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I attended Paul’s call – along with a bunch of other biz-bloz-heads – last week. Our topic was the idea of establishing a Business Blogging Chamber of Commerce. I’m not sure the eventual goal of such a group – as well as how formal it was all going to be. Some of the folks on the call were vehemently against it because it might siphon business away from their products or add to further time commitments (concerns I floated in the back of my head). I think it’d be nice for the sole reason that having an ‘official’ chamber of commerce gives quick links for journalists. And wouldn’t it be nice to be one of the blogging consultants interviewed? I could go either way – honestly, I think it should be extremely unofficial and unorganized and have no weekly meetings or calls. I guess I’m picturing more of a speaker’s bureau – a blogger’s bureau. I’ll noodle further while I’m eating my tryptophans.






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  1. Des Walsh Avatar

    Could be an interesting subject for the forthcoming Blogging Business Summit in Seattle – Jan 2005 – to consider?

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