Comparing Podcasting to Streaming 10 Years Ago

For those who are tying to jump on the podcasting bandwagon and create a ‘hit’ podcast that you plan on selling advertising in, it’s cheap and easy to do, but even with Google Adsense for RSS it’s going to be really tough to do it as a fulltime job and make minimum wage back. Podcasting is right where streaming was about 10 years ago. Before you dive into podcasting as ‘the next big thing’, you would be wise to do some homework on how the streaming industry evolved. Try to find any of the many that created original content for, TSN,, and others that i have long forgotten. There is a good chance that their history is your future.






One response to “Comparing Podcasting to Streaming 10 Years Ago”

  1. Jose A. Gelado Avatar

    …or not. Or maybe podcasting and streaming have nothing in common. Ten years ago nobody had a portable music player like iPod and broadband access. Podcasting is about time shifting, portable players and more than creating content… Ask Apple.
    Anyway, time will judge.

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