when brown stains started showing up. How much is this goes to cost to repair. Doe this mean I should go out and buy Crest Whiting Strips…….Bad, bad, P & G…..

  365. ProHealth victim Avatar
    ProHealth victim

    I have had extreme blistering, peeling of the lips. Had it about a month ago, went to dermatologist, went away after time and numerous applications of lip salve. Started happening again, dermatologist suggested that it might be allergy to toothpaste, mouthrinse etc. I finally figured out it is the crest prohealth. now on new prescription, what a drag.

  366. Clare Jones Avatar
    Clare Jones

    Hi, I emailed the FDA following the segment on the Today show in May about my experiences with the Pro Health Night mouthwash, during the Thanksgiving Holiday last year. I didn’t experience staining, instead I got the most terrible mouth ulcers of my life! I had 11 clustered on my lower front gum and 6 on my top right. I couldn’t eat properly for over a week and not even anaethetic gel took the pain away. The only relief I had was from ice cubes. The reason I am posting now is that I mistakenly bought a tube of pro health last week ( I have used normal Crest for years without a problem )and apart from the diabolical taste (cinnamon- yuch!!), I noticed yesterday that after using the product since thursday (4 days ago) my gums are starting to sting,feel sore and ‘filmy’ and my mouth doesn’t feel clean, so my Listerine is having to work overtime! Suffice to say, the toothpaste is now in the bin and I am back using my faithful Colgate.
    Does anyone know if the FDA are doing anything about Crest Pro Health? I have heard nothing from them. If I had wanted to same effect that Pro Health gave me I would have brushed and gargled with battery acid – it couldn’t have hurt much more!

  367. Peg Avatar

    Does anyone know if these problems with tongue after taste and “numbness” etc are dangerous? I’ve got the feeling that my tongue was burned or like a filmy feeling on my tongue as well and I use the crest pro health. I was just wondering if anyone has regained normal tongue feeling since they stopped. I would hate for this to be a permanent thing.

  368. Peg Avatar

    By dangerous I mean can it cause any other health problems or will your tongue heal itself eventually with no other side effects.

  369. Pete Avatar

    I’ve used a mouthwash called Dentyl and i noticed my bottom teeth slowly turning brown, esp on the backs and close to the gums. It also has the active ingredient Cetylpyridinium Chloride. I’m throwing this shit out! Thanks for the heads up.

  370. Patrick-johnston Avatar

    Wow, I’m very glad I did some research on this, didn’t take too long to find an answer. I was at a movie last night and couldn’t taste the popcorn, and immediately linked it to the mouth wash because it was the only new thing I had started to use. For the next 3 days I rinsed only before going to bed, and was able to taste my food the next day. But these brown stains are news to me, and I will definately NOT be using this mouthwash anymore. Crest should NOT get away with this.

  371. Peg Avatar

    My tongue actually feels raw on top and I haven’t used the mouthwash for 5 days. I feel like I’m only tasting with half my tongue. It’s weird.

  372. Rey Avatar

    I used this product for the first time, last night.
    Today, (2:34pm) I still have a horrible, dry, burn-like sensation around the ‘tip’ area of my tongue.

  373. km Avatar

    I am glad I googled and found this webpage. I was trying to figure out what is going on in my mouth. I thought it was a food allergy even though I have not eaten anything different. My lips started to feel chapped and then started to swell. Both my upper and lower lips. My tongue feels like it does after you burn it with hot coffee or soup. I stopped drinking anything except water and nothing is getting any better. I am so relieved to find out what it is. I have been using the Crest Pro Health mouthwash for about a week now. My symptoms started after about 3 days of using it morning and night. Thank you for posting everyone. I am going to report this to the FDA and to Crest. I don’t have the brown stains but I’m sure I would if I had used it long enough.

  374. Jason Avatar

    I recently had my teeth professionally whitened. My teeth have been a huge issue for me for my entire life. Finally I was able to do something about it.
    I then started spending more money on toothpaste and mouthwash without alcohol. For the past few weeks I’ve wondered why it seems like the whitening didn’t take. This is so disheartening.

  375. Jason Avatar

    I recently had my teeth professionally whitened. My teeth have been a huge issue for me for my entire life. Finally I was able to do something about it.
    I then started spending more money on toothpaste and mouthwash without alcohol. For the past few weeks I’ve wondered why it seems like the whitening didn’t take. This is so disheartening.
    I have also experienced the sloughing of my lips and tongue – So disgusting.
    I will stop using these products immediately.

  376. Skydreamer Avatar

    Was just looking for a coupon for my brother-in-law for Crest Pro Health Mouth Rinse. He has been using for awhile. I noticed this website so I took at look and was shocked. I called my sister and she said yes he has the stains and just went to the dentist but had no idea it was from the Crest Pro Health. Thanks for posting these messages he is going to call the company.
    Thanks for info!

  377. Peg Avatar

    Has anyone gotten their taste back? This is driving me crazy!! I stopped using the mouthwash a week ago..still no better. I called my dentist, he said he didn’t think there was any correlation to my teeth cleaning last Monday and he had never heard of this. Needless to say, I’m printing this list of comments and bringing it to him to show him I’m not insane.

  378. Jackie Avatar

    My daughter started going to a new pediatric dentist about 2 years ago. He told me she needed to rinse with ACT and Crest Pro Health. She used that rinse for quite a while. I did not notice her teeth changing colors but she complained about what she said felt like skin coming off the inside of her cheeks and she had so many mouth sores at different times. Thank God I let her run out of the Crest Pro Health and made her use Listerine for a long time (I always use Listerine). I had just gotten her a couple of bottles because of the deal that Walgreens had. I mentioned this to my sister – before I had her use the Crest Pro Health again and she let me know about the problems she had heard. I keep up with the news pretty well and I had heard nothing. This is the only Crest product I have even purchased as I am a big believer in Colgate Total and Listerine. Thanks for keeping the web site. I agree that Procter and Gamble should be ashamed of theirselves and their greed to continue selling a product that causes such issues.

  379. Nolan Avatar

    Having the same problem with brown stains and gum irritation. Horrible thing for a such a mainstream product. Used about half a bottle before it noticeable.

  380. Andy Avatar

    I can’t taste food anymore! This sucks, started using it a couple days ago. Noticed it first but didn’t think much of it. Now I KNOW it’s the mouth wash making my food taste super bland. It sucks. My hygienist told me to use this stuff. I’m going to have a chat with her tomorrow as I’ll be back in the chair. I want my taste back!

  381. Fred Avatar

    At the recommendation of my dentist, I started with Crest Pro Health about 2 months ago. Suddendly, I’ve noticed horrible chocolate looking stains in my teeth that I cant get out! And I don’t smoke. Before that, I had always used Listerine.

  382. Michele Avatar

    Yup. Me too. Dark brown stains between all of my front teeth. They don’t come off with brushing or White Strips.
    Hmm….Crest makes White Strips. Scratch those off the grocery list and make an appointment to see the hygeinest!
    Sure wish I found this site a couple months ago. Already had my annual cleaning, so this one will be out of pocket for me. I’m willing to pay, though. These stains are unsightly!

  383. supacooljenn Avatar

    I’ve got the stains AND I have lost taste as well…The crazy thing is, that my husband and friend also use this stuff, and they LOVE IT!! Someone should sue!

  384. megan Avatar

    i’ve used crest pro-health mouthwash for almost a year now. and just recently, my teeth have gotten brown stains on them. i’m not sure if its from too much coffee consumption or if its really from the mouthwash. a regular appointment to the dentist should remove the stains right?!

  385. Owen Avatar

    I have used Wal-Mart’s Equate version of Crest Pro Health Rinse for the past month or so with exactly the same results reported by others on this site: Brown staining of the teeth and sore gums and lips like I had been burnt. Being diabetic, I had assumed that I had finally developed gum disease! I am a heavy coffee drinker but I have never encountered staining like this before. On a hunch, I figure this could be the mouth wash as it was the only new product that I was using. Thanks to everybody for sharing their experience on this. I will go back to Listerine or try CloSYS if I can find it. This is the Internet at its best. Hey! Let’s get together for a group photo that we could post to shame these guys! Check that, they are shameless…

  386. Ron Avatar

    Add one more victim to the brown stain squad thanks to Crest. I have also developed the stains on the lower section of my teeth. Unbelievable that a reputable company would continue to market a product such as this. I guess the big profits to their company overrides the consumer’s issues.

  387. Carol Avatar

    Thank goodness I found this website. I started noticing the dark stains between by front teeth about 10 days after starting to use this product. At first I wondered if I was getting a cavity between my two front teeth – I was horrified. I am 48 years old and have only had three cavities in my entire life. Then I wondered if it might be the rinse, but I was using the clear rinse and didn’t see how it could possibly be causing the stain. Also, I looked on the bottle, thinking surely they would tell you if it had this side effect, but it said nothing. After searching on their website I found their FAQ where they noted that in a few instances, it caused brown stains. It seems like this is happening to more than just few people. There should definitely be a warning label on this product. But of course, who would use a dental product knowing that it will stain their teeth brown??!!

  388. Mandi Avatar

    OK so I started using Crest Pro Health about a month ago as well and so far I have not had any brown stains on my teeth, However, after I use it within a few minutes I get a burning feeling in my mouth. When I look in I notice that the inner skin of my mouth is coming off almost like I’m shedding. It continuously comes off for about an hour and then the lining of my mouth and gums turns red. This never happens until I use it before I go to bed. Does this happen to anyone else cuz I would really like to know what to do about it.

  389. Paula Avatar

    I have stained many of my teeth, my tongue and gum with this mouthwash. I am scared it wont come off from my teeth!!

  390. Stephanie Avatar

    I recently discovered brown stains on my teeth and was horrified! I take excellent care of my teeth and have been told on occassion to brush and floss less! It was even more horrifying to find out that, like so many others, I got brown stains from my mouthwash I had begun using! I am very lucky that I went to the Dr. immediately to make sure what it was and he told me to get rid of the mouthwash. He was able to scrape off some of the stains but they are still visible! This is a costly and looks terrible!

  391. twipley Avatar

    my brown are all teethed all over, but reading these comments still make for a good laugh.
    still have to take an appointment. thing is, it’s good dentists because (1) they make cash by recommending the product and (2) they make money from the appointment caused by the recommending of the product.
    “my breath has never been so fresh. my teeth are all brown, but whatever!” explain me, but I can’t help laughing at the paradox.

  392. twipley Avatar

    furthermore, is it normal that the entry “brown teeth” in Google returns you first time reviews of a rinse product?
    Crested-brown teeth all the way!

  393. rita gallagher Avatar
    rita gallagher

    Hi I am an RDH with 34 years experience. Have had the same staining results, called and e-mailed crest. Got a letter and a call from proctor and gamble, crest rep. they don’t like to hear all of this. gave a totally inadequate explanation. I heard from a good morning america show that people are considering a class action suit. Not that the crest isn’t working…it may be…but for neglecting to tell people about the staining potential. the local dh program at the community college in our city is telling patients not to use it!! I am trying to figure out how to send all of these comments to crest. Rita

  394. Brian Avatar

    I got this mouthwash as a free promotion with the pro-health toothpaste. It turned the spaces between my teeth brown after a single use. I really appreciate that… or not.

  395. Jane Avatar

    My enamel was destroyed by a mouthrinse called The Natural Dentist. Anyone else experience this?

  396. Jason Avatar

    I am SO thankful i found this website! After I bought the Pro-Health Mouthwash and had used it a few times, I noticed that my taste had totally disappeared! I panicked immediately and right away thought it must be the mouthwash. I did a bit of research but found nothing…so then I assumed it was maybe because I had a plugged nose. Anyways, I just tried the mouthwash again this morning and it totally burned my mouth…so I tried a few different searches and found this website! Thank God!! any other people still experiencing loss of taste?
    Take care!

  397. Alison Avatar

    I’ve never used the ProHealth Mouthwash (thank god), but I have been using the ProHealth TOOTHPASTE (i bought it b/c it was cinnamon.. i hate mint). Anyway, I googled “Crest ProHealth problems” because almost every time I’m done brushing my teeth I get this gross slimey, mucus-like stuff coming off the sides of my mouth and I’m wondering where the heck it’s coming from and what in the world it is. I think that it’s dead skin from the sides of my cheeks b/c sometimes I have to pull it off (gross!). I’ve also been noticing my teeth have been hurting for no particular reason (not a reaction to hot/cold, etc). My teeth are also not as white as they used to be, although they don’t have brown stains. After reading all of these, I’m throwing out what’s left of the toothpaste and vowing never to buy Crest products again. WHY AREN’T THEY PULLING THIS HORRIBLE PRODUCT OFF THE SHELVES?!?!?!

  398. Robert Avatar

    I am a dentist. I provide my patients with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and often a sample mouthwash to take home following their cleaning appointments. I was recently approached by a Crest sales representative in an effort to sell to my practice a package deal of brush/paste/mouthwash at a competitive price for the purposes of providing these to my patients as well as recommend the product (crest pro health paste and rinse). Prior to committing to a decision I decided to go home and try it out myself. I had no side effects with the toothpaste. I am not concerned about staining as I know that I do not have plaque or tarter near my gum line to stain. I was very alarmed to find that the Pro-Health Rinse after 2 days of use (3 times a day–one of those times it was in my mouth for 3-4 minutes) caused taste loss for me. I immediately discontinued use of the rinse; however, I had near complete loss of taste for several days. My sense of sweet was diminished and my sense of salt was completely gone. I complained to my wife that her food was too bland so I got up from the table to season it myself. To my surprise, my food was still bland. Fortunately my wife accepted my apologies and was not in the dog house with her. I will not be recommending the Pro-Health line of products to my patients. I will continue to recommend a Sodium Fluoride Toothpaste, Listerine w/alcohol type mouthwash, followed by a non-alcohol fluoride rinse like ACT.

  399. golf masters Avatar

    im a 19 years old student , i weigh 102 pounds and 5.4 ,, im on 1650 calories which is the calories i need to maintain my weight ,but i started eating 1600 to 1650 and still feel kinda tired , and im doing it by eating only indomie , or instant noodles each back has 350 , and i think they have no vitamins , so whats a better way to eat but still eat 1650 calories ,not more

  400. Leslie Avatar

    Stained my lower back tooth along the gum line! How many complaints does the FDA need???

  401. Mike Avatar

    I bought this crest pro health rinse for the first time and after about a week or so of using this product i noticed that brown stains accumulating on my teeth i thought i was going crazy and i noticed immediately it was the new rinse i wasted my money on after the discovery i went to see a hygienist and she did a wonderful job at cleaning my teeth and making them shine like they should be i think this is some kinda scam whey they would intentionally put screwed up products out on the shelves

  402. Lee Avatar

    I finished the entire bottle of crest pro Heath and didn’t know the side effects until now. I spent so much money on teeth cleaning and my teeth look so terrible now. I’m so disappointed with pg. This is absolutely unbelivable.

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