Contact Form Freak of the Week

From time to time I get some clueless submissions to my contact form. Here’s a new one:

Hi… my doubt is very basic.. actually i m new to blogging world so i m confused about what to blog,  can u suggest some topic which can help me to make some easy money

My advice:

  1. Buy my book.
  2. Blogging isn’t easy money.
  3. Start a blog.
  4. Buy the book.






6 responses to “Contact Form Freak of the Week”

  1. Leesa Barnes Avatar

    I can relate. Here’s one that came through to my inbox about a week ago:
    “Leesa, how do I make money with a podcast? BTW, I don’t have time to read your book.”

  2. Elizabeth M. Johnson Avatar

    I, too, can relate except what I get are emails with a lot of in-depth questions that take serious time and consideration to answer… and no willingess from the sender to put in that time! It’s less about clueless and more about laziness, I think.

  3. Apoorv Khatreja Avatar

    We’ll it’s nice that you spent a lot of time and wrote down all your ideas in a book for people who are new to the blogosphere, but as a writer, isn’t it your responsibility to give the customers a reason to buy your book? Shouldn’t you make a small summary of your book, for people who don’t want to read the whole thing and just want the crux? You should offer a short or concise version too.

  4. Andy Wibbels Avatar

    Sorta like a free excerpt they can download or a free course on the basics of blogging or another free course on the top five blogging mistakes or an entire blog full of entries and knowledge?
    The active words from the contact form submission is ‘easy money’. They don’t want to do any research. They just want the results.

  5. Sharon Sarmiento Avatar

    Yup, I don’t think it’s that there is not enough free info available on Andy’s blog or the web (there’s bunches) –there are just people who don’t want to invest the time into making something work, people who are looking for a magic bullet that will let them get free, quick money, which is not to be found in blogging.

  6. Apoorv Khatreja Avatar

    @Andy Wibbels
    Totally agree with you. That’s the main reason I never liked the whole ‘make money online’ chain of blogs. Their titles and descriptions say “Make $5000 per month” sitting at home, while if you really come to reading the content, it is plain and simple blogging plus marketing and SEO techniques. It’s a slow, slow process, and not everyone has enough talent to blog about topics that people want to read about.

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