Business Blogging Brain Dump

Got tons of links languishing in my bookmarks – gotta spit ’em out!
Everybody’s going nutty since Seth Godin released Bootstrapper’s Bible for free download.
Basic market research. and 50 Way to Save Money in Your Business. (via Biz Opps Biz)
Business Weblogs Are [A] Double-Edged [Sword]. (via Rick and Co.)
Blogs and Bloggers Gaining Sizable Audience and Blogs and Syndication on Wall Street Radar. (via Business Blog Summit)
BloggerCorp hopes to help non-profits and activists tap the power of blogging.
Rob’s got Blogging U.
A wiki on blogging.
Backstory on the famed Jon Stewart new-hole-rip on Crossfire.
Branding is dead.
Blog ads as a Zero Sum game.
Search Engine Optimization and Accessibility.
More bells and whistles to add to your blog: Blox.






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