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Andy passed along an interesting post to me the other day – 10 Totally Stupid Online Business Ideas That Made Someone Rich. I don’t really know how stupid they are — some of them are rather interesting. My favorites were the SantaMail idea and the FitDeck. I know there are a lot of creative ideas out there and maybe some of these may serve as a starting point for you to come up with that winning idea of your own.






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  1. Tom Gray Avatar

    Hi Tara – thanks for the post. Of course, these ideas are only stupid because we were too stupid to do anything about them when we thought of them first! I remember a marketing class I took in college a couple of decades ago. The assignment was to come up with a new product and a marketing plan to launch it. I was a runner at the time and winters were (still are) cold where I ran so I thought up “Spose(R)” – taking the concept of women’s support hose and repurposing them for athletes of either sex. Yep, I invented running tights. Unfortunately my prof thought it was not such a great idea, panned it and gave me a C- for the course. A couple of years later what shows up in the stores? Yeah, running tights. I could’ve been a sport clothing jillionaire instead I got this stupid degree! Anyway, it taught me that one man’s trash is another’s treasure and one man’s stupid business idea is another’s ticket to Bill Gatesland! Love your posts, thanks. Tom Gray

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